Volume 11, Issue 5, page 7

UNFORTUNATELY the whole nation seems attuned to violence after a summer of riotous race troubles, murders, fires, and
strikes. Crimes against women and children assume new proportions since Neptune is in
the 5th house. This positure also disturbs educational matters. Tired of waiting for law
enforcement agencies to act, in many large
cities, the people themselves may organize for
their own protection.

Until September 17, that tough old schoolmaster, Saturn, is still bodily in Pisces, the
sign governing the colored people. This is also the sign of self-undoing, and since Saturn
is in opposition to the powerful stellium from
Virgo (the masses), it appears as tho the Negro, by his very turbulence, is about to defeat his own purposes, since the Moon, also
representing the masses, is conjunct Saturn;
and Jupiter, representing further expansion, is
restricted in the 12th house. Legislation (Saturn in the legal house) probably will be enacted controlling such demonstrations as have
become such a scandal in the past. In any case,
Uranus changes the existing order of things.

Around September 5 and 6, the powerful Pluto
and Uranus come into close conjunction with
the Sun, Moon, and Mercury. This accumulation
of energy has to find avenues of application
somewhere and at that time these planets are
affected; that at the times I'm referring to,
1 the cycle of action of that game was in dee, cline. In 1528, a wave of blackness swept thru
them and they fell into violent disagreement,
had a fight in which some of them were killed,

There is no point in going into detail relative to the ending of the game in Arizona, It
W was tough for me to confront, because I blamed
u) myself for what transpired; but -- like in the
breakup of the fifth planet -- everyone else also
blamed themselves. I have audited more than 30
persons on this incident, and they each recall
it about the same, but from their own viewpoints.

For the past four years or more, my avocaW tion has been the finding of these Toleos -- my
W old buddies. I have found about 50 of them who
04 know it -- and maybe a couple dozen more whom I
04 feel quite sure are Toleos, but they have not
W confirmed it. And why am I writing this? Because I am still looking for the others. I f
131 this writing seems to ring true to you, for no
a reason at all, or makes you "feel funny ", let
me know, at 31805 Bond, Farmington, Mich.
(1) So what now? Well, there is talk about "the
x Aquarian Age", etc. This is part of it. Those
F, who jumped vowed they would not take bodies
until a new cycle is to begin. It is beginning
-- as evidenced by the fact that they are now
taking bodies. I have audited the Toleoatl of
1547 -- Begay -- in the flesh. Things look like
7 they are going to be real interesting.
all found in the 4th house of the New Moon
chart. By the 10th something has to give, or
break, and since Saturn opposes from the house
of administration, I am afraid the government's
top figure will be on the receiving end. The
stock market is quite likely to take another
dip, altho not perhaps a disastrous one. The
President, himself, will probably come in for
some scandalous criticism from the opposing
party which at this time is gaining strength,
even tho unification is far from perfect.

Also during this period, terrific winds and
storms may be expected in various parts of the
country. With Uranus very close to the nadir,
we may find a great chasm opening up in the
land itself, and in areas where they are prevalent, we shall probably have another 'quake
during the month.

Later in the month with the plenilunium
falling across the 3rd and 9th houses of the
Full Moon chart, trouble in long distance and
foreign communications, shipping, foreign
trade, etc., is to be expected. In fact, foreigp affairs may become quite critical for a
while this month as well as the affairs or labor
and working people in general, since the natural 6th house Virgo is strongly energized.

Late in the month, since a deceptive Neptune is in the house of foreign affairs, our
legislators had best be watchful lest while
they are engaged in politics and legal troubles, we are not victims of treachery, doubledealing, subversive plots, etc., from some
foreign power.

The New Moon chart has Venus conjunct Mars
in the money house. This should cause to be
apparent that much waste and expenditure of
public funds has taken place. Also, at this
time, the military probably will be granted
huge sums which at this time we can ill afford.

Saturn afflicted in the 9th house (same
chart) presages sea disasters with many deaths
and maritime strikes again may hold up the nation's commerce.

On the whole, I would say September poses
nothing really new; rather does it seem an intensification and increase of what has already
been transpiring. Events are, however, surely
leading to some kind of climax which should
become very obvious to all when Pluto and Uranus come into partite conjunction next year.

The Venus-Mars conjunction in the 8th house
indicates one more death of someone high in
governmental circles.

Red China, very busy troubling the whole
world, will herself be troubled with bad fires,
riots, and other internal troubles, altho the
news will not get out until much later.

Since Saturn goes thru Russia's Aquarius,
the proverbial belt will have to be tightened
up to make up for a bad harvest. Internal
troubles seem likely to shake the Moscow government, but Khruschev's star is high, so he
still remains 'top man' (probably fortunately
for us).
m DEAR SYLVIA. -- What
career do you think
it would be well for
my grandson to follow?
He has creative talents and I feel is
highly destined. His
birth time was Sept.
28, 1956, at 6:57 P.K.


DEAR M. M.. -- A most
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