Volume 10, Issue 8, page 18

asserts for himself, or may
even know.
"Mrs. Burks, unknown to her
until the moment it happened,
was treated over a distance of
1200 miles, more or less. She
knew, then and there, as how
should she not, when longlasting pain disappeared at
the time of the treatment? The
body has a habit, and can take
the pain back, if it elects,
for not even Jesus el aimed
that a healing was permanent.
Imbalance is by agreement , and
careless men can let the 'devils' back in ...
ïwhen more recent readings
for 'The Invisible Physician'
(who has since asked, on request of his colleagues, that
he remain anonymous) were given and the chiropractor spoke,
another chiropractor in the
audience spoke:
"'That's all well and good,
Doctor, but how do you project
your fees?'
"This too has been set up,
since the 'free' treatment is
worth exactly what is paid for
it: nothing...-:.
"But here even the money
part has to be finagled. Persons wishing a 'long distance
chiropractic treatment' of 'The
Invisible Physician' send $6
to the New Age Center, 145 N E
14th St., Oklahoma City, outlining their imbalances. 'The
Invisible Physician' can check
them, and will.

"I've gone into much more
detail about the proved work
of 'The Invisible Physician'
in a pamphlet which, I trust
(I just sent in copy the other
day), will be ready for sale
by the time this appears, for
maybe a dollar or so. You'll
then send to the Wisdom Pool
Lakemont, Ga., for it. Maybe ,,
it will even be advertised in a
The ABERREE where, as it can -'
be PLAINLY seen, I am trying -
my subtle (?) best to steal W

The woods are full of them. If where in the world in drinking
you want to tread on dangerous water or plants. Nothing in
ground, just try exposing Com- scientific literature can be
munism or their handiwork. found which shows fluorine to
Many have and have met with be beneficial in any way to
'fatal accidents' -- and there's human biology. In tests on
a long list of them too ... rats, a lessened mental reac"Try to tell the people tion was noted." -- Ruth Ingall
about the subversive aspects Spignesi, 74 Standish Roa4,
of fluoridation for another Stanford, Conn.
instance. Herbert A.Philbrick , o o 0
our counter-spy, said, 'The "Actually, he's an enlightCommunists who have been pub- ened chiropractor in a midlicly urging that sodium flue- western city, and because he
ride be placed in our public is enlightened, we must prowater supply, are currently tect him and his work from the
intensifying their campaign attacks of the ignorant. Two
for this measure.' Major Jor- years ago, we 'read' for him
dan, U.S. A. F. retired, said and he set out to prove the
that vast quantities of sodium reading right or wrong. He
fluoride were shipped to Rus- proved it, and more. As a resin during the war (W. W. II) suit, he can now diagnose and
for use on prisoners to make treat at a distance even as
them docile and subservient. the Kahuna did, and do; tho he
Sodium fluoride is a byproduct states flatly that what he
of aluminum and appears no- does is not Huna. He guarantees only a chiropractic treatment. My experience has been
that something strange and
healing, continues and clings
a f t e r the treatment , where
such prolongation of healing
effort is appropriate. I know
and assert for 'The Invisible
Physician' much more than he
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"I sound as if I'm jesting?
Far from it. I 've been so awed ,.,
by the power and authority --
which ∞
is probably not unique
but seems so -- of 'The Invisible Physician', that I have
scheduled eight lectures on
him in November, in California.
Maybe some of you will have W
heard them before you read
this, as my reports don't always a
fit deadlines as nearly Ix
as they might." -- Arthur Burks,
Paradise, Penn. 17562. W
000 :3:1
"The 10-day trip (to Geer- a
gia -- to treat a cancer victim)
was completed last night (Oct. 0)
23)... The man I went to help ..14
died in a hospital four days r.-,
after my arrival. He was a cancer victim, but I am inclined
to believe his death was caused
by a lack of blood in his body.

It was against his principle 18