Volume 11, Issue 7, page 8

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To Get What You
Want, Define It
of attracting and becoming that which we real
ly want.

Now, there is a further step, and this is
doing something about it.
"Doing" sets in operation a very basic law
of life, of existence, of " beingness". Life is
like a mirror. It reflects back that which we
reflect into it. If you plant peach seeds,
you do not get corn stalks. If you plant beets
you do not get onions. Like produces like.

Is it admiration and love and importance,
to name a few, that you really want? Then these
are the things, the attributes, the essences
that must be expressed, sowed in the absoluteintellect, because those then will be reflected
back. Was it not said that as you sow, so shall
you reap? This statement is tremendous when
understood and applied because it does not refer to farming necessarily. That would be just
one physical manifestation. A law, to be a
cosmic or life Iaw, must operate in all fields.

For many years, Eastern philosophy has insisted all followers believe in and develop a
condition of mind that is peaceful, quiet,
still, and then learn to think, fast, and wait.
This ir. turn produced longevity and a state of
physical well-being, but this was not the " doing" added! As a result great cultures, societies, and segments of peoples had wise
philosophical adepts and priests, but practically no progress nor group elevation. Society
remained stagnant. The priests, the seers, and
the adepts were merely priests, seers, and
adepts in their own personal life. They omit. ted benefitting their fellowman. There was a
violation of the law of interdependence (which
is a definition of love).

We are now in a period in man's evolutionary pathway where we recognize that the sof called Eastern philosophy was but the first and
second step. It is a necessary step to be able
to believe, conceive, and within oneself dem- lowing an endless chain from which they 'v e
1 onstrate that life does reflect that which is lost any incentive to escape.
placed in front of it. Also, that one does reap But we got off this merry-go-round back when
that which one sows. But something more must "This Is It! " was being questioned by only a
be done than that, because to sit and believe few astute students, who weren't willing to
that a physical manifestation of an essence or spend an entire incarnation tossing their bank
intangible will manifest itself in front of accounts at the brass ring some fictioneer
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w do nothing more than mental gymnastics is not don't have to go thru the same escape hatch to
f]G fulfilling the law of use, get away from the somnambulists believing in a
The law of use is a law! That which one does series of reactive mind discoveries.
04 not use soon atrophies from lack of use. This We all know how powerful a postulate can
W accounts for the lack of physical manifesta- be, if the postulate comes from a strong mind;
Gq tion and physical things, pleasures and benefits but if the postulate is hypocritical, and its
a thru the societies wherein the Eastern philo- making is only a via to its real goal of persophical mind operated and to some degree still sonal enrichment and aggrandizement, the part
y operates, of the postulate that is INTENTIONAL is the
.4 Here again are the three steps in a few part that will bear fruit -- and the parroting
succeeds only in fooling those who wish to be
E. ~rFirst, know exactly what you want and so fooled. That's why some students still are
define it in the fewest possible positive following the Scientglogy` this-Is-It willstatements. o'-the wisp after more than a decade, and the
postulate maker has graduated from penny-a9 Next, put the thinking department to work word pulp writing to a British mansion.
until you believe and' have confidence in your
"ability and right" to have that which you
want. This can't be partial. It must be total.

Step three is to express and manifest to
the best of your ability in recognizable form
that which you really want. This is "acting as
if". When genuinely motivated by the power of
your emotion under conscious control, you will
have succeeded in planting before the mirror
of life that which you truly desire. Therefore, it will reflect back to you and you cannot stop it. It is a law of existence, cause
and effect.

As a ''rule of thumb ", one might remind himself of the steps with the word "POCK", which
is be Positive, be Optimistic, be Constructive -- to which can be added another essential,
be Kind. With these, the world or that part
of it you REALLY want -- is yours.