Volume 10, Issue 7, page 13

(Send your questions direct to
LOUIS, 1411 East Missouri, Phoenix,
Ariz., enclosing a stamped, selfaddressed envelope. For those who
wish peisonal replies, a minimum
contribution of $2 per question
should be included.)
DEAR LOUIS -- We follow your
column with deep interest, and
we hope you're back soon. We
noticed to LOOK Magazine, September 10, that the religion
known as Soka Gakkai is sweeping thruout Japan and United
States. Could this be another
of Louis's predictions coRing
to pass?- M.C., Portland, Ore.

DEAR M. C. -- As you see, I 'm
back -- and I'll stay back as
long as people send me interesting questions to answer.
Yes, this is one of my predictions in print -- and I believe
with this one my score is
something like 85%; let's hope
by Christmas it's reached the
100% mark. Soka Gakkai or True
Buddhism is very interesting --
but after attending one session, I want no part of it.
It's the same old story; you
chant "Nam Mycho Renge Kyo " a
number of times and your every
wish is granted. SD far as I'm
concerned, this is as bad as
the Christians who want someone to die for their sins or
the flying saucer advocates
who want to make a mess of
things and let the shining
space brothers rescue them
from their doing. Our daily
lives are our training grounds
-- here we grow -- here we expand
our consciousness -- here we
practice love. Let's face it --
too many want INSTANT GOD.

DEAR LOUIS -- What do you
think of the recent raids on
Mr. Hubbard's operation in
Washington? Do you feel that
it violates religious freedom?
-- M.A., Washington, D. C.

DEAR M. A. -- Mr. Hubbard's
teachings according to my
thinking do not come under
the heading of a religion as
such -- in the specific sense.
The only reason for calling
the movement a church was to
use the church title to operate under. If we think of r eligion as all facets of life,
then Mr. Hubbard's operation,
the local pub, and the red
light district would all be
part of a religion. From the
tales that have been coming to
me from Washington (and they
came from reliable sources),
something has to be done. It
is too bad that such as this
has to be handled by government intervention -- why oh why
didn't those involved see the
handwriting on the wall.