Volume 10, Issue 3, page 13

fronts, conducted a personal
school for 60 or so students,
using a few typists and a
couple secretaries, he might
have made, net each year, well
over $100,000. Lecturing four
mornings* a week, making recordings of all speeches, using
advanced students to assist
and audit newcomers, he would
have had a simple organization
with virtually no expenses and
"Had he personally trained
some 500 people each year, I
am sure they would still be
operating and the entire movement established solidly.
"Think of it: 500 x 12 years
equals 6,000 professional operators, probably all over the
world now.
"No managers, paid teachers, overhead bother and messing with intermediaries.
"And with this thought came
consideration of the quirks in
him which probably would have
disdained such a program. His
'need' for ostentation , fancy
titles, big front. He had to
'out-do' Freud, etc., but Freud
is still big stuff on the record
and no one mentions Hubbard."
-- Lee Lockhart, Gen.Del., Ely,
Nevada. o O O
"As ex-Scientologists, you
sure print a lot of Dia/Sci
material in The ABERREE's
pages. Evidently you never
have recuperated from being
excommunicated by Hubbard. May
I suggest you use a few command
phrases in that respect. Let
people like Harold Thibodeau
get his Dia/Sci straight from
D.c.or English Hqs. Sure, Hubbard has some good ideas, but
so does Pope John 23rd, or
Mary Baker Eddy.
"Karl Kridler is a thought
provoker, and makes them think
for themselves. Some of the
articles are really 'way out
in left field', but are okay
if not too dogmatic.
"Would particularly like to
see more huna / syna articles
and less Dia/Sci ones.
"Perhaps Harold S. could
label his articles Schroeppeletics. Yes, I do enjoy them
tho. Also enjoy Louis and his
comments. Phil Friedman is
completely over my head, however. Humanetics is the ultimate in my present understanding. Much superior to Dianetics/Scientology in every respect. " -- Dick Queener, 2101
Brooks Rd., Knoxville, Tenn.
"I would like, if I may, to
comment on Fred Hand's letter
in the May issue.
"First, I don't hate Hubbard. I regard him as a human
being with a number of impedances. The impedances have led

him to say and do things that
resulted in a great deal of
misery and heartache for me
personally. I don't like this,
but I realize it is not Hubbard's fault.
"I also strongly object to
Hubbard's vicious attacks on
Don Purcell, attacks repeated
after Don's death. But this
was not the reason I wrote my
article. I can assure Mr. Hubbard that a public retraction
and apology on his part would
be received generously and
with forgiveness.
"Nor was it 'parallelism
between Dianetics and Synergetics', which people point
out. Such parallels exist, as
Hand says , between any two
schools. What concerned me was
the practice of some Hubbardians of referring to Synergetics in a derogatory manner as
an 'offshoot' or 'variant' of
Dianetics -- a 'minor variation
on a theme by Hubbard', as one
Hubbardian puts it. Aside from
the personal insult involved,
this is harmful to Synergetics
in view of the bad reputation
Dianetics and Scientology have
"Hubbard himself has never
done this, it should be acknowledged. True, he has, by
implication, insinuated that I
was a criminal and Communist,
but this can be dismissed as a
shrill effort to justify conduct that has been basically
"Hand goes on to accuse me
of 'deception that Synergetics
is not a psychotherapy'. I n
effect, he is calling me a liar.
An obvious retort to this is
to point out that Hand, a clinical psychologist, is covertly
trying to 'stack the deck' in
favor of his particular field
by lumping all approaches to
self-understanding and personal development as forms of
'psychotherapy'. So broad a
definition would also include
education, parenthood, religious activity, and helping a
friend with a problem.
"I deny Hand's charge, and
accuse him in turn of deliberate distortion and misrepresentation of Synergetics. aynergetics is not, basically, a
form of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy may be defined as psychological assistance given by
a psychiatrist or clinical
psychologist to a human with a
mental or psychosomatic disorder, so serious that the patient cannot solve the problem
by himself alone. Synergetics
specifically excludes this type
of help. It is designed primarily for people who are interested in greater self-understanding and personal devel
opment who are ready, able, and
willing to take charge of their
own cases. Many of its tools --
operation traverse, schedule
B. tracking, Operation Hercules, etc. -- are designed for
the individual to use working
alone. They can also be used
by two or three people working
together in together work .
Coaching is an activity in
which the coach explicitly confines himself to asking queries
in a situation in which it is
agreed and understood that the
tracker is in charge. This is
the very antithesis of psychotherapy where the therapist is
in charge.
"To my knowledge Hand has
never been to a Sy ne rgetic
workshop or participated in a
Synergetic group or program.
Quite obviously he doesn 't know
what he is talking about. I
believe a public retraction
and apology is in order." -- Art
Coulter, 297 Canyon Dr., Columbus, Ohio.
"There is not much I can
sink my teeth into in this
issue. My friend Dr.Manas
writes about a soul, but there
is no such soul as he imagines ,
nor is there life after death.
Life is nothing more than an
electro - chemical m ani festation, and when the blood stops
circulating life comes to an
end, but the personality may
survive in the minds of other
living bodies. The biblical
eternal life is the life force
itself which is eternal. It is
that kind of eternal life that
we can add to our being while
we are alive. The biblical
kingdom of God is within; and
the biblical God is a God of
the living. The God of the
dead is dead. And that means
that the souls of the dead are
also dead. Therefore, the aim
in life should be the acquisition of life more than money. That is to say that mankind would find more inner
peace, better health, greater
happiness in the course of
life, and a longer life by
striving for more of the energy that manifests as life than
to waste a large portion of
life in striving for worthless
pleasures and material gain
that serve no useful purpose.
Life, not money, is our most
precious possession.
"The consensus is that I
should get a job and stop wasting money in a hopeless cause;
that I cannot beat the A.M.A. ;
that I am stepping on the toes
of the medics; that the A.M.A.
is more powerful than the government ; and that I cannot
win. It is true that the A.M.
14 The ABERREE JUNE, 1963