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the French founded New Orleans, La. Georgia
was settled by Oglethorpe in 1733. Benjamin
Franklin constructed the lightning rod in 1733.
The Gregorian Calendar was adopted by the English and their colonies in-September 1752.

The third cycle of Uranus started in 1776
and lasted until 1860. This cycle began with
the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, freedom, and the Constitution.
The first U. S. President was elected.

The fourth cycle of Uranus was from 1861 to
1945 -- with the Civil War, the Spanish War, and
two World Wars. By 1945, the U.S.A. had reached
its highest territorial expansion and also was
being entrusted with world leadership.

The fifth cycle started in 1945. Since then
have been atomic bombs, the Korean "police action", rockets, guided missiles, artificial
moons, the Marshall Plan, etc., in which we
extend our bounty to the world -- friend and foe

Uranus makes a complete ellipse, or an eggshaped circle, every 84 years. When we divide
those 84 years into 12 equal parts, we get
seven years each, which is the time it takes
Uranus to travel thru each sign of the Zodiac.
Please refer to the Time Table which shows
in which sign Uranus was positioned between
1485 to the year 2011, repeatedly revolving
around the Sun over and over again. When we
study these Uranian cycles, we are able to see
what we should have done in the past to be able
to progress the most. We also can see what
should be done now and in the future for maximum progress.

As it will be noted, Uranus entered Virgo
in October, 1961 -- which sign concerns health,
sickness, and labor (employment). This is a period for solution of our unemployment problems --
minimum wages, shorter work-week. leisure time.
In 1968 Uranus enters Libra and stays in this
sign until 1974. Problems arising during this
period will concern mainly partnerships, companies and corporations, ideal marriages, divorces, diplomacy, balance, justice, etc.

The wise Solomon is quoted in Ecclesiastes
3: 1-8: "To everything there is a Season and- a
Time to every Purpose under the Heaven"; Uranus is showing us WHEN we should do WHAT. We
should keep on changing a little at a time so
that changes do not accumulate. If changes are
not made when they are supposed to be made,
drastic changes must be,made later to catch up
with evolutionary progress.

We should beware of waiting too long for any
needed changes to avoid such accumulations as
the destructive revolution in France in 178995, the Russian Revolution in 1917-18, or our
own Civil War in 1861-65.

Also, we should consider that now that we
have entered the Aquarian Age, which will last
for the next 2,000 years, even more drastic
changes than ever before are indicated. It will
bring new values and new human relationships.
This change can come the easy way by changing
willingly, or it will come the hard way if we
try to hold on to the old way of life.

A wise man does the right thing at the right
time, and why can we not become a wise nation
and change according to the indications of Uranus?
conception. The little old man of Derby is
that built up hard top hat of Derby blue of
the end blackness and the Derby dog of conception that always chances to get in the way
just when one's course seems clear. The endbeginning, the stop-start, is a horse race
turned into a rat race, in which the HoRSe is
HeRS, her S-shaped spiral, come to an end and
nibbled to pieces by extra sensory rats who
are strangers in her household. The Derby is,
at once, lost and won.

So getting to this unnatural point of God,
that pours out upon the earth his so-called
blessings, is like taking away one's bread
which is his naturally rising helical loaf and
also taking away one's cheese, which is the
consolidated end fruition in which the helix
is pointed. The only way any strange implant
can serve anyone, is by taking from immortal -
heliocentricity and giving to flashy, straight
line radiation. This service robs Peter to pay
Paul, and steals from the rich helix to give x
ganders IS the active straight line, generating to the poor unwanted conception.
end of a reactive, feminine helix. A he lix, in her unendingness, obviously, never BODY, AS WEiL AS FACE, SHOWS CHARACTER
rs out. Since she forever hasan in- It seems a little strange, doesn't it, that
finite number of years ahead of her, she can the average person judges at a glance with
never be called old. Only the little man, in fair accuracy the type of thinking he sees in W
the littleness of the zero mean, where life faces on the street, yet feels that the re- W
span is but an explosive flash, is, at once, mainder of the body indicates only superfiold and dead. He is the dead end of the helix. cially the mental processes of an individual. a
So the little man of Derby is the end of a He has so permitted his own observations to be GiG
heliocentricity, death, which is coexistent overshadowed by the almost universal assump- 04
with the Derby prize, conception. They are the tion that the body originates thought in the 01
identical twins, the interlocking zeros, that brain, produces pain from physical conditions,
are incessantly battling to determine who is and harbors disease because of bacteria that
the lesser of two evils. The little old man of rarely does he take time to reason that if the w
Derby is the winner of the Derby prize, the face tells the story of character, the body ,
winner of the greatest of all blessed events, also tells the story of motives, mental reacwhich, when won, serves only as a punishment tions, emotions, frustrations, sensibilities, E.
for having won it. The town of Derby is not loves, and hates. -- Dr. Cushing Smith, in CHIMES
only famous for its stinky Derby cheese, that Magazine.
is, coagulation in death, but also for its
Derby china, the easily broken up pieces of Wisdom is most acceptable if humbly offered. 16
Father Zero
Takes a
Gander at

A little old man of Derby,
How do you think he served me?
He took away my bread and cheese,
And that's the way he served me.