Volume 10, Issue 6, page 12


Kramer Felts. $2. in soft
cover, $2.50 hard. Pub. by
Pan Press, Tahlequah, Okla.

In a cover presentation, it
is explained that Beth Kramer
Felts, in her home city of New
york, was inclined to write
unhappy and insalubrious poetry; while in California, with
its traffic and smog, she was
inclined to write no poetry,
but in the Oklahoma hills, she
finds an affinity that is reflected in this small book of

Apparently, all weren't inspired by the beauties of Oklahoma, altho there is plenty
of that sprinkled thruout the
51 pages. Opening with a tribute to Tahlequah, the muse
moves swiftly thru the seasons
and emotions, winding up with
an indictment of mankind and
some of his "stars" : Picasso
("What does that splotch o}1
paint impart?" "That," Pablo
said, "is Modern Art!"); Darwin, (The strong resemblance
is 'uite eerie: From Darwin's
mirror came his theory!) and
Sigmund Freud (Old Time has
blurred its printed page, And
that day's fool is this day's
sage: Behold! Now in a burst
of glory Comes Sigmund with
his dirty story.)
Fortunately for those who
enjoy good poetry, Beth Felts
knows meter and rhyme, and in
"The Muse in Tahlequah", has
foisted off no blank verse that
too often is being peddled as
poetry these days. Again, fortunately, Mrs. F el is is an
authors' agent, and her recognition of poetry form probably
means she places modern poetry
in the same bin with Picasso
and his paint-smeared canvases.

In these days of fast living, when our writers will not
bother with books that offer
little financial reward, it is
refreshing to see an author
with something to say and the
will to say it -- in print. We
hope it encourages others. --
Trah Nika.

of Christianity. By Alice
Winston. 12,1 pp., $2.75. Pub.
by Vantage Press, New York.

Aka shi c records intrigue
the earnest seeker for truth
and generally are looked upon
as the most accurate source of
information extant. Therefore,
altho a little reflection reveals that it is quite fitting
with the positive-negative
course of creation -- it came as
a surprise to this reviewer to
learn from the book, "Apollonius of Tyana", by Alice
Winston, that in the Akasha, or
Ether, both truth and error
are recorded. Even the reading
and telling of fairy tales
wold record these imaginary
events in the Akasha on the
lower mental levels, and one's
only assurance of learning the
truth is to be able to raise
the consciousness to the highest level. Pondering on this
concept of Akashic records
leads to much speculation.

Assuming that the true
Akashic records were being
read by Philo, the Venusian
who dictated this book thru
the clairaudience of one known
as Celeste, we have here a
plausible explanation of why
no mention of Jesus of Nazareth can be found in the his(ED. NOTE -- The ABERREE dieclaims any responsibility for
either the views expressed or the
SPELLING indulged in by this column. Albert Roy Davis, billing
himself as "the Corny Psychic",
says he ^ants to answer questions
for pay. "Any 2 questions for $1,
as up here in these hills things
don't cost so much," he says.
Davis's address is 23 West Walnut St., Green Cove Springs, Fla.)

Howdy, Folks --
This here feller, Roy Eugene Davis, done writ me a
letter and said ifen I dident
mind, would I like to change my
name, kind of, as it was a
bothering his business and he
was a getin my mail. I writ him
back a real nice letter and
told him to go jump in the

Well now, lets get down to
prediction making. I see where
that there woman, Mrs. Madalyn
Murray, Stockton, Kan., got a
gift of 80 acres from Carl
Brown 77. Atheist. Nudest, and
Legislature X- Politician. To
build a school to teach folks
torical records of that day.
Apollonius of Tyan a, it is
claimed, was a historical figure, and the Bible stories were
based upon actual events in
his life.

In addition to identifying
a number of New Testament characters by their Greek names,
as they were known to Apollonius, we are told many intimate
details about their associations,
The events in the life of
Apollonius are recounted with a
wealth of descriptive detail,
which enables one to form vivid pictures, but the most rewarding parts of the book are
his discourses, in which Apollonius teaches the"Eternal Progression of Life" and our goal
of Oneness with the "1 AM''.
The beauty of these teachings
makes one hope that in this
instance, at least, the very
highest of all the Akashic
records had been reached. --
Sobhia Tryst.

and Children and Teenagers
that there aint no such thing
as God. This here woman is
sure reaching for something, I
got a good notion what she is
agoing to get in the "end", so
do you.

The States and Schools in
most part are not aoideing by
the Suoremes court ruling to
stop praying; lets see if this
here Kennedy feller will send
in Federal Troops. They had
better watch out ifen they do
as them there kids can be
mighty rough at times. They
just might take there guns
away from them, (as Kennedy
won't let them there soldier
fellers put bullets in there
Guns, No Way.)
I have been getting a heap
of Mail asking Me to Predick
who will be the Next President
of these here United States.
Well, the way I see it: this
hear fellow Goldiewater and
that there Rockeyfeller one or
touther will be the Next President. This hear Kenedy President Weuns has got now -- wont
never be NO more President. I
predick that Goldiewater,
which has More Gold in his
name than Rockeyfeller has
rocks, would be elected ifen
the Election was tomorrow.
Wont on Account of Rockeyfeller
having money to burn. But ifen
the little peonle get out and
vote I Predick Goldiewater to
be the Next President. But ifen they all dont, then that
Rockeyfeller will be elected.
Either Rockeyfeller or Goldiewater will beat Kenedy by 10%
of that there Electoral Vote.

Keep your gunpowder dry -- be
seeing you soon.
-- Albert Roy Davis