Dear Editor

"The more I read this little publication of yours and see the say some of the correspondents have, the more it seems you're actually doing a good thing psychologically, besides providing some provocative material for thought, at least in the auditorials. At least the 'crackpots' are resisting the sweeping tides of conformity and mediocrity that seems to submerge any semblance of individuality or inclination to think for oneself. Besides, people do need an outlet for their opinions; working in hospitals as I do, you can surely see some drastic results of too-long repression of feel ings and unlikely ,houghts. Also, it 's interesting to follow along with the letters and note the gradual changes in opinion after steaming off a little, isn't it?

"Besides, 'science' hasn't even pretended as yet to come up with any theories about what a mind could be--it's interesting also to note in some of the physiology books thatthe authors say in so many words, 'everybody has a body, that is to say, everyone is his body... ' which they don't seem willing to admit is something of a paradoxical remark , no?" -- Thelma Stetler, 5 South 13th, San Jose, Calif.

(ED. NOTE—What's paradoxical is that our laws force the youth of America to study such illogical trash as you've just quoted—without introducing a possible alternative choice— yet we grow up insisting we're free thinkers. It's a bit like training a man for 10 years to operate a lathe—yet he's supposed to be a viol mist when he graduates. No generation can "reach the stars" until those who have been taught the stars are out of reach die, or at least, lose the reins.)

"I 'm rather disappointed in the lack of evaluation of some of your articles. Possibly you allow these to go unanswered to arouse the need to communicate. But who notices such things as Raymond Reid in his 'honest communism' comments that this was instigated by fear, and fear does not breed honesty. The scriptures do not uphold this either. It only points out the depth to which man must or did sink before doing something like mock sanity.

"Also, George T. Crawford writes volumes on 'reasons' why sex does not change and he is apparently ignorant of what causes the spirit to assume a sex.

"Forgive me if I'm too critical. Maybe I should `do' something myself instead ot tearing down others. So here's a few lines for your 'Editor' column:

"It may be of interest to you and your readers that at least one 'auditor' does not turn a deaf ear to other approaches to life' s problems. The advantages of real knowingness is that it knows realness. I became interested in a woman who was trying to develop psychic ability, processed her for 4 hours; after which she read accurately the past and future of about a dozen people, rapidly, and without previous thought. It amazed even her. The ability to raise human ability is probably the most valuable art in existence." -- Carol French, Box 203, Cutten, Calif.

"Notice one person said an idiot could do better than the granddaughter of the Egyptian Princess (on dream interpretations). Sure glad I'm not an idiot. Wonder if she'd like to give it a whirl, ..Also noticed the lovely little bouquet from the other reader. My thanks to her. Also like the new section, STAR DUST. Give Louis my love and tell him I said, Please, keep his column in ABERREE -- I like it. "--Lowana Julaine, Rt. Li, Box 82, Tampa, Fla.

"I was a B'eliever, more or less, in psychoanalysis until read Dianetics, and a B'eliever in Ron Hubbard until I read in ABERREE what Art Coulter says about him and his B'ook and BAM.

"My ancestors were B'elievers in the B'ooks of Sumeria, Babylon, and the B'ible; each n turn burned the B'ooks of heir predecessors (and made oney out of their own B'ook). he B 'ible is the most profitble B'ook in the world today. hurch wealth is being publicised and taxes on it being demanded. (The LIBERAL sells Golden Rule' 10t a copy, 12 for $1 --5233 N. 5th, Philadelphia, Penn., Blanche Puccinelli, 604 D St., Petaluma, Calif.)

"There's no chance for Jesus Christ, without money, and priestly support to even get on the ticket for president now. It takes a million cash and the support of the strongest (wealthiest) churches. Johnson, the papers say, wants a Catholic running mate.

"This looks like the 'Rock of Gibraltar' materially, but from the astral viewpoint it is full of cracks, will fall in dust and ashes. Some groups are exploring the wealth crack, others tracing the history of the evolution of the B'ible thru the Dead Sea scrolls, the Babylonian Clay Tablets, to the stars. Picture writing in the old star maps and handed-down traditions tell the same B'ible story, but with a remarkable difference, there God is divine and men are serpents, lying close to earth and deadly, and the priest-kings the biggest an d most deadly serpents of all.

"Other groups are exploring the influence of planets (Sun, moons) and show that Christ is the astral influence of the Sun, Satan of Saturn. When this is realized, this crack will cause an avalanche. It proves that the wealth of the churches has been gained by false claims. Not only that, but they have been crucifying the truth. This is unB'elievable, so B'elieving church members and secularists just ignore it. B'eliefs are inherited by scientists too.

"Th i s last paragraph is proved by arithmetic, as simple as adding your grocery list, just as material and scientific. In all cases of tragedy the victim as well as the aggressor is possessed by B' or Saturn and his moons circling this earth. Unseen? Nope, just lately located. And they were described in the B' i bl e, exactly as they are. But this is old stuff, copied from nation after nation, the last B'ook taking the credit and burning its predecessors.

"The serpent is the enemy of Christ, offers wealth and high position if you will make Saturn stronger than the Sun in your horoscope. Life is a relay race, a continuous plasm or scroll that records infinite details with perfect memory, and we reap according to this scroll. There are no exceptions in extrem e cases, all the moons of Saturn have not been located yet, so some cases are hard to guess. Orthodox astrologers ignore so many known things about astrology that they have to be good guessers,