Volume 10, Issue 8, page 12

(Send your questions direct to
LOUIS, 1411 East Missouri, Phoenix,
Ariz., enclosing a stamped, selfaddressed envelope. For those who
wish personal replies, a minimum
contribution of $2 per question
should be included.)
DEAR LOUIS -- I gave my money
and complete devotion to a
mystery school and when I went
to visit them they treated me
like a stranger. Why? -- J.C.,
Watertown, Penn.

DEAR J. C. -- Let's face it .
Many of these mail order secret wisdom schools are interested in one thing -- those lovely little green slips of paper
you send them. They are selling something they do not have
to sell. What they are trying
to sell you can have for free
-- if you'll seek it. I know of
one soul who gave this organization you mention practically
every cent she owned, then
when she missed a month or so
on her monthly payments, the
lessons stopped coming. I feel
that all these schools help
people -- but one must see things
for what they are. They will
give you some reading material
-- and some by-mail fellowship
-- for a price; the rest is up
to you.