Volume 11, Issue 6, page 10

well aspected, can be a greater benefic than
Jupiter. Since it is also strongly placed in
the 10th house of your present location, it
would seem that the insurance field would be
best for you.

(Send your complete dream to Lowana Julaine, Rt.
Odessa, Texas. 4, Box 82, Tampa. Fla., 33615, if you wish an inDEAR F.W. -- Saturn, ruler of terpretation. Send $2.00, plus stamped, self-adyour 7th house dressed envelope. Dreams will be published in this
(Strangers, Contracts) posited in the 9th (law) column as space permits only if permission has been
and afflicted by the Moon (ruler of the money granted.)
houser points to your legal difficulties, as
does Uranus, ruler of the 9th working in the DREAM -- This dream continued a few minutes
7th. Jupiter is found in your 12th house, in- after I woke up. It seemed that all night long
dicating reversals, but followed by success. y ter with a group of people seated around a
Mid-1965 appears to be the beginning of your table -- talking about Spiritualism. I was tellslow upward spiral for then the adverse influ- ing this group of many famous persons who were
ence of your progressed Sun's opposition to interested in Spiritualism, and mentioned Abe
Natal Saturn will have dissipated and transit- Lincoln as one of the most important. I was
ing Uranus will leave its conjunction with your trying to recall the name of someone known as
4th house cusp (property, involvement thru an expert on Lincoln's interest but this name
law). 1965 also finds you entering into four eluded me. When I woke up, I felt that I was
new cycles (Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter) still with the group altho I knew that I was
which are very likely to manifest in import- awake and getting ready for work. Just as the
ant changes for you. Saturn may force you into name of Carl Sandbar came to my memory, the
an entirely new set of circumstances or new :'dream" ended suddenty. -- V.P., Springfield, O.
fields which require much work. Don't resist, INTERPRETATION -- That was no "dream" my
for the change will be for your good, since friend. You were on astral being the "voice"
Jupiter the 11th-hour friend assists and brings during an after midnight seance. This often
good results from seemingly unfortunate cir- happens to many persons, including me. The encumstances. A well-aspected Mercury suggests tities that were helping the Medium needed inbetter luck with legal counsel and also indi- formation and found it quicker and easier to
cates a change with improved circumstances, contact your astral than it was for them to
while Mars will give you the strength, ambi- contact a higher intelligence on their own
tion, and courage to push forward, side. Many people fail to realize that many
ï times, the "voice" of Mediums is still on this
DEAR SYLVIA -- My husband and I are both side of the veil, and not always someone who
Aquarians and we get along very well. Why do is "dead and buried". Since "thought" is one
they say that persons of the same sign should continuous force prevailing thruout all sonot marry? -- C.S., Nashville, Tenn. called intelligence, a lesser (or earth-bound) 7
DEAR C. S. -- If other factors in the chart entity will contact the closest source of in- 'o
agree, two Aquarians can be ideally suited to formation in order to help their Medium give
each other, since they understand and share the right answers to his/her questions. It's
each other's unusual interests. The difficulty regrettable that you couldn't get the name of t
can arise when adversity hits since both part- your Medium for verification.

DEAR SYLVIA -- May I indicating that your plans may be much more
o ahead with my plans costly than originally anticipated. During W
o build another house such Jupiter and Saturn transits, it is not
on my lot in Septem- wise to expand, invest or speculate. Planetary W
ber? I was born Nov. configurations will be at their best for your 04
17,1898. -- L.E., Mich- undertaking in March and April of 1966 when 04
igan. Saturn favors your Sun, Moon, and M.C.,

indi- cating a propitious time to build. Uranus, the pq
her does not appear planet of new enterprises, and Mars, your ruler,
to be a wise time to are also favorable then.
begin building your ï m
house, since Saturn, rith fu(Forll birth consideration-da Inte thIsIme column. sendequestion A.
.data-, t, end . State
ruling builders, is if Daylight Saving Time. If you want aplac personal re- E-s
retrograde in the ply. send $2.00 and a stomp with the above Informs heavens and approaching an adverse aspect to tlon. This Includes sof al apersonal birth chart based on
calculated positiol nine planets -- with good
your Natal Sun, warning of delays and general snd bad periods ahead for you. harmonious partnetfrustrations in new undertakings. Jupiter, the ships, vocation . etc. Chart delineatio0.only
money planet, will also be opposing your Sun, leo-A, waverly. Fla. -33877.) Box !0
1955 I have been living a life of bare
existence; law suits,
car wreck, now more
law suits over labor
contracts, forged
checks and property;
lawyers sell out, and
have to get another.
Look as if the same
now? Born June 30th,
1905, 5 1 . M. -- F. W.,
ners are susceptible to the negative aspects ï o
from planets in space at nearly the same time. DREAM -- I stepped out into our back yard. o
However, the good aspects also come close to- There was a very large oak tree that had shed
gether -- so you see, it is not an unmixed its leaves. (We have no oak.) The leaves were
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