Volume 10, Issue 6, page 13

there are these other facsimiles mentioned in
an earlier paragraph that do crop up, and it
does not seem possible to consider this lifetime as an isolated incident -- much as one would
like to. That is, the reactive bank does not
start off as a clean slate at the beginning of
this lifetime. For example, an engram appears
in thfwre-natal area associated with the thetan taking over the body, this contains heavy
somatics and intense confusion typified by the
consideration " I don't know..." This strucx a
chord and we looked over case notes of 10
years or so ago, and were struck by how frequently this sort of consideration occurred;
the classic example of this, of course, being
the engram named "Fac. One" by Hubbard, and
there were many other incidents that seemed to
imply some sort of other-determined control,
particularly the booby-traps described by John
Robinson -- the "You'll die if you look" sort of
thing. At the time these phenomena came up in
processing, the emphasis was moving away from
running incidents, we didn't really know what
to make of them, and, anyway, they were tucked
million years back in the past.

We think now that the time might be ripe
for another look at this class of control incident in which someone else does something to
the preclear, i. e. giving commands and reinforcing them by some sort of ray treatment or
physical punishment. In fact, installing an
engram in which the considerations accepted by
the preclear are: "I don't know", "I can't remember", "I mustn't look", "I don't know who
(or where) I am", "I mustn't tell ", "I mustn't
get together with others" and so on. We refer
to all these incidents as implants.

On the basis of self-determinism and the
overt act/motivator sequence, the general view
was that we had, in some way not specified,
done these things to ourselves. Nevertheless,
for a fresh look, one might work on the hypothesis that someone really did make these
implants with a view to controlling the population of this planet. Such an assumption
might go far to explaining the delusions of
many psychotics and the general air of confusion that pervades speculation of a metaphysical nature, and other areas of confusion too.

So the decision is to have a really good
look at the contents of the reactive bank,
however grim it may appear and however boobytrapped it may be. I for one am consumed with
curiosity to find out what it is I'm not supposed to know, and who the hell said so anyway. I'm also aware that it may be a rough
passage; however, we have survived it all when
whatever it was happened, so we should survive
a look now in present time. Perhaps we then can
get some understanding of our real time track
here in this solar system, and why bodies have
such a fascination.
bottomless maw of the St. Hill
bargain basement of " retreaded
wonders", sent -us a personal
invitation via air mail to
throw some more money after
bad and take an "Org. -Briefing
Course". Well, since we'd been
briefed on the subject of Scientology considerably in the
last decade or so -- at a few
hundred dollars per brief -- we
figured Mary was a "Mary-comelately " who just might like to
know exactly what kind of pig
in a poke she's selling -- so we
sent her a few kind words of
advice and some data on broken
promises and such. But poor
Mary. She's neither a "Marycome-lately" nor a "zombie",
she states in a quite frank
discussion on the subject. She
says she's been in "the Org."
(that's "Hubbardese" for so
many real and pseudo amalgamations we haven't space to list
half of them -- and anyway, who
cares?) since 1956, and had
her training in 1953. Bluntly,
she disagrees with everything
said (in the letter) and adds
that in her 10 years' experience, she has "never found any
broken promises in my auditing
and training career". Reminds
us o f a Hubbard lecture we
were listening to in Phoenix
when the "maestro" made some
statements that were in direct
contradiction to some we'd
heard him make a few years
previously in Wichita. "Right
out in meetin'" we impolitely
reminded the speaker of the
discrepancy. "Who's his auditor?" he thundered to the rest
of the class. Fellow student
Jeanette Barieau admitted her
guilt. "Take him out and audit
him -- he remembers too much!"
Jeanette was advised... Sounds as
if Mary Long has had her auditing, doesn't it? Anyhow, man,.
in answer to our suggestion
she "quit boasting in terms of
generalities", declares : "Just
one case might interest you;
Wing Angell, who lost the sight
of one eye when a boy, began to
go blind in the other eye. He
has had auditing by a St. Hill
student and is now fully recovered in one eye and is getting some vision in the other
eye."... 1 Our congratulations
to nag Angell and his "St.
Hill student". A few claims
such as this that can be confirmed should help make it safe
for even "gods" to go where
needed -- without first requiring
guarantees for their personal
safety from a Nation's President... i Incidentally, as this
is written, the Labor Day Congress in Washington has been
reduced to a "tape Congress",
since the star performer was
reported unable to attend...

I If we started extoling
Communism as a virtue, t h e
worst that might happen to us,
probably -- FOR THE PRESENT --
would be the loss of a few violently disagreeing subscribers, who (like the late Will
Rogers) know only what they
"read in the papers ", and (unlike Will Rogers), believe all
of it. Which would be tragedy
enough, we admit, because we
like our subscribers and don't
want to lose a single one of
them. However, in India it isn't so simple, apparently, if
the experience of Raymond Reid
of Trenton, N.J., is a criterion. According to Reid, a manuscript of his, "Honest Communism Is Christian", was published as a supplement in the
magazine, The CRUSADER, by the
Christ-Nagar Mission, in Badagayedapadavu, Mangalore Taluk ,
S. India. However, according to
a letter from Henry Rodrigus,
director of the Mission printing plant, a few days after
the magazine had been mailed
to local subscribers, a police
inspector and a dozen constables descended on the office to
seize all unmailed copies of
the magazine, inasmuch as it
was against the law to support
Communism, since India was at
war with Communist China. Rodrigus says "fortunately, the
police inspector was my classmate and friend , to whom I
could tip (about 100 dollars)
and explain'', plus a promise
to remove the offending sheet
from t h e remaining magazines
prior to mailing. In the meantime, because Reid had sent a
check, he mailed Reid 2,000 reprints of the article, with a
plea that he keep the printer 's
name secret so that the Mission would avoid any further
trouble with the Indian government. "I was hopeful of
really starting something -- and