Volume 10, Issue 8, page 4

F YOU WISH to build a staircase, the power lies in Mind.
It is possible with this power of Mind to build a staircase to the "No-where " or a staircase to "Some-where ".
Then, too, if you desire, you also may build a staircase
to the "Now-here " as well. Regardless of your choice --
your mind being the power -- it is a sure thing that no
matter which of these you build or rebuild, you're the one
who can travel up or down them first.

The "other guy" may show you his in the sense that he
uses symbols of some type to provide you with the illusion
of walking up or down his flight of steps. However, the
power of his mind already has laid the foundation for his
staircase long before he ever placed the first step for you
to climb. In fact, he built and rebuilt these steps many
times before he even let you know he was constructing such
a staircase of the Now-here type.

Yet he has taken the time and effort to place a blueprint
where you might find it. This set of prints is a tangible
one, but he used still another set of blueprints which he
was unable to show or give to you while he was living nor
could he leave you this set when he was no longer living.

Now, it's this latter set of prints that all of us are
seeking, and yet each of us has always had them. With our
very own set of prints, we have built thousands of staircases to the Some-where, to the No-where, to the Now-here.

For you see these very words have become just such a
staircase to the Now-here and you are climbing the steps.
But please don't fail to recognize that this is a Now-here
staircase and it will last no longer than you wish it to,
as you entertain the words that make up its steps with the
power of your mind. Turn the power off and it collapses,
but only in the sense that you merely diverted the application of the power. You did not shut if off.

For a period you divert the power to building a staircase to No-where: many spend much effort in building this
type -- and it is surely their privilege to do so.

Others enjoy building staircases to Some-where and succeed in doing so over and over again. In doing so, they utilize all the blueprints their mind can find for them, and W
all such prints are of the Now-here variety.

All of them have a grand time, just as this Now-here
staircase has been built from words which you may ascend
and descend to your heart's content.

But the burden of any proof of how you have climbed or may
be able to climb on this Now-here set of steps will remain in
the set of blueprints which the author cannot supply you. The w
reason is that you are the architect of the staircases you wish w
to mount. You alone have the set of blueprints that are of any P4
value whatsoever, which are in the power of your mind. 04
If you use your power of mind to build staircases to the w
No-where, you may well find a no-thing at the top of them.

If you wish to use it to build a staircase to a Some-where, cC
you could well expect to find a some-thing on the top step.

And if so inclined, you may build a staircase to the Now- 1)
here, such as this one you've been climbing. " And the hope -c
is that on the top step of any of the Now-here variety, E-'
you either mount or construct, you will find a some-thing
on each one of the steps.

And that as you mount the steps of any of them, you have
been provided a measure of satisfaction. 4