Volume 11, Issue 5, page 10

ered in this circle was some
of the top talent in the field,
all dedicated to the improvement of their fellowman, physically and spiritually, and
each respecting the others'
ability... 1 At one point in
the discussion, Dr. Bidwell
brought out a small box, on the
bottom of which was about a
tablespoonful of yellow dust.
At one time, he explained, this
had been a day-old pup, which
he had placed in a desk drawer
the day it died 20 years ago,
and which had dried up to this
bit of dust in the intervening
years without the usual signs
of putrefaction. Mr. Burks
suggested that if the remains
were consigned mentally to the
8th Dimension, even this small
residue would "disappear and
the dead puppy would be reduced to a complete physical
nothingness. The reporter in
us wanted to ask for more details, but it seems there were
tight schedules to be kept and
we had to be satisfied with
a capsuled account.

1 As beautiful as the pine
woods of that area may be, they
have one drawback -- a plethora
of chigoes -- the almost invisible red mite that the anticommunists overlook in their
noisy campaign to eliminate
all things "red " and dangerous
from America. So it was with
great and noble restraint that
we kept our eyes on the road
and our hands on the wheel as
we ignored the "chigger welts"
and bites and headed for Lakemont and Love's Retreat to
complete our mission so far
from Oklahoma -- the stellar
role assigned us by Mahriah
Love in her "Meet-The-ABERREE"
weekend, which she, with the
help of Alberta, had "cooked
up" in their promotional cauldron...