Volume 10, Issue 10, page 8

the interior were safe. There they remain to
this day, except for some who live near the
surface -- such as those who work for me."
"Years ago," Jan continued, "Europeans
often bartered with the cavern people, giving
rise to many legends and fairy tales. Even the
early colonists in this country sometimes
traded with them, but now the surface people
are becoming so cruel and devoid of goodness
that the cavern people are withdrawing deeper
and come out very seldom."
During the years of friendship between my
father and the big Russian, I eavesdropped on
many interesting conversations. They talked of
the other planets, all of which are inhabited,
and referred to the earth as Sara (or Planet
Sorrow) -- a place where those spirits who had
fallen back into sin could reincarnate and redeem themselves. Guardian angels we ALL have,
but not all of us have an appointed time to precedes a fiery Mars-Uranus opposition
die; sometimes accidents, murders, wars, etc., across the nation's sixth and 12th houses.
cause us tc leave sooner than we ought. This is immediately followed by a drastic PluI heard them speak of vortexes(" wer", pro- to-Sun opposition across the same houses with
nounced "veer"), and how this earth (or realm an adverse Mercury-Uranus configuration about
"krolestwo" -- a kingdom -- kingdom-royal) is to culminate. This all spells troubles, the
cemented to other realms by a Spirit Breath or least of which are strikes, riots, sabotage,
thread, and I still don't know what was meant disasters, and fires. With the New Moon chart
by it. They talked of God, and how each gener- of March 14 carrying these effects into the
ation has a different concept, as it grows in 10th house of Administration, the 11th of Legaccordance with its search for "truth". islature and the fifth house of speculation,
To me, the most interesting topic was the involving the stock market, we have something
cavern people. They had given Jan many proph- to think about, while over all, we have the
ecies pertaining to the future and I tried to fast approaching effect of an ominous Saturnremember them; but I've forgotten their exact Uranus opposition which in all previous periods
wording. As I grew older, I discussed these has indicated a state of rebellion.
forecasts with my father, and he confirmed The Negro is said to be governed by the
most of what I remembered_ sign Pisces which will soon receive the ob

Children of the future will be farther ad- structive and restrictive Saturn opposing the
vanced s than their parents; they will write explosive Uranus- Pluto conjunction. This is
books by the time they are 10 years old, while
their elders will be the readers and discuss- bound to cause an eruption, probably taking the
ers. form of more race violence. Saturn goes into
A new method of central heating will be de- Pisces on March 25 and the restrictive action
veloped, using the polarity of two rods -- true then can be exceedingly dangerous, for in this
north and true south -- and this electricity will location, the opposition of the Pluto-Uranus
be neutral so there will not be the danger of conjunction (from Virgo -- sign of the masses)
shocks from it. may well cause the pot to boil over to the exThe air we breathe is the same as water to tent that again may the armed forces have to
other-planet people, but someone will acci- be called to the various scenes of activity.
dentally discover a way to have two holes Nor will this be confined to the integration
drilled n ear the ears so we will be able to Problem, as union leaders and other minority
breathe in water and rarified air. groups, under this configuration of rebellion,
Trials and tribulations will start when the will add their voices to the already seething
seasons move apart, melee. Along with this, Mars in the 12th
Books will be mutilated to suit the needs house of the February Full Moon chart will
of the corrupters, and history"changed" to surely bring to light news of widespread submake the evil ones respected and appear right, versive activities and undercover moves during
Thru fear, many will keep silent rather than March, if it has not already been brought about
speak the truth. before this issue gods to press.

The churches will lead people into slaugh- At this time, everyone will begin to show =
ter, saying it is "God's will ". interest in the coming presidential election,
There was a prediction of a continent ris- and since Saturn, representing the Democratic
ing from the sea again , and a second flipping party, is posited in top position in the Spring
of the earth, triggered by some acts of man- Equinox chart and since an election chart cast
kind -- and the resultant flood, or "rinsing", for November shows the incumbent party in
will cleanse the earth. strongest position, it seems safe, even in the {a7
I don't recall that there was any sequence face of no further information as to candidates,
given for these events. Wars over religion to forecast no change in the present adminis

were A4
foretold, and it was said the Cathay peo- tration. Yet the picture is not a clear one,
ple (yellow) would start a war, but it would since the chart shows neither party strong nor
be the children of Ham (black) who would cause unified, with the Democrat strength coming
the white man's slavery. from a lesser number of adverse aspects than Gq
Each September , on the anniversary of my those besetting the Republican party -- which c
seeing the "cavern lady" (as I used to call may seem a negative way of looking at things.
her) waving to me, I feel the urge to revisit Saturn does come into its station at election
the scenes of my childhood. Some fall, maybe, time, thus giving added strength to the DemoI'll succeed in finding the cavern entrance cratic Party. The chart shows chaos and splits
I know is still there on the old farm on which in both parties and tho it appears that the
I used to r amble so innocently. It may be present incumbents will win, yet the 'fatalistic
changed -- but so am I. However, what I'll do 29th degree' overshadows them showing a possiwith it should I find it, I haven 't the slight- ble ominous turn or trend at election time. In
est idea. I'll figure that out when I find it. fact, much violence is a distinct possibility. 8
ARCH enters like the proverbial lion and
should prove a memorable month since the
plenilunium of February's end barely