Volume 11, Issue 5, page 17

sea,on will avoid the wires. Could there be more than one
explanation? Maybe the group spirit that looks after the
birds. Maybe the parents who saw the accident tell their young
not-to go near the wires (unlikely). Or maybe it is
reincarnating birds -- the ones that were killed. One
hitch-probably a lot more birds will be hatched next season than
were killed on the wires. So, the group spirit may be the answer.
It would be interesting to know if the old birds
that survived stay away too-or is it just the new ones. In the
first case, it could be communication with the spirits
of the dead birds. That way, all the birds will avoid the danger.
In the case of the planaria, it could be that they have
one spirit (group spirit) so each is part of the one mind. Hence,
when they are cut up, the spirits go back into the
surviving planaria. This would not be true if the other planaria
(who did not eat the trained ones) did not react as the
trained ones. Ah! Ha! Given enough rope, we hang ourselves. ***

you say Billy Graham sa;s'Ifa good, kind person has no chance of
eternal life, it does sound very bad for B.
G . (ED. NOTE- It was in his syndicated column.) This just isn't
so. Everyone has a chance at eternal life. In fact, it
is all but impossible not to have an e t er na 1 existence .
However, there are pleasant and unpleasant lives-- eternal
or otherwise. But no good, kind person is going to hate Jesus
when they find out he is real . They may hate
the,image that some people have triedto build around Jesus, but
not the man. He was one of the most wonderful
personalities ever born. And there is plenty of proof he was born
if you will look for it. Mythology got mixed into
it, but that was because the Roman and Greek pagans adopted
Christianity, added their own myths, which in turn
were borrowed from the Egyptians. There is no proof Jesus was
born on Dec. 25, but that was the date the pagans
celebratedthe birth of Horus (by whatever name they called himl,
and Easter coincided with the date of his death. But
we don't have to worry about that. Christmas in May or October
would just not be any fun, would it) (ED. NOTE - I
don't know; we enjoy observing it in July.) ***

"Was interested in 'Research Stubbornly Avoids U.S. Giants'. I
think the A.M.A.and Research avoid a lot of
things that might prove embarrassing. Rodale mentions that h-e
has tried to get a line on healthy

people, but the Govt. apparently hasn't done any research on
health yet. Just said they were going to and then Passed
the buck.

"Another thing, there's a man known around here locally that had
a cancer, and V 11 bet he has told you himself
the run-around he gets. They opened him up and sewed him back and
told him to go home and die. That was about
three years ago. Well, he keeps the cancer under control with
comfrey, and other things. But when he went to the
cancer society for help, all they offered him was bandages. At
the incision, I guess it is, the cancer oozes out, and
every so many months or so he has to operate on himself and
remove the cancerous tissue. Doctors won't help. This
man seems to be making it pretty good tho . Goes swimming every
week. But you'd think the doctors would be
glad to check up and follow every little thing that seems to keep
him going. But they won't even x-ray him (because
it might show that the cancer is smaller? or what?) The last
x-ray I heard of, the cancer had moved and was smaller.
It could be working out of him. There are very simple remedies I
have heard of that will cure cancer, they say. One
is the grape c u r e. You use grape juice, diluted at first, but
nothing more, in the morning, and sit) it gradually all
the time, as you can. The other two meals you eat as usual. This
is said to clean out the cells or something, and to
clear up internal cancers in a short t ime. " - - Rosa I ind
John, Norco, Calif. 0 0 G

491 N THE April issue of The
ABERREE you had a descrip-
tion of Jesus Christ which was
written by Publius Lentilus,
governor of Judea to the Roman
emperor. I sent this descrip-
tion to you. I have also read
another description by a Roman
soldier that agreed in a gen-
eral way with this one.

"I have since received two letters on this subject, neither
having any return address. The last one having no
address nor signature, totally anonymous in violation of
U.S.postal laws. I have lost the envelope but I believe it
was mailed at some one -horse town in Kansas.

"This last letterisparticularly scurrilous as according to him
'anyone believing that there ever was such a person as
Jesus is a fool and that if he argued with them (according to an
old maxim) he'd be a fool too'. He speaks of Him as
'This jesus (with a small j) character' ; also that I am 'ut

terly idiotic', etc., etc.

"He says, 'I am a Jew, we were living there at the time, but none
of us ever heard of the guy.' I wonder if
h~ meant 'goy'. He then tries to demolish this ' wild story I by
saying that the Bible claims that ' this guy was the
hottest thing that ever hit Jerusalem, was followed by great
multitudes that stopped traffic, well known to every cop
on every beat, then smash the whole "wild story" by saying the
cops had to bribe one of his followers to identify

"I also had ancestors living back in those days but that does not
make me omniscient. I know of many things
that they knew nothing of and vice versa. Also, letts use a
little common sense about the identiflcation of Jesus
Christ. if one person in a hundred' 'inJerusalem and its environs
knew and followed JesusChrist, that would be
enough to cause traffic jams. During World War II amovie star
(whose pictures and movies had been seen by
millions, time and time again) came to Henderson to entertain the
soldiers at Camp Breckinridge. He spent the
previous day strolling the streets of Henderson. I was the only
person who recognized him'on the street, but after I
had identified and talked with him, there was a traffic jam. If
Nelson Rockefeller and several of his followers were in
a dark garden at twilight meditating, praying and sleeping, I
doubt if my correspondent would find it easy to identify
Mr. Rockefeller.

"By the way, this carping critic signs himself 'Wandering Jew' so
maybe he was there! Besides making
statements that no one knows to be true or untrue, t h is 'W a
ndering Jew' makes statements which are totally
urtrue. He states that the Aumran scrolls Prove that there was no
Jesus Christ so the Ministerial Alliance has
demanded no more Englishtranslations be made of them. I never
heard of this Alliance, or this demand, but I have
just read 'The Lost Years of Jesus' taken f r o m the 'Dead S e a

"The great Roman historian, Tacitus, says that Nero blamed the
burning o f Rome on the Christians, so called f r
o m the name of their leader, 'Christus who suffered the extreme
penalty (crucifixio0 during the reign of Tiberius at
the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilate.'

"The Jewish Encyclopedia lists the many places where Jesus is
mentioned in the Talmud. The Talmud records
Jesus' healing of the blind, the halt