Volume 10, Issue 10, page 5

Both Body and Spirit Should Be Addressed;
"Isms" Bog Down in Exaggerated Half-truths
Delusions limit Seekers of "LUag Out"
(IN TWO PARTS -- Part 1) universe solids, is obviously structure. Within
IN seeking to regain the high the body, there is life which monitors, conAN, trols the actual mass of the body, from heart

spiritual state which he knows is to other more complex stimulus - response reactions, with some choice of a conscious nature.
This is the lower echelon of the body mind.
It knows its job, and if let alone, will do it
well. It serves the lower orders of function.

But the overall direction of the body is at
the command of the conscious, or analytical,
mind. It has the ability to think, decide,
command, and act, tho it, too, most often is
influenced by response to a stimulus.

Now, it has been found that the portion of
mind which serves as a stimulus, to which the
person responds, is really a fixed solid, and
herein is categorized as structure. It is well
known that the brain produces fixed responses,
but it is not so well known that there are
other fixed and non-fixed energy patterns which
move into and out from the physical body. These
latter, also, are herein classed as structure,
even tho they may not be visible to the physical eye. They are recordable, however, on a
wheatstone bridge, balanced circuit, simple
lie detector type device used in Scientology,
known as an electrometer. The changes in
thought-attention pattern have been known to
cause a difference in body resistance of from
5,000 to 50,000 ohms, for example, in a few

So, the mind, working on its own determination, is function; working on a stimulus -- response basis is structure. But the mind as is
herein referred to is the "animal" mind. The
materialist will tell you that is all we are --
just a very complex mechanism.

We refer to Spirit herein as that part of
us which is capable of power of choice, initiative -- creativity. It is our true beingness,
a spark of the divine. All is optimum wherein
Spirit monitors mind, and mind monitors body.

The science, philosophy, and practice of
Dramanatomy, body reconditioning, developed by
Monica Saxon (200 West 58th St., New York, N. Y.) ,
is directed against the interferences to the
body mind's monitorship of the body. Vacuum
Cleaning Procedure developed from a Scientology basis, by myself, serves to remove the
obstacles which inhibit the monitorship of the
mind, by the Spirit. The overall goal could be
better expressed and understood as: Seeking to
achieve optimum control of the body by the
body-mind; monitorship of the body and the
mind by the Spirit.

THE PRACTICE of Dramanatomy consists mainly
of correction of posture, proper breathing,
and direct address of specific body areas thru
increasing of communication with, awareness
of, these areas. It is very new. A hard-cover
book by Mrs. Saxon is in preparation. A fourpage article by her appeared in SKI Magazine,
October, 1963, lightly dealing with obvious
basics. She is a former prima ballerina, still
teaches ballet, one class a week. The rest of
her time, from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M., usually
seven days a week, is spent in working with
Most citizens consider themselves to be
j just a body, and the medical or similar address is considered to be the key to happiness .

The psychologist/psychiatrist addresses the
mind. The Scientologist talks about the Spirit, or Thetan, but also mainly addresses the
mind to the total neglect of the body. We could
W go on and on, but the point is that all extant
W "solutions" are partial because they do not
1:4 address all that is Man. It does little good
04 to address the Spirit alone -- if a powerful
W reactive, stimulus-response mechanism is going
to kick in and more than defeat one 's purpose .
CC) The solution is to be found wherein: 1. The
CC mind optimumly monitors, controls the body.
2. The Spirit optimumly monitors, controls the
a) mind.

STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION -- This is based on L .

Ron Hubbard's old theme: "Function monitors
structure." By structure is meant that which is
fixed, solid. By function is meant the intelligence which monitors, controls these solids.
5 The physical body. along with other physical
o seems to be the custom of present society to
take one of these elements -- and usually some
small phase of one of them -- dwell on it, and
become convinced that thru this singularity of
address all solutions will be forthcoming.
his true beingness, has searched
for "The Great Answer" in terms
of simplicity. It is agreed that
as the higher orders of relative
truth approach the absolute, they become
more simple. But, from our present status,
they also become more and more incomprehensible. Were we to hear such a truth
today, it would probably be meaningless
to us. I feel that these higher truths
cannot even begin to be adequately expressed in words. Present attempts to attain "higher knowledge" without divesting
ourselves of our "feet of clay" can but
lead to delusion. Each "ism" takes some
segment of relative truth, calls it the
whole truth.

There is no "Great Answer ". It is not hidden
mystery. The way out of the Garden of Eden is
thru the same gate we entered. And if we are
to travel this path, we can do it only by
starting from one place -- and that one place is
right where we are right now. If it is ourselves
that is making the change, it is necessary to
understand ourselves, and accept ourselves
just as we are. So simple it sounds silly -- but
is it?
If we wish to solve
ment within the problem
the solution is to be
with the problem of Man
The common category of Body-Mind-Spirit to
include all that is Man herein applies. It
any problem, each elemust be addressed, if
a sound one. So it is