Volume 10, Issue 8, page 16

world, merely by exposing samples of their blood to the
mysterious radio waves of the
'2. Blood samples ostensibly from three children but
actually from a turkey, a
sheep, anda pig were submitted for testing. All three
were diagnosed as having chicken pox -- and One of them mumps
as well.
'3, photographs of astronauts and dogs in orbiting
space capsules were represented
as having been obtained by
"chance" when the diagnostic
machines picked up energy
waves from the cosmos.
"'4. The founder of the
center and inventor of the machines boasted of having treated about 35,000 patients since
1935. Investigators estimated
this meant a take of $500,000 .'
(ED. NOTE -- We'd like to know
the medical "take" for the
same period, and the comparative dollar