Volume 11, Issue 7, page 5

Signs of fixed zodiac are depicted bra an(
sented in reverse sequence, exactly as we had
reasoned they should be. Furthermore, the artist who painted the drawings in the tomb of
Seti I also dotted in the very stars of the
constellations into the figures, so that even
today, we can identify and locate these constellations in the heavens and know that these
figures represent the signs of the fixed zodiac
and are in reverse sequence to the signs of
the tropical zodiac. For the reader who is unfamiliar with these methods of measurement,
the fixed signs (or constellations) are used as
reference points to measure the relationship
of the earth to other stars or star clusters
in space. The tropical zodiac is a projection
of this fixed zodiac to the surface of the
earth at the equator and serves to measure our
months and seasons.

HE AGE preceding the age we are in was the
Arian Age. By coincidence, it makes no difference whether reckoned by the Vernal Equinox
or by the signs of the fixed zodiac, it comes
out Aries. It was during this age that the 18th
Dynasty of Egypt flowered. Most of the pharaohs refrain from the use of these weapons for anof the period were also priests of Ammon, since other 200 years when racial tensions, ideologby that time the city of Thebes had become the ical systems o f government, neo-nationalism,
seat of government, thus elevating its local are all seething and daily getting closer to
god, Ammon, to national prominence. With a the point of explosion? As a matter of common
succession of pharaohs who since they were di- sense, without considering astrology, it is
vine sons of Ammon were turning over a sizable inconceivable these violent forces can long be
percentage of the wealth coming into the em- held in suspension.
pire to the temple of Ammon, priesthood grew We will now consider the transition from
extremely wealthy and powerful. These priests the Taurean Age into the Geminian. At once we
of Amon, who claimed to possess divine natures are struck by the fact that the hypocritical
and who considered themselves next to gods, at leadership which characterizes the Taurean Age
the same time employed all the skills and arts must give way to a type of leadership which
of intrigue, subterfuge, duplicity and delusion will abhor hypocrisy and which will seek it
to extract grain from the poor and gold from out in order to destroy it. It is therefore
the government treasuries. This could be said inconceivable that such a transition can be
to be hypocrisy run rampant. accomplished with grace and ease.

The transition which took place when the T
Arian Age gave way to the Taurean Age at ap- T WAS mentioned earlier that the Geminian
proximately 225 A.D. was relatively undramatic. Age would be an age of cold, humanitarian
Centers of power had shifted, civilizations had science. I may seem strange to link the terms
fallen and others taken their place, but basi- 'cold' and 'humanitarian' together, but it
cally the methods of control remained the same. seems to be the best way to describe a system
Another bulwark of man against tyrannical in which every effort will be made to help inand rapacious rulers was to crumble in this dividuals achieve their own goals in life and
new age. This was knowledge. Up until 225 A. D. to maintain their self-respect and personal
there had been consistent effort on the part integrity. A study of the Geminian character,
of man and society in general to increase which is the general type that will take over,
knowledge and enlarge its spread. From Babylon reveals many indications that present faciliand Egypt the Greeks had inherited a good ties such as hospitalization, welfare, and refoundation in mathematics; the scientific and lief and all the various methods that sustain
mathematical and medical libraries of Helio- people financially and medically (and in the ,,
polis were transcribed and installed by the latter often prolonging life against the indiGreeks in Alexandria. During the Crusades, vidual's will) will no longer be in existence =
when Christendom was fighting to rescue Con- or even tolerated. This is a far cry from the
stantinople and the Holy Lands from the hands brotherly love concept of the proponents of
of the Moslem Arabs, much scientific knowledge, the Aquarian Age. There is no room for almsparticularly the works of Aristotle on physics, giving, just as there is no room for hypocrisy,
analytical reason, etc., found its way back in the Geminian type of thinking.
with t1i`' Crusaders into Europe. Over the years A distinct respect for and the protection
this stimulus to thought gave rise to many of the integrity of mens minds will be emphaheresies, and with the authority of the Church sized in the realm of religion. The Geminian
thus being questioned, a special crusade was type of mind, being direct and sharp, discern- W
sent to destroy the libraries of Alexandria ing basic causes, will be promptly brought to gal
and to put to rout all scholars and men of focus upon the cause of war. Since religion A4
knowledge so that nothing could remain to chal- has been the basic cause of the most violent
lenge the absolute domination of the Church wars of mankind, it is not hard to envision
over the minds of men. that total destruction and obliteration of all

organized religions would be the Geminian so- Oa
USING the 50.2 seconds per year of the pre- lution. The net result, however, would be that a
cession of the equinox to measure an age, once freed from the mysticism and coercion of
and if we were to start from the arbitrary the various religions, mankind will rise to
Gregorian date and begin this age with the the highest development socially, scientifi- -
birth of Christ, this Taurean age of hypocrisy cally, and, in a general sense, spiritually.
would continue for another 200 years, since an The statements made herein are not intended
age computed by this method would be 2,160 as an outright prediction that there will be a I
years long. How can one rationalize that man, nuclear war, but when one considers that we
having devised atomic, nuclear, gas, and bio- are on the brink of a new age that is dawning
chemical methods of warfare, is now going to at a time !Alen all the planets except one are 6