Volume 11, Issue 7, page 10

in weight can tax the heart greatly. Rather
would it appear that you should try for an inbetween level -- one that would be easier to
maintain thru constant proper dietary habits.
there any way of telling how many chi ldren
we would have? (Born
Aug. 28, 1933, 7:30
P.M.) -- C.A., Los Aggeles.

DEAR C. H. -- For a
better indication of
the size family to
expect, and conditions of progeny,
charts of both parents should be considered. However, from your natal chart we find
Cancer on your 5th house cusp (children), with
its ruler, the Moon, in fruitful Sagittarius
and fairly well aspected. If your wife's chart
holds no great indications to the contrary, a
large family may be expected. Pluto, in the
5th house, favored by Jupiter, should give you
some children with outstanding abilities -- one
possibly a genius.
would like to sell my
resort property and
wonder if I should
invest more money in
it to make it more
salable -- such as installing a new heating system and redecorating it. Born Feb.
15, 1915, 3:15 P.M. --
F.S., Florida.

DEAR F.S. -- It does not seem wise to invest
more money in this property now. If you do not
sell this year, I would wait until June of 1965
to remodel and improve, when Jupiter moves into
Gemini and favors your Sun, Mid Heaven and Ascendant. Jupiter is now afflicting your Sun
while Mars is opposing it from the money house,
which could make such improvements, if undertaken at this time, more costly than anticipated. Such a Jupiter transit is not favorable
for making investments or expanding, and your
plans certainly can be classified as an investment. Since restrictive Saturn also nears your
Sun at the end of 1964, your keynote for the
remainder of the year should be conservatism,
and holding on to what you have.
is the most beneficial
food for a person with
this chart? Born in
Spain, Oct. 23, 1915,
at 9:U5 P.M. -- L .E.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

DEAR L.E. -- You
have the Sun on the
Libra - Scorpio cusp
which in itself makes
you prone to ailments
affecting the lower
back, kidneys, a n d
w stomach. A Libran usually finds all kinds of
.4 vegetables most helpful, but they must be attractively served or their systems revolt.
Foods containing phosphorous, fluorine, and
sodium -- such as eggs, milk, fresh fruits, spinach, and carrots -- are most helpful. Oddly enough, too much water does not agree with the
11 Libran. The Scorpio angle makes it advisable
(Send your complete dream to Lowana Julaine, Rt.
4, Box 82, Tampa, Fla.f 33615, if you wish an interpretation. Send $2.00, plus stamped, self-addressed envelope. Dreams will be published in this
column as space permits only if permission has been
DREAMS -- I was apparently investigating a
new place or apartment. I was not conscious of
any more than the bare room in which I found
myself standing. I crossed the room to inspect
a door. Upon opening this door I found myself
in a very small cubicle. On the wall directly
in front of me were two more doors. The left
one being a wall ironing board with the door
wide open. The other door led to another apartment. Very large. -- M.S., San Antonio, Texas.

INTERPRETATION -- The many doors represent
the various teachings. Those doors that shut
man away from God. The small cubicle represents the "narrow 'way" in which one travels to
gain the greater expectancy. The large closet
represents that "ianer place" in which one is
instructed to go to pray. Thru the small way
you saw the door to another apartment. This
second apartment signifies that which you seek
and the door to it represents, "I am the way,
and no man entereth in except by me."
DREAM -- A group of people and I were with
Mr. Q in a small, gloomy place off the beaten
track in Juarez, Mextioo,for the evening. As I
arose and started for the door, Mr. Q asked
where I was going. I told him I was going for
another drink and asked if l could get him one.
He said "Yes" and reached for his pocket. I
told him I'd take care of it, whereupon he got
up, followed me, and insisted I take the pesos
as he would have no use for them after he left
El Paso and Juarez. He said, "Let's get out of
here." I was surprised. Outside it was dark.
Mr. Q felt uneasy, but I told him we were on
16th of September Street, one of the main
streets in Juarez, and only a few blocks from
Juarez Avenue, the main tourist section of the
city. As we walked along, we came to a toll
house (which in reality isn't there) and an
officer insisted we pay $6.00 to pass. I argued
it should be in pesos, and took out the money
Mr. Q gave me. I spotted a diamond-encrusted
badge Mr. Q must have given me and the police
man, seeing it, backed away, grudgingly taking
that meats and stimulants should be used sparingly with citrus fruits and other eliminative
foods being beneficial.
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