Volume 10, Issue 10, page 19

or perhaps the cost was too en if you succeed, what do you a worldly number. Five would
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"After putting an adver- 0 0 o color black used rather spartisement in your paper for two "We have been feasting on ingly is the unmanifested God,
consecutive times, there had The ABERREEs -- including last and the white is the manifestto be other places to try to November's -- a whole year's file! ed. It is interesting to note
get the book in full form; af- We've hardly begun to take in that the main window which is
ter a year of correspondence I everything, but we have found usually the rose window in most
finally located two unabridged Harold. S c h r o eppel's series churches is all jumbled up -- it
editions. very interesting. We try to represents the universe -- and
"When the Spiritualists work out some of the exercises the world is a bit jumbled un
wake up again, and accept the in it when we can. We think right now -- not really, but it
words of those that came in it's one of the best things appears to be.
1888 to give the world some you've done since the Walsh "I could go on and on, for ,
good news, showing the fallacy series (Hardin and Joanna without knowing it, this pieof a materialistic church or- Walsh). We're also tickled ture has very profound meanganization, an d note if you with Miss Julaine's dream in- ing.
will that the Protestants have terpretations, which we can't "But -- everything i s prothe happy faculty of following resist comparing w i t h t h e found." -- Louis, Phoenix, Ariz.
most of what they reject. I t standard psychological inter- (ED. NOTE -- You're so right;
we go to Oahspe, Page 714 Book preta.tions -- with hilarious re- all that symbolical sign' fiof Eskra, and read concerning suits, like the lady dreaming cance was absolutely unintenthe birth of Jesus or IESU of the tree and the scorpion. tional. We have no desire to
(the man without sin) (Y-su-ah). Just think what Freud would foist so much profundity off
"If you would care to pub- have to say about that! on ABERREE readers as a matter
lishthepart of 'Antiquity Un- "In this connection, we of abjuratory policy.)

veiled', where Pontius Pilate, think it's a dirty trick for o 0 0
procurator of Judea, page 112, Arthur Burks to mention all "I will answer the critics

came with greeting, he does those delectable South Merl.- which you pubwho mention the one Jesus Onanias can drugs , and their wondrous is the

the order in wrder criticism in the was tried before him for effects, and then refuse to i in nishedtissue. no the
highway robbery and was traci- give their names. Please ask January-February
nu Jybrn see her own osafied by his soldiers. The Jews him to print the names, and n conceit leads
in those days were divided in- save us a trip to South Amer- cats. to three or four different ica, which we'll otherwise ob- her hand of into an delusion. ow Her
n Iusion'Spirit I shook the
' the
sects, each of these striving viously be making shortly. (ED hand 50 feet tall, , and a secIf become masters of the others. NOTE -- You'd be surprised how and time when I did not shake
If Pontius Pilate can come many letters we've had to for- his hand he scowled and turned
back from spirit life, as well ward to Colonel Burks since we

as others who come that have printed his article!)... into a snake higher than a tree
been in spirit for as many as "That's a very lovely pie- as his gaping mouth came down
4,000 years or less, why can't tare of Alice in the July-Aug- to devour me. I do not believe
such a person come thru the ust issue, and of both of you such entities exist any more
right channel when opportune in the last January-February. than I believe life can exist
time comes? The medium in this issue . Alice looks radiant , after death. Life is light -
case was a male person, educa- (ED. NOTE -- It's the fall-out.) energy -- and energy functions
tion mediocre -- perhaps not We enjoyed all the photographs, according to known laws of
acquainted with history of the and thought the Kitselmans energy. Does the light from an
past. The evidence offered by looked particularly interesting electric light bulb continue
Pilate wi 11 amount to two and Phil Friedman is really to shine after the filament
pages. The famous Rabbi Wise cute! The Bob Churchill pieces breaks and the bulb is `dead'?
made a trip to Jerusalem and are first rate. As in the past, Does a candle continue to shine
could find no record of Jesus' we are enjoying all the audi- after the wax has been con= trial, but did find other evi- torials tremendously." -- Bar- sumed? The body is a lamp that
dence, (Page 113)... barn Fiske, Rochester, Vt. shines only as long as there
"Millions of Christians re- 0 0 0 is fuel to keen the flame burn
peat, 'crucified under Pontius "The recent (December) AB- ing... nature made us with inPilate', etc., yet o u r evi- ERREE has great significance -- testinal systems to be used as
dence says he, Pilate, did not that is, the cover has. I'm nature intended and not abused
have anything to do with the sure it was not intentional , with laxatives and enemas...
crucifixion of Jesus. but -- Red is the Christ color ; Likewise, reproductive organs
"Even those who have been there are two crosses showing should be used for reproduction
to many seances, and have had the polarity factor, the three and not for lust ... The self
materializations shown to them, main doors are symbolic of the was created by the parent or
cannot accept the fact that Trinity. There are 18 people Parents.
;x7 Jesus was 'born' in the Council going into the church, which "One night I was taking a
;i.1 of Nice under Constantine." -- is the nine, the number of in- trip to Mars in a magnificent
Wilfred J. Jodoin, 1229 Astor tellect and not only material rocket ship, enjoying all the
Dr., New Port Richey, Fla. but spiritual intellect. There sensations of such a trip, un04 (ED. NOTE -- We doubt if ANY are seven steps leading into til a cat meowed outside my
evidence could counteract the the church which is indicative bedroom window to ask me to
1600 years of Jesus propagan- of the balanced human being let her in. If the cat called
da the church has drilled into transmuting himself to a higher me back from way out in outer
the world with a campaign of level of consciousness. There space, then I got back faster
0 murder for those who refused are eight tiny doorways which than the speed of light , and
.g to bel ieve. Anyway; as long as is the symbol of reincarnation so far the speed of light is
we don't HAVE to accept this or the continuity of all life. the fastest motion known,
fable, as did some of our un- The star, it is interesting to " Mine are not empty words
fortunate forefathers, we see note, has six points which in- because I backed my words with
little reason for either the dicates man's awareness of the money and I offered to 'demonbelievers or nonbelievers to birth of Christ is limited to strate' the truth of my teach19 try to convert the others. Ev- his physical world, for six is ings. I possess the light that