Volume 10, Issue 3, page 16

their present state, now, this did this unaberrated person
person (Self-0) can devise and get in here with all us nuts?
set up a conditioning to affect Apsels -- Jacob is a nice guy and
a future state of this same so is Rose. Remember I disperson (Self-1) so that a state claimed expertise in comparistill later (Self-2) will re- son with the Apsels because my
spond to a posthypnotic sugges- contacts were much fewer. As
tion given to Self-1 by Self-0. for the entities, it's probThus Self-1 conditions behav- ably an off-season for my
for of Self-2. When conceived favorite group, since what few
clearly, it's easy to see how I've got the last few weeks
self-hypnosis can be distribut- are others. If they happen to
ed along an individual's bi- be in this space-time region,
ography or 'worldline'. A per- they tune in and socialize a
son can hypnotize himself, not little. The last one wanted me
now but later. See Eileen Gar- to do something with my hipporett's article in the 'Hypno- campal gyrus (a brain str u cris' issue of TOMORROW for a ture near the front), but eithdetailed description of self- er his or my neuro-physiology
hypnosis 'from the inside'. An wasn't up to making plain just
eternal being cannot hypnotize what he meant. A sophisticated,
itself; a temporal being can. somewhat sardonic type, agreeHumans are temporal beings, able, but uncommonly detached
Hypnosis does require two peo- attitude for an entity...Morris
pie, all right, but a single Katzen -- Katzen is getting simindividual is not the same liar treatment to Dr. Wilhelm
person successively if any- Reich -- which finally killed
thing happened in the meantime Reich. It's a lousy shame and
-- and it always does. Who I was I wish Katzen had the capital
is not who I am now and who I to make a case of it. I think
am is not who I will be, tho his civil rights are being aball of us have a lot in com- rogated. Whether he's right or
mon. Or, I have more. in common not, he has as much right to be
with my contemporary friends right or wrong as anybody.
than with my former self when "I like the bigger letter
I was an adolescent. If I sur- section. It's a good issue." --
vive to be a senescent old gaf- Fred Hand, 2718 Eagle, Housfer in 2000 A. D., I will be ton, Texas.
more like a senescent old gaf- 0 0 0
"Astrology then than like the mid-40- Astrology has more than its
ish bloke I am in the 1960's. share of frauds and I clash
beMe then can hypnotize me now with the ortho-astrology b ecause accept fatalism.
to respond as me later... "Children born at the same
"LETTERS -- Talley -- the flim- time, same place, all have difsiest swat at the Kennedys I've ferent mothers. Different fathseen yet. Nostradamus didn't ers, too, and all leave the
say 'brothers' and the U.S. is scene of birth for a change or
no kingdom. Better would be change of environment as they
England -- Elizabeth, Philip, are reared.
and Margaret. Also, which war? "Science is now engaged in
.. O'Nei 1l -- I agree. There's a a study of D.N.A., short for a
lot of veracity going on here, genetic code of life that dieven if some of it's buried in rects the processes of growing
metaphor. Especially I agree things both vegetable and anithat devout theologians are mal. It may take years of study
mostly agreed that the Bible but science will resolve the
and its sources are almost no- matter.
where literal and accurate, "There are other factors,
but refer, or point to, factual too -- factors of soil, climate,
events in many places. That is, environment, and culture that
that as h i story and moral are known as D.N.R. This is
philosophy and wisdom-for-liv- radiation from the Cosmic Ray
ing, the Bible texts have much often called background radiof value, but, as given, they ation. Fallout can also be an
are 'human, all too human' -- influence.
distorted. That the Bible is a "Now, if a colored man weds
handbook of astrology seems as a white girl, is it fatalism
starkly incredible as Mary to say the offspring will be
Baker Eddy' s theory that it colored? If one plants corn,
was a health book. G. C. Lee -- one expects corn , and surely
Thanks to Mr. Lee for a peyote there is never a word of fataaddress. I've already used it lism.
once. I've two others but they "Life in the not-too-disare buried under archives. I'm tait future, perhaps, will be
glad to get them because 3/4 directed by codes of law just
of all popular articles on pe- as nature is already doing,
yote are barefaced lies, and I regardless.
welcome chances to set people "So I explain my fatalism.
straight. Eva Woodford -- How "As to your other question,
'Why can't we accept ideas
without going overboard about
them?' -- a fanatic is a man who
is crazy about a subject in
which the other chap can live
without more than a casual interest." -- Charles Peacock, 130
W. 83rd, New York,
N. P.
"I sort of liked the idea
of a lot of letters like in the
new issue, but I do feel that
I am wearying of the same old
gabble from the same old geese.
Wish I could think of some
brilliant and witty discourse
to liven up the pages.
"Even Louis has become a
drag since he quit seeing and
started running a gabble column. This is too bad as he did
start out to show promise as a
seer of some interesting sights
and witty too before it all
became so goldarned serious
and all. I wonder what he saw
that spooked him out of the
business of seeing?" -- Bob Arentz, 3 Planebrook Rd., Malvern, Penn.
"To ask one if he believes
in God is asking if he believes
in Consciousness, or Khruschev's unknown God. If there is
no concept then it is unknown;
If there is a concept it is
Consciousness, and not something apart.
"Creation is the everlasting body of eternal Consciousness. It may be a three-phase
cycle (sub, surface, and super.) It wells up from the sub
to become the I in identity.
There is only one I.
"Any names, words, or religion by any kind of creature
on any world in any universe
are synonymous symbolisms. It
all takes place NOW -- the only
time there is, was, or ever
will be.
"I am a disciple of Karl
Kridler, Kenyon Klamonti, Hilton Hotema. How am I to know
which of the two Jesus interpretations to follow?" -- A.B.
Pierson, 1439 Mill, Selma, Cal.
(ED. NOTE -- if you want to
be a "follower", it doesn't
make much difference which one
you believe -- all lead to the
same dump heap. Being a disciple of anyone is the end of
the trail.)
"The 'cream' of our 'educated' constructed and compiled
for our guidance and edification dictionaries, but being a
subscriber to ABERREE has me
questioning everything that
smells orthodox or status quo.
"The dictionary states --
Mortality, a noun, meaning, the
condition of being subject to
"Next, Immortality, a noun.
meaning, exemption from death;
JUNE, 1963 The ABERREE 17