Volume 10, Issue 10, page 4

"Silver Year"
Is Shiny, But
It Tarnishes
is the "Silver
Year". There is
much shine to it,
but, like silver,
it tarnishes rather easily. It is a year of rapid movement; everything is speeded up. It is a
cold year. It is a year of debate, with
everyone debating. It is a "2" year, the
number of balance. However, there can be
a balance of extremes.
ï There is much talk of Communism in the
United States, and there are flare-ups of
ï There are a number of rather bloody
race riots. The hot spots will be in the
South -- but Washington, San Francisco, and
Los Angeles also can expect flare-ups.
ï Now that the White House stationery has
L.B.J. instead of J.F.K., we can expect,
instead of a tidy ship, a leaking rowboat.
ï More rapes than at any period in the
history of the U.S. will be taking place.
ï There will be earthquakes in Australia,
Russia, Japan, Greece, Italy, and the
western portion of the United States, especially in California.
ï New wars will break out in Asia.
ï Weather conditions will be extreme.
January and February will bring record
storms. Texas will be hit by a storm that
will cause millions of dollars in damages.
ï South America is in for floods and
ï Eleven more tragic airline crashes; and
these, too, are sabotage.
ï I see a bridge disaster, but I'm not
sure of the area.
ï Another rash of deformed babies.
ï A new dance makes the news. It is less
frantic than "the Twist".
ï Men will be wearing false beards and
such; this fad will come and go almost
ï The color turquoise. will be the theme
color for the year. You'll see it featured
in many magazines, etc.
ï Fur and leather will be very popular
with both sexes, and the ladies will
preen themselves with feathers.

You Are Your God
You are Your God
And only You have tied and bound the
God that's You,
Strand piled on strand and thread on
Of slender strands of gossamer and

A silken cobweb, with no strength to
hold nor bind,
Excepting only -- as You so desire.

Within the Kingdom that is You, You.
rule supreme; a very God in. truth,
With every thought, emotion, whim and
deed Your very Own,
To do with as You wish. And only You
can wish -- for You.

No other power can shape your thoughts,
desires, and loves,
Excepting only -- as You so desire.

You are YourGod -- whose merest thought
is fact. And yet
A God who, in an effort to be Ydu,
keeps hid and bound
In fear some Other might become aware
that here in fact is Deity.

Observe and watch the game You play,
to keep Him hidden far below;
The thoughts you call so proudly
Yours -- hark once again
And hear the words of some old friend
-- or foe.

If, from the darkness of His tomb, the
God should think
Beware, beware! There's danger here.
And all your life
You keep Him low, by doing all the
things You know
That Others once have done to you.

So, always think some Other's thoughts
-- feel their regrets,
And shape your acts -- doing what Others
That this must be the better way.

And so there is no opening left for
light to reach the God below,
Who lies so helpless in the bonds
that only You have made.

But, if You can re nember this, they
have no strength:
Excepting only -- as You so desire.

You are Your God.

If You will only look and see how You
keep You so tightly bound
With ties and chains that aren't -- You
need only move and think
To be aware -- You are Your God.

And all that's passed before is Yours,
To use completely -- here -- and now.

And there before you -- wondrous -- -new --
All future lies, where You are YOU;
Provided only -- that You so desire.