Volume 10, Issue 8, page 13

P and financial darkness, where Spades who repreBy LOWANA JULAINE
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DREAM -- (Mrs. T.) -- 1 looked up and saw four
large picture frames, one behind the other at
an angle. Each frame held the picture of a man .
As I got closer to them I could see it was
life-size playing cards. The first was the
Jack of Clubs, then the Jack of Diamonds followed by the Jack of Hearts, and last of all
was the Jack of Spades. I lit an Aladdin-lamp
sort of thing to see them better. The Jack of
Clubs whirled me around in a crazy dance and
caught fire. I turned to the Jack of Diamonds.
He whirled me and melted all in a puddle. The
Jack of Hearts started to put a wide ring on
my finger but the ring turned to bracelet with
a chain fastened to it. When I looked up, tho,
it was the Jack of Spades holding the chain.
He blew out my lamp and led me off into the

INTERPRETATION -- The lamp in this case represents truth. You will receive four spectacular propositions. Clubs will offer you activity of a spiritual sort which you crave, in
exchange for your money. The light of truth
will destroy his intentions. Diamonds. will
offer to put up dollar for dollar to get activity started. He too is false and plays the
old "con" game. Hearts will shower you with
praise, gifts, and false affection. Take his
gifts and you will find yourself in spiritual

sents the eighth angel in this case will trans- pose you from life to death. This is shown by
the blowing out of the light and the leading
' into shadows. This is a warning HOT to bart
with your money to anyone until you have
checked, and know for sure that it is an honest deal. My advice is to hold on to your money
and let the "jacks" work for a living.