Volume 11, Issue 7, page 7

the central point in the constellation Sagittarius around which our galaxy is rotating.

About 10,000 years ago the center of world
power was over India and progressed westward.
As it proceeded across the globe, Babylon,
Egypt, Crete, Greece, and Rome succeeded in
gaining power over the civilized world. France
W OFTEN have you taken the time to
figure out what you really, really
want? A student friend, when asked
this question, seriously gave his
and England followed, and as long as England answer: "I want more physical comcontrolled the North Atlantic across which the forts."
power center was traveling, the 'sun never set This was after many hours of thoughton the British empire'. fulness on his part and after many visits
This center of world power is now coming together. He finally had condensed his
into the western world, reaching our land-mass want to that of a specific classification.
somewhere along Newfoundland or the mouth of He then was asked, "Just what specifically
the St. Lawrence. Since Canada controls Newfoundland, to bring this out a little
it is highly probable that in spite can clearly?'
of relative size and military importance, Can more yOu ada will play a dominant and powerful role "Well," he said. "I want to be loved. I
during and immediately after the transition want to be respected. I'want to be enjoyed.
period. On the other hand it is entirely pos- I want to be admired. I want to be wanted. I
sable that some foreign power might seize that want to be a 'somebody', but that 'somebody'
portion of land and establish a base for oper- I want to be me."
ations, but whoever controls that portion of "Are not these things you have mentioned
the world will enjoy a period of world domina- intangibles?" His answer was, "Yes, I guess
tion. The duration will be short, however, as they would be classified as intangibles." He
it is a small portion of land and after 30 or was then asked if he could feel love or put it
50 years the center of power will proceed to- in a jar; was it a physical thing as we speak
ward what is now Maine. At that time (this is of physical entities. "Are admiration, respect,
only a personal conjecture) scientists will and wantedness some items that can be bought,
out-maneuver the political rulers, seize the sold, measured, cut or felt?"
weaponry, and form an absolute power autocracy To these questions he had a qualified " No".
without national or political elements. But on further discussion, he came to concluSince the center of world power will require sions which were like this: (a) Things he speat least a thousand years to cross what is now cifically wanted were actually intangibles.
the continental expanse of the U. S., there is (b) There are modes of expressing these intanlikely to evolve the Biblical millenium when gibles in the physical-material sense and it
man will reach his highest development. A com- was these outward expressions of the intangipletely different kind of man will come to bles that he really wanted. (cl He wanted to
power who will have virtually no tolerance for be the center of the stage occasionally, to be
the present laissez faire type of social order in the spotlight, to feel that he was imporfraught with duplicity. tant. He didn't want this to be a sham, a partAs for the continuance of Communism, this time role he played occasionally. He wanted it
ideology is as much hypocrisy as any system genuinely, permanently.
now prevalent upon the earth. The underlying Many people want these same things. Possibly
fallacy of Communism is denial of the right of all people to some degree want them. Could it
private ownership. This is a violation of a be that what we really, basically want are the
basic law of mammalian life. Many communist intangibles and that tangibles are but the
ideals, however, will be merged with democratic recognized expression of these intangibles?
ideals in the forming of the new society. The
vision of a power autocracy presupposes a the mechanics of obtaining
First what we definy
disappearance of representative government. If in are not dposse rds the we must wants.
this were to take place in our present age of An the fewest possible words texact wants.
hypocrisy, it would be regarded as a tragedy. Arowd idea is to start off writing down all ,t
It is highly probable that in the thorn el- our wants l descriptive terms even i f it con
imination of hypocrisy and the substitution of erb several pages. Then take fresh paper and
reliance upon proven scientific knowledge, some condense the several pages paper, one nsee. rther
means will evolve whereby people will have a titheane th a half p geeet f h econdense
quarter further 1
voice in government. Without lobbying, without to a half w page and then to a a page. >
managed news, and without hidden controls, gov- Finally, we should arrive at a few simple o
ernment information and scientific knowledge sentences that convey the entire wants reduced
will reach the people thru proper educational to their very essence, ry words or less. This
campaigns; practices known to be detrimental first step is the primary prerequisite.
to human welfare will be exposed. Practices Until we can bring down to a simple statesuch as the promotion of cigarets and vending ment that which we really want, we haven't reof adulterated mass-produced foods, for ex- duced the wants to the intangible essence.
ample, would summarily be done away with. Without the intangible essence we have what w
After 45 years of observing astrological may be compared to a straw flower or one made w
forces always relentlessly operating, it is not from some flimsy material. There is no life or a
possible to persuade ones's self that sudden- odor, in it because there is no true essence in
ly astrology is meaningless, that the solar sys- such a flower. It's tangible, certainly. But 04
tem is not going to proceed in the course in- the essence of life is in the intangible and W
dicated or that the manifold indications for our imitation flower does not contain that in- U
the release of tremendous forces next sumrer tangible quality; therefore, it is not real. m
have no bearing on reality and will not have Second, having arrived at the very center
to be faced and coped with, whether we like it of what we really want and having stated it in O
or not. the fewest possible words, let us turn the
1 wants to command phrases or positive state- '~
God, being All, must be the only honest-to- ments. Then meditating and knowing that'they
goodness atheist. Others are mere imitations, are obtainable, logical, and reasonable, we
4 let our intuitive judgment tell us if they are
The early bird catches the worm -- but the constructive. Having arrived at this step, we
worm was out earliest. have placedourselves in the positive position 8