Volume 10, Issue 8, page 10

then, evoked revulsion and disgust, I wanted interest I did not share. We disagreed, bu
no part of it. remained on friendly terms. For business reaDon was unhappy when I told him about this sans, Don withdrew his support of Project Nuin September, 1953 -- understandably. The situa- cleus, which came to an end in 1957.
tion was made worse when Howes was "exposed " In January, 1958, a dramatic event occurred.
later that fall. However, I saw no reason to An individual reported he had succeeded in
alter my decision. stabilizing in the synergic mode of function.

I did offer to continue to advise the Dia- A Synergetic stable should not be identified
netic Research Foundation informally, but was with the " Dianetic clear': In the first place,
viciously attacked by a member of the Board of to my knowledge no "clears" have ever been proGovernors, and that ended that. duced, in the original sense described in the
The Columbus Human Study Group, with which book "Dianetics ". It is a hypothetical state in
I was associated, began to publish CHANGE in which all engrams have been erased.

April, 1954. It was sent to friends, including Synergetics is now entering a new phase,
some in Dianetics. Thus the Synergetic commun- called "Advance Prime': The first truly synerity was born. gic community is being established. We truly
Meanwhile, Don Purcell decided that the are embarked on a thrilling and unprecedented
effort to continue supporting the Foundation adventure.
was no longer worthwhile. He accordingly gave An integral part of this is the discovery
the Foundation and all its assets back to Hub- of modes of being beyond stable. The first of
bard. Actually, I had urged him to do this as these, the " synergic operator", has achieved a
early as February, 1953, but he refused, higher degree of synergy than the "stable"
Don suggested that he and I launch Project sometimes called "second-order synergy': He
Nucleus, to draw together a new experimental utilizes a higher form of consciousness called
group to develop Synergetics, and I agreed. In the "superconscious field" (not the "superApril, 1955, the first book on Synergetics was conscious mind" of the mystics.)
published in a preliminary edition. Synerget- "Synergic operators" have emerged, but the
ics has not yet been presented to the general stability of their condition is still under
public, test.

Altho Don continued to be friendly to Syn- (ED. NOTE -- Anyone with questions about Synergetics until his death, his interests turned ergetics should contact the author of the
elsewhere -- to spiritualism and occultism. This above article at 297 Canyon Dr., Columbus, 0.)
cold and uncomfortable -- except to those
who enjoy winter sports and are warmly
dressed, or who have concern for the growing things under the blanket of snow, or
who can watch the white landscape from
the comfort of a heated room. Once again,
we have'conditioned truth -- not undisputable provable truth.

This can be carried to infinite facets.
We look about us, if we live in the Great
Plains, and see a comparatively "flat"
earth. Are we, then -- since we have been
taught to believe what we see -- Justified
in agreeing with our ancestors that the
world is flat? How many persons have died
on deserts with a "lake of water" only
yards from their vision -- as a mirage? Only the stranger would dare a before-breakfast walk to the mountains from Denver,
Colo., on a clear morning -- since judgment
based on what he sees is not to be trusted.

Oddly enough, those who consider themselves "experts" or "authorities" are the
first to reject any change that may cause
a shift in their knowingness, and are the
most vehement in condemning it without a
hearing. For, tho we may depend on our
senses, we are slaves to our beliefs. We
may see, hear, smell, taste, and feel
something -- but if it disagrees with some
cherished belief, we are prone to brand
our physical observations as hallucinations, or rush to a doctor for a check-up
to see what's wrong with us.

Which is like going to the laundry for
advice on why our washing machine doesn't
work. It was the doctors who were loudest
in damning Harvey's discovery of blood
circulation -- as well as Pasteur's discoveries ,concerning microbes. And today,
doctors are just as quick to see that
their orthodox beliefs are protected when
innovations in therapy are suggested or
offered -- especially if those alien ideas
pose a threat to their incomes.

Religion, of course -- which has nothing
to justify its existence except confusing
and unsupported beliefs -- always has been
quick to protect those beliefs from the
inroads of advanced thinking and ideas.
When Copernicus suggested that the world
might not be a flat, square piece of real
estate on which the sun, moon, and stars
rise and set at God-appointed intervals,
he drew upon himself the wrath of the
church and all its ecclesiastical clowns
and pontifical profligates -- who, were m
they not subject to a modicum of intellectual evolution, still would enslave
the world to their dogmatic fallacies.
Fortunately, vincit amnia veritas (Truth
conquers all things), even medical and ,t
religious bigotry -- yes, and even "truth ". W
Today, we believe we are individuals,