Volume 11, Issue 6, page 18

"And the answer: ' Yes. There
are 73 books in the Catholic
version and 66 in the Protestant. This results from the
fact that the Catholic Bible
is based on the Greek text
used by Jews outside of Palestine while the Protestant Bible is translated from the Hebrew text used by the Jewa
within Palestine. The seven
books which are included in
the Catholic version but not
in the Protestant are Baruch,
I Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Tobit, Judith, Ecclesiasticus,
and Wisdom of Solomon. These
are classed by Protestants as
part of the Apocrypha but are
called Deutero - Canonical by
Catholics." -- Wilfred J. Jodoin, New Port Richey, Fla.
"Have you noticed? Each
church has a private Jesus. A
church can only accept a Jesus
that conforms to their church.
There are many various Jesuses.
One church will describe one
description and what their
Jesus believes and has promised and another church will
tell of another form.
"Many people seek favors
from Jesus in prayers. Should
visions corn e, healings, and
what, it is assumed that Jesus
was seen or that he did the
good work.
"And of spirit messages.
our desire for great names
tempt many people, spirits, to
be pretenders. The poor spirits with some unexalted name
don' t get much notice from
mortals. And I a spirit with a
desire to speak from prestige
and authority merely have to
put on the cloak of the peoples' concept of Jesus. With
the name Jesus or some other
attractive name, the mortals
now welcome my preaching. The
Christians feel they cannot be
fooled. Ha! As far as I can
see, the clinging to the name
Jesus is no insurance against
deception. There are Scriptures
that point out we are to make
no image to represent the Creator to worship. It seems, when
the Real is not wanted, feared,
a substitute is used.
"From the Bible people have
sayings said to be of Jesus and
history and stories and geography. The church with this,
image puts on the appearance'
of quality that is not really
being manifested by the people
of the church. As one observes
that people can be extremely
loyal and in reverence of this
image but in action and life,
very ungodlike. As to Bibles,
one can look at a blade of grass
and the various plants and animals, the universe, and study
oneself and people and perceive
there is a Creator; this is
the Creator's book for all to
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