Volume 11, Issue 5, page 4

P HINK I ought to tell you, first, a
little about my background. You
see, I have a tale here that to
many of you will seem far out, but
which I represent as being so; tho
some of you will probably enjoy it more
if you do not believe a word of it. Anyhow, I hope you find it amusing.

I am a Dianeticist-Scientologist from 'way
back to August, 1950. In my second session in
Dianetics, I blew migraine headaches which had
plagued me for years. Do not know what we hit,
but just got the certainty that it left because,
at last, "I was doing something about it".
Stayed right with it, took a lot of courses,
met "ole Alphia " at the Philadelphia Doctorate
Course in 1953.

I have gotten tremendous benefit from Scientology. Only, I am a freak. I enjoy Scientology. I do not take it seriously. I have
fun with it. I use it, own it. It does not use,
own me. I take that part of it which seems true
to me -- which is most of what Ron Hubbard says;
and throw away most of what he has been saying
-- and especially DOING -- lately. Been auditing
professionally for the last six years.

The reason for this preramble is that in
Scientology, it is found out that if a person
is willing to believe that he is a Spiritual
Beingness -- as well as a this lifetime body
identity -- recalls from earlier existences appear.

That which I am about to recount is the common reality of a couple score of people. Most
of them got their realities in Scientology
auditing sessions. In this, a balanced sensitive Wheatstone bridge ohmmeter, called an EMeter, was used. An electrode is taken in each
hand, and the body resistance measured. This
might vary back and forth from 5,000 or 12,000
ohms to 100,000 or more ohms during a session.
This variation takes place upon placing attention on incidents, such as the Toleo incidents.
Thru long experience, it has been found that
hallucination, or dub-in, reacts only slightly
on the meter.

ABOUT five years ago, a curly-haired guy from
the southwest was riding in his car, when
he felt another presence with him. The presence
advised him to get a group together, and then
proceed to Arizona. He gathered a group; they
communicated with what they called "the Masters" via automatic writing with a typewriter.
After several months, several of them got messages simultaneously that our curly-haired
friend should go to the coming Scientology Congress (convention) in washington and tell their
story to "Frank Sullivan". Of course, they had
no idea who Frank Sullivan was.

He also told me, when he contacted me, about
the "Incas ", as they called them. They were an
able, spiritual group of people who were variously spread over an area from north of Arizona south thru Mexico, Central America as far
south as Patagonia, prior to the arrival of
the Spanish. In 1547 A.D., they decided to end
their "game", as with the coming of the Spanish -- with their force, cruelty, inquisition,
religion -- life was not worth living. A goodly
number of them had jumped off a cliff, per
plan, and had not taken a body since.

It was the ones who had jumped, but who had
congregated together in a sort of created and
agreed -upon mockup, above the Superstition
Mountains in Arizona, that they were in communication with. You see, if someone created a
three-dimensional mental image, and saw it
strongly enough, it would become sufficiently
real that others could see it also. When a
group does this -- especially when they dupliToLeOs
(Copyright 1964 by Franklin S. Sullivan)

cate existing structures, etc. -- they can get
it good and solid. Religious