Volume 10, Issue 9, page 5



HIS YEAR opens on the heels of a
full moon eclipse across the 1st
and 7th houses on our national
chart, plus a square from the 4th,
and throws what may seem an ominous
light over most of the major questions which 'we the people' worry about.

Shall ue have war with Russia? -- No, but we
will have our difficulties with, of All places,
England, and these seem to stem from England's
trade policy with Cuba.

Will California slide into the sea? -- No,
but she will experience quakes -- one possibly
in February along the seaboard from San Francisco down to the border.

Will Castro be finished? -- Not yet, but with
the January 14 lunation falling on Cuba's 9th
house Uranus, something of a further disruptive
nature seems to happen to his shipping, trade,
and communications.

Will integration soon be accoia lished? -- No ,
a and much trouble will continue as a result of
a attempts to enforce it.

Are we in danger of greater intervention in
;free enterprise? -- To some extent, yes, but we
c, are faced with the question of whether we as a
nation should be at the mercy of powerful lam bor leaders or whether the rights of free men
(as labor certainly is) should be controlled
for the benefit of the nation.

In any case, as January opens, we find both
an afflicted Sun and Mercury in the 1st house
of our oclipse chart creating more and more severe labor disturbances, strikes, and bad fires.
People as a whole will show increasing displeasure with the administration's policies.
As the month progresses, ill health, possibly
even of epidemic proportions in some areas,
will begin to be apparent. The press will be
Gy full of recrimination, probably political in
W nature, with near-libelous personal attacks.
Unusual changes in some religious structures
a are probable as shown by Uranus and Pluto in
Q4 the 9th house of the eclipse chart.

R1 Venus coming to a conjunction with Saturn
Olin the 2nd house presages concern over the fi