Volume 10, Issue 10, page 24

Spring-Planting Time!
May we suggest you change to Jassack
Black and Whites. The "first integrated cigarets '. (Maybe you can include
yourself in the Spring planting.)
The JASSACK is the greatest factor
for human extinction since the Inquisition. Don't let our competitors convince you otherwise. They're fatal,
too, but not as fatal as JASSACKs.

Ask your Doctor. He needs the customers and will be glad to recommend
JASSACKs. He might even write you a

We, at the Jassack Cigaret Factory, are glad
to share our slogan with other deserving products, such as alcohol, drugs, insecticides, and
food preservatives: "EVENTUALLY, WHY NOT SOON"
We've improved on the old slogan, "Not a
coffin car load': Try a car load and see.
(Less Smoking Means
Zt g