Volume 11, Issue 5, page 13

season will avoid the wires.
Could there be more than one
explanation? Maybe the group
spirit that looks after the
birds. Maybe the parents who
saw the accident tell their
young not to go near the wires
(unlikely). Or maybe it is reincarnating birds -- the ones
that were killed. One hitch --
probably a lot more birds will
be hatched next season than
were killed on the wires. So,
the group spirit may be the
answer. It would be interesting to know if the old birds
that survived stay away too --
or is it just the new ones. In
the first case, it could be
communication with the spirits
of the dead birds. That way,
all the birds will avoid the
danger. In the case of the planaria, it could be that they
have one spirit (group spirit)
so each is part of the one
mind. Hence, when they are cut
up, the spirits go back into
the surviving planaria. This
would not be true if the other
planaria (who did not eat the
trained ones) did not react as
the trained ones. Ah! Ha!
Given enough rope, we hang ourselves.