Volume 11, Issue 7, page 15

September and October and most
of them were to report back in
court on Sept. 21. Not one of
the lawyers was ready to pick
a jury on Sept. 8...
"To comment on your very
good auditorial in the October
issue. You are not selling the
people what they want. People
start out to conquer the world
and when the world conquers
them they like to retreat to
the heaven idea where they expect justice. But there is no
heaven or hell other than what
people create for themselves.
When they are young they tolerate religion, but when they
grow old religion is their
crutch...The religious leaders
are supposed to know the answers about the inner processes
that add life to the body, but
they only give lip service to
a lot of empty nothings. The
Holy Spirit within the body
wants mankind to live right,
but we live in a jungle preying upon each other for the
sake of never enough money.
Man cannot find happiness until he learns to be satisfied.
Selfishness drives man to lust
and lust drives man to his
grave. The multitude will say
it is a lovely way to die, but
a slow death is not a nice way
to die.
"Now why do I go sounding
off again when I know that I
will not be understood? I am
just one of those creatures
you try to expose as deluded. I
am sometimes wrong, but looking at the whole picture, it
still looks as if I am headed
in the right direction. I am not
striving for fame or glory or
riches, but I do have the inner
peace that I wanted, and time
will take care of the rest. I
might wind up in prison, but I
do not worry about it. I have
powerful enemies, but I do not
worry about them either. I am
fighting against heavy odds,
getting a measure of pleasure
out of life, eat simple foods,
dress simply. have a 12-year-old
car that runs well and gets me
where I want to go. I do not
put on the dog to impress anybody, because I do not care what
they will think of me. I envy
you only for that magazine of
yours -- I'd like to be able to
publish one like it if the Post
Office will permit it... We
find fault with other nations, but there is a hell of
a lot wrong in our own that
needs correction. A good place
to start would be with the orthodox religions that brainwash the people with superstition and ignorance." -- Morris Katzen, Cooks Falls, P. P.
"1 HAVE JUST read the current
ABERREE, and upon seeing
your photograph on the inside
cover, my first impression was
that someone had tarred and bust. I looked around at the
feathered you. Beth, one of woman who took me up there, and
your staunchest supporters, she was laughing so hard she
denies this possibility and was actually crying. Don't ask
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