Volume 11, Issue 7, page 6

A.T.& T. has billions invested. General Motors
is due to be severely damaged next year, barely
managing to survive. Sears, Roebuck also due
to suffer grave damage, but also to survive.
And so goes the list.

LATE IN the Winter of 1964 and early in the
Spring of 1965, the stock markets of the
world will be enjoying an excellent rise, so
after the uncertainties preceding the election
it will appear that everything is going to work
itself out. However, the square and opposition
cross formation of all the planets except Neptune (which has little effect) begins May 28,
1965, and will remain in effect for almost a
year. The most sinister period will be during
June, but even these multiple planetary configurations would not ordinarily be considered
too dangerous were it npt for the fact they
occur simultaneously with the end of an age.

Since everyone knows what would result if a
nuclear war were to be engaged, what nation,
what group of people, would be so devoid of
common sense or rational thinking as to let
in square or opposition, the mathematical prob- loose the first nuclear bomb or missile?
abilities of war next June are too high to be If we are to expect this Taurean type social
dismissed with a casual glance. At the very order to be summarily destroyed, astrologicalleast we can expect intense racial disturb- ly we would look for that social or ideologiances in the U. S. and revolutionary actions cal system which would be most astrologically
around the world. inimical to it. On the level of personal interrelationships, those made between true oppositions, that is, persons with birthdays at 180
degree positions from each other on the
earth's orbit, affect each other in a highly
competitive manner. This readily and quickly
descends to antagonism, which becomes acute
and proceeds from there to outright contempt
and to the conclusion that the other does not
have even the right to existence. (An unfortunate aspect of such a relationship is that between opposite sexes there is a strong sense
of physical excitement based upon the many
seeming similarities of character.) When we
stop to consider that nations are, in effect,
gigantic families of individual human beings,
we can project this individual relationship
into a judgment of the mass reaction upon the
leaders of any two basically divergent ideologies or political systems.

To determine the basic character of any individual or nation, we must know the date of
the beginning of that person or that nation.
We find it highly significant that the Bolshevik revolution took control of Russia while
the Sun was traversing Scorpio. The Chinese
Communists established control over China during a similar sign. Scorpio is in opposition
to Taurus, and as Western civilization has become the acme of development during this Taurean Age, and epitomizes a Taurean society,
what could be more inimical or challenging
than a Scorpio society?
AS WITH individuals, antagonism and contempt
for each other finally reach a point where
leaders of both sides cannot and will not tolerate the existence of the other.

As for what nation or race of people would
be likely to emerge as the new world leader,
it is interesting to take note of a geophysical phenomenon, study of which brings much
light to bear on the subject. This phenomenon
concerns the center of world power, which appears to pass over given areas of the globe,
affecting as it does people situated there
or the people in control of that portion of
the globe, who forthwith become the leaders or
actual rulers of prime magnitude in world-wide
affairs. And this without regard to prAvious
qualification or cultural advancement. This
center of power progresses at approximately
the same rate as the precession of the equinox
and is considered to bear some relationship to
a AS THIS period takes place just before the
elections, the political situation in the U.
- S. will be extremely cloudy and the chances for
President Johnson's re- election will be ex' tremely slim. Again, provided we have correct
birthdates, Goldwater will have a tremendous
advantage over Johnson. It is highly probable
the election wi l l go to the Goldwater-Miller
ticket, but the charts of both these men indicate they w{ll serve the U.S. in their respective offices for hardly more than six months
after inauguration, at which time both will be
in danger of sudden fatality. This is more indication of a forthcoming holocaust.

These are not intended as predictions, but
on the other hand it is a question of mathematical probabilities. The general use of astrology is for broad analysis and not for blueprinting specific details.

Naturally if such a nuclear war should come
c :C pass the stock markets and values of securities would virtually vanish. A study of the
charts of many corporations (provided the published dates of incorporation are not falsified)
reveals indications that are so incredible as
to be ludicrous at this moment. The chart for
A. T. & T., for example, indicates the almost
total obliteration of the company next year,
with their s to ck virtually worthless. This
7 could only happen if cities are wiped out where
Fortunately for check purposes there is
going to be a preview of this forthcoming situation when Jupiter and Saturn form a 90-degree square relationship to each other. This
begins August 17 of this year and continues
until November 22. This relationship taken
singly can seriously depress the stock markets
and cause considerable concern in all financial
circles thruout the world. In this particular
instance there will be mitigating factors in
operation. During this period, however, racial
tensions in the U.S. will increase. There is
much reason to suspect, provided the published
birthdate is accurate, that Premier Khruschev
will suffer a stroke which will not bring his
death but will more than likely cause him to
withdraw from the international scene. If this
takes place and Stalinist-type thinkers gain
control and open the way for Soviet co-operation with Red China, it will not need deep
thought or astrology to anticipate that we
will be faced with a very grave situation.