Volume 11, Issue 7, page 12

year:;:.er the same highways in
which so many others are killed,
are persons who do not allow
these "safety warnings" to
make them subconscious agents
of death and destruction...
∂ B u d and Wanda Schenck,
formerly of Dallas, have taken
a job in Albuquerque, N.Mex.,
setting up cosmetic dealers,
and from a four-page mimeographed letter telling of the
new location, it seems they
like the idea of traveling in
all that empty space -- up and
down. However, we' re a bit
puzzled at the market potentials in New Mexico and Northeast Arizona for cosmetics.
You mean those Indians and
tourist baiters have to look
pretty as well as picturesque?
∂ The ABERREE tries not to
be political, but when we read
the other day that when the U.
S. Senate passed a constitutional amendment, with only
nine of the 100 Senators on
the floor at the time, we were
almost "mad" enough to start a
demonstration of our own. Especially since the amendment
in question may be the channel
thru which some future President of the Nation may be chosen -- which we consider important, even if some politicians
obviously don't. And it's only
been a short time since this
same senate -- the 91 absentees
and the nine present -- voted
themselves an increase in their
"pension" -- plus a few dips into the fund that can turn a
poor fee-seeking lawyer into a
millionaire in a few sessions.
Never in the history of the U.

"LAKE WALES certainly looks
like one big piece of plyboard and Johnson's adhesive
tape these days. The merchants
here are evidently tired of
boarding and unboarding and
taping their store fronts -- and
now just leave them, until the
end of the big blows.
"The ABERREE is so consistently beautifully and painstakingly done -- so different
from so many other magazines.
It really is a pleasure to pick
up a copy to read it. I is size
is just perfect -- and it is easy
to read -- both because of type
and content. And, thank you
for setting up 'Star Dust' so
nicely -- it looked especially
good to me this month!" -- Sylvia DeLong, Lake Wales, Fla.
(ED. NOTE -- Sounds as if we
need Sylvia in the advertising
department of The ABERREE! But
we thank you for those kind
words. Reminds us of the old
saying: You find what you look
for -- since Life is mostly a
reflection of the looker.)
"FOR 20 YEARS I have searched
for a suitable place to
retire. I really believe I've
now located it. A beautiful
mountain - locked v alley in
Northern California, Scott Valley is about 5 miles wide in
places and about 25 miles long.
It is on an average of 2,800feet elevation. Good land,
plenty of water, no smog, lots
of free wood in winter which
at times we are told goes down
to zero. A place where man has
not spoiled it too badly. Where
the deer feed beside the road
in the morning and evening and
are not afraid as we drive by.
a "station jingle"? This has
been made fairly easy, with
the new transistor radios and
their no "warm-up period", but
the score for the radio programs teas been about as negative as it once was for the old
2-times-out-of-5 lighters...

Sometimes we meet no more than
three cars in one mile on the
"The town of Etna has about
700 population. There are
churches and lodges and the
people here are most co-operative... We believe this is a
really safe place. If the earth
flips on her axis as so many of
our New Age seers are predicting, or if we have a money
panic, or an invasion, or an
atomic war, we are moderately
safe, and we are not near any
earthquake faults, and many
miles from the coast and too
high for tidal waves. If anyone wishes to know more, just
send me your name and address.
"In closing, I say, 'Long
live The ABERREE'. It is my
first reading. Only wish I had
known of it when it started. "
-- Dr. W. Jerome Gordon, P. 0.
Box 17, Etna, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- Congratulations
on your retreat. However, now
that you're "saved" from the
predicted holocaust, and The
ABERREE isn't, and you like
The ABERREE so much, how much
of what makes life so pleasant
-- including The ABERREE -- will
you have left when much of the
world has been reduced to fond
memories?) 0 0 0
"SEPT. 16 was the day of the
Space Age Boston Tea Party .
On that day ads appeared in
your magazine, HERALD OF
HEALTH, and others. Also on
that day Johnson received from
me via the Chief of Police of
Los Angeles a letter telling
him that I've had enough and
that he straightens out this
country or I leave. And I tell
him that when he 's had enough
devastation , that the terms
for my return are the unconditional surrender of the U.S.
"This of course sounds silly, but if you read HIDE, you
know that in May of 1958, the
commies started to take over
and I kicked them out. And
Johnson's zombies are more
wishy-washy than the commies.
"Sylvia's vision seems authentic. But Johnson may wake
up and I may alter his karma.
"Enclosed is a partial map
of 121 to show you that I am not
merely dreaming about Golden
Fleece II. Effective this date
(ED. NOTE -- Sept. 22, 1964 -- SO
you can blame everything that
has, is, or will happen subsequently on the new Leader), I
am taking over the Leadership
of the New Age -- not because I
wish to be concerned about the
thickness of toilet paper used
by New Age people, but because
I have waited long enough for
someone else to assume leadership. Those who go along with
the Blackschleger ideas and
program w i1 1 receive great
S.has statesmanship been at so
low an ebb as now -- and maybe
the fact that more than 90
percent of those pretending to
be statesmen a r e o f f about
private chores while a few do
the nation's legislative business, accounts for the fact
that this "Old Men's Rest Home"
can rob the nation of more and
more of its liberty. Altho we
have had a belly full of riots
and goon-squads, we think one
W more is being invited -- on a
W national basis...

P4 A few years ago, when the
cigaret lighter was a novelty ,
scoffers would give odds that
W the best of 'em wouldn't light
on the first few flicks. However, improvements have come,
and many today are almost as
y reliable, if not more so, than
a packet of "go-fors". Now, in
E, a "sport" that we hope will
result in a similar improving
change, the wager has switched
to a new topic: If you tune in
a radio station, will you get
13 a program? or commercial ? or