Volume 11, Issue 7, page 16

will be the victor -- and our think, or do goes into the
new president, movie reel-tape recording mem"Also, here are a few pre- ory bank ? Is that all a life
dictions for the future: identity is? Just that moment"There will not be a 'battle by-moment m emory recording?
of Armageddon' during World "Is an amnesia victim a
War 3, as the religions of the clear or stable? What does a
world would have people be- Scientologist do the next day
lieve. In fact, no one today, after reaching that perfect
or the next generation, or the state? Go wandering off into
next after that will ever see the hinterland?
a Battle of Armageddon. This "Art Godfrey bragged that
is a man-made myth to keep the he could recall the names of
religious flocks in fear. five of his grammar school
"No man named Christ shall teachers. Now, he sat before
come to save anyone during or those teachers and heard their
after World War 3. This is an- names every day thru the school
other lie of the churches. years. If he doesn't even re"No fleets of Flying Saucers member the names of the other
are coming to save anyone in teachers, what did he learn?
the war that is fast approach- "The first few years a liting. All these people wait in tle child is in school does
vain. more harm than good. Just a
"World War 3 is not going baby-sitting deal to get them
to be the last war. Later, a out from under foot.
religious war shall come, with "An adult mind will learn
Germany riding high king, to and retain more from a oneattempt to conquer the world. hour lecture than the first
But for Germany it will be years of school.
three times and out. They have "This writer was as unconlost two great wars; they will scious as any amnesia victim
also lose the fourth World War. who ever walked the sidewalks.
"Christianity is on its way When aged 8, I was transferred
out. In generations to come, from California to a little
this man-made religion will be red school house in the back
as forgotten as when man first woods of Illinois. Whether the
worshiped the sun, the moon, teacher was a man, woman, or
group on these grounds this aryl the stars. New and unbeliev- baboon, or whether there was
season -- a fhouse for able. faiths and cults will be a teacher, I can't recall.
s their filled i lectures. And theen created for man to bow down just remember my new slate and
th aed o daily dyp Cecil coming and worship. And like all false ink bottle, an d t h e wagons
Lord l secretary -- in g 1. n in gods, these too shall be cast passing by." A. B. Pierson,
with r d own his plwianfee and -- well, tt was a aside for still more fantastic Selma, Calif.
gods. Man never learns. 0 0
Grp RIEST-KINGS and their bimost happy time with them all, "Spain once ruled the seven
their second visiting to the seas. England once ruled the bles have been discredited
Retreat. Their healing work is seven seas. Today America rules time after time and civilizamost effective and yet the at- the seven s e a s. But after tion after civilization. Bitunements are done in such a World War 3, another nation bles were burned in the streets
quiet, silent manner. Ego fig- shall be the ruler. of Paris due to corruption,
urea very little in their way "Germany shall be united and they were banned from govof working. Effective to ob- after the coming war, to be - ernment by Thomas Paine in the
serve. come the greatest power the American Revolution. Priest"I thank you for the photo, world has ever seen. A power preacher-king-elders, soldiers
and I thought the trip write- far more ruthless than Hitler's and Bible are all in one group
up was good...I am so happy you storm troopers and soldiers -- prophets, Amos, Christ, and
both came and I still wish ever thought of being. Worse common people in the other.
something would uproot or sad- is yet to come... This is the world's greatest
O denly give you both the desire "The J o h n Birch Society truth, invisible to literal
you must live in the East, and shall grow stronger and more be~ievers.
if so, close by here, in our powerful. We have only begun Priests claim to be God's
midst, for I feel you do be- to learn what they really stand only agent, Amos, Christ, and
long with us somehow; like-part for." -- Vern Texter, Adiron- Paine have to be something disof the growing Rabun family dock, N. y. creditable -- infidel, heretic,
community. Always know my offer o 0 o traitor -- to be killed by the
stands, i f or when you might "I GOT SEARCH and ABERREE out king. Priests are immaculate,
get a vision it should be... of the mail box and read prophets are ragged and bare"Katzen has stopped writing both -- so my head is trying to foot, priests wealthy, proph(I haven't had time to reply make some understanding. Young ets poor. Christ was accused
to many of his letters), but "An amnesia patient has his of being a Communist, a king
r-2-1 his patient here got so well, memory bank blotted out. Is of the common man, 'Every man
Gq he is driving now to Califor- that the goal Scientologists a king' democracy in place of
nia... which is good reporting are shooting for? Is that what central authority.
for his efforts." -- Mandah Love, reincarnationists say a spirit "The priestly claims to bey Lakemont, Ga. is when it comes back into~a ing God's agents are false,
0 0 body, stripped of past life's based on evidence like having
H " A NOTHER presidential elec- memory banks? the boards of Jesus' cradle,
tion is coming soon. Re- "About the age of 3 or 4, bottles of his mother's milk,
member the last one -- when I we have our first flash of mem- fingers of the saints, and pipredicted John F.Kennedy would ory consciousness. From then ous forgeries in history. All
be the victor? This time, I on, they become more frequent this and much more has been
17 predict that Barry Goldwater until everything we see, hear, shown up by atheists, so-called
lo and behold, they came in a
flock of late, and Labor Day,
40 - odd milled around -- wives,
some youngsters, and a flock of
those men who can 'figure a way
to keep the sick sick long enough to pay off the mortgage',
as it were. (Dr. Bill Harris
was the leader, calling all and
sundry to come for his closed
session of the Harris Plan -- so
a serious group came on his
"Now, I am set up like for
a storm to welcome the Concept
Therapy class, my first here,
but I hope not my last, for I
like this group very much. It
is my second class with them,
and Dr. and Mrs. Hidgon are the
teachers, and fine ones too. I
will give a reception for them
next Wednesday so all might
meet them. Class starts Friday
for a 32- hour session weekend. Filled to a bed for it.
"Neva Dell Hunter wrote to
come following them, but suddenly a sister was ill so she
felt better to delay the visit
until December, if I am here.
And more Doctors are due in
October. (An air strip is in
the making close by, so they
can plane in easily and nearby.) The Loveland -Ontology
group came for two weeks and
it was perhaps the moSt peace