Lecturer Finally Meets Understanding Founder; Now He's A "Hep" Ally / Father Zero Takes a Gander at Mother Goose



IT'S GETTING there,. thanks to the indefatigable activities of Dr. Daniel W. Fry of Merlin, Oregon (Box 105), where Headquarters is to be; where it now is. He started it back in 1955 at El Monte, Calif., and became its first president. On the basis of extra- terrestrial communication, he gave the idea a resounding name, Understanding. Then it was incorporated: Understanding, Inc. Then it had a magazine, UNDERSTANDING. This autumn, 1963, if nothing prevents, there will be Radio Understanding, on the air 24 hours daily. I'm hoping to have my blunt fingers in that somewhere.

A couple of weeks before this writing, I met Dr. Fry for the first time -- he either flies too high or I fly too low when we haven't quite met heretofore -- in Grant's Pass, Ore., where I was scheduled to talk at the Woman's Club under Understanding aegis. A quiet fellow, he makes little fuss, but he certainly must drive fast, for he was scheduled in San Diego at 9:00 the next morning; I met him in the afternoon about 5:00 or 6:00.

There are some scores of Understanding units around the country and abroad. It takes five persons to set one up, and dedication to keep one going. I've talked to some big ones, some small ones, and combinations of small ones. It has been fun. Charles O. Rhoades, of 2856 N.W. 18th St., Oklahoma City, sent me off more than a year ago, like a rather bulbous bottle cast into the sea, to circulate, talking, among the California units.

I've now made my seventh flight to California, with another scheduled for November, I almost crossed trails with the Harts, but not quite. They were at Harmony Grove, where R.A. Crichton of the Vista Understanding Unit, acted as MC of a convention. Early in February, I'd. taken part in Understandorama, with not too much emphasis on "understanding".

Now, it's different. I'm "hep". There shall be more, and still more, Understanding units, if I have to pad the ballot boxes. Why? I've been checking on the plans for Understanding.

Maybe I'm selfish, but I can see something here... I try to find a way to help others find ways into the secrets of themselves, via The Wisdom Pool; Understanding does that too, but goes much farther. It seeks to inspire the peoples of the world to understand one another, on the premise that if they do they won't be so quick to shoot one another's insides out.

Of course, individuals can themselves write to individuals abroad, but who does? And combinations of people set up fields of magnetic force that produce results. I know this for a fact from reports received after my healing sessions, held at the close of lectures around the country.

If interested persons got together in groups of five, and got in touch with Esther Stilgerbouer, 3469 Spruce St., Riverside, Calif., or Mrs. Coleman Campbell, Understanding, Box 22, Sta. C, Pasadena, Calif., or even with me in Paradise, Lancaster Co., Penn. (I can always forward mail to the right persons), they might find themselves in something that, for little cost, would provide them with ways to fill an awful lot of the vacuum in their lives that might, come one fatal day, be otherwise filled with explosives from the sky. Nothing of the sort, for all the talk, I hasten to add, is scheduled just now, but there is something to be said for prophecies of this kind; madmen of imbalance can always change their minds, and the world. But so can little people, for all around good, just by getting together and pushing.

Have just had some intriguing contacts with ham radio stations anent Understanding possibilities. You know any such stations? Come to think of it, isn't "understanding" why there are such stations?

Father Zero Takes a Gander at Mother Goose


CRY, BABY, CRY Cry, baby, cry, Put your finger in your eye, And tell your mother it wasn't I.

THE FIRST thing a baby does when it sees the first light of day and the plight it is in. is to cry. Plight has the word "light " in it. The P is a helical columnar uplift, is Ian I with an eye on top. As pictured on the adverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, the eye on top is not connected to the pyramid. The eye in the apex is truncated. In the helix of Mother Nature, in her unendingness, there is no I and no eye to look out for her. She is a non-objective automaticity that requires no direction. Her "I and the Father," her creative gandering end, is forever in potential voltage. She never, of herself, ends, and consequently, never has to begin again. It takes an extra sensory hand or eye to complete her helical symmetry and come full circle in another death and conception. The execution of any action and the execution of the helical life line that goes into it are inextricably bound.

Mother Goose, having no other way to teach except by telling one to do something so that he may learn by doing not to do it again, is derisively exhorting him to put his finger in his potential eye. The extra sensory contact is enough to explode the l with the eye on top, into another horning. Then the mothering helix isn't there to tell anything. She is tolled along with the I. To her it was an eye opener. She had to go out and seek out the pieces of her solar center, her gandering man; this time sans end, sans genetalia, perhaps.

The automaticity of eternal life calls for a hands-off policy. Then the helical house builds itself, without the use of hands or the sound of tools. Any manly assistance kills her. Tell it to your mother if you can find her. She's out gathering up your schizophrenic I's that want everything they see. It is an evil eye that has a finger in it. It presages death and another beginning. "It wasn't I" anymore but objective Me.