Volume 10, Issue 3, page 11


S ONE approaches Ashland, Ore., no billboards, road or other signs, guide him to
the healing center of the woman who brings
Amore money into Ashland than any other individual or enterprise. Nor will one find
any identifying posters in Ashland to lead
one to her. Neither in the past nor present
has there been any desire or attempt at advertising and one may wonder if Susie Jessel, at
the end of a 16-hour healing session, didn't
wish that she was as little known today as she
was some 30 years ago when she moved to Ashland.

While she doesn't make a better mousetrap,
she does deliver the most precious thing on
earth; good health to replace the ill health
brought to her by the thousands she serves.

Anyone in Ashland can direct the newcomer
to the Jessel healing room where one can learn
truths about healing not to be found in any
medical book.

If there is any other spiritual healer in
the United States to equal the healing which
results from the "laying on of hands" by Susie
Jessel, that individual is unknown to this

Good news spreads by word of mouth from
those who have been healed by Mrs.Jessel. A
count of autos, lined up on the street in front
of the healing room, added up to 20 from states
from Texas to Maine plus a number with Oregon

Who is this Susie Jessel who treats from
200 to 300 or more individuals a night suffering from a cold to cancer? Mrs. Jessel is a
slim woman 72 years old whose presence sheds a
light upon all who meet her. Her main purpose
is to heal suffering humanity. The fact that
she treats person after person, from about 6:00
in the evening thru the night until the last is
served, and has been doing this most of her
life, places her high in the spiritual grades.

Born in Grandview, N.C., April 22, 1891, it
was discovered while she was a baby that when
placed on the lap of an ill or pain-wracked
person, the pain ceased and healing began.
When a girl, she was called upon constantly by
those who knew her to heal their various ills.
She tried to run away from it all by teaching
school. Her marriage to Charles H. Jessel removed her from a schoolroom and kept her busy
for some time rearing five children -- Joe and
Anna, Alma, Edna, and Mary Jane. Joe and Alma
inherited healing power as did her granddaughter.

After leaving North Carolina, the family
moved first to South Dakota, later to Ashland,
Ore. Many attempts have been made by cities and
individuals, from F. D. Roosevelt for Warm
Springs to aid in polio recoveries to a city
in Switzerland which promised to build her a
healing center if she would come to Switzerland.

Mrs. Jessel makes no charges, keeps no records of the persons she serves, and has refused
many offers of gifts which she thought excessive .
Susie, as her admirers call her, wears an
apron while serving those seeking healing, and
one may drop into an apron pocket, while she
is "laying her hands" upon the person being
treated, whatever one wishes to give. Some
folded a dollar bill into a small square and
dropped it into her apron pocket. Many seem to
give nothing.

The writer was told, by one long-acquainted
with Mrs. Jessel's work, that she often helped
financially the ill who had been bled white by
the medics, to remain in Ashland until healing
was accomplished.

No instant healer is Mrs. Jessel. Healing
of long-established ills takes time and it is
wise to plan to remain at Ashland a month or
so if arthritis or other ills of a mineral nature exist. Cancer of the flesh is ofttimes
cured quicker than the results of surgery,
x-ray, and orthodox methods of the medics that
leave serials damage to the body.

Mrs. Jessel makes no diagnosis altho she
may comment casually on a person's condition
and tell a patient when he can plan to return

There is no poking, pulling, adjustments,
or force of any kind used. The person seeking
healing sits quietly while Mrs. Jessel passes
her hands up and down, front and back, of the
torso, strokes the arms from shoulder to hands,
and if the trouble is in the legs strokes them
also. A treatment requires from one to three

One can always tell when treatment is ended
for Mrs. Jessel will walk to a stand and wipe
her hands on a wet towel.

While treating certain types of illness,
the veins in her arms will swell and appear to
harden. Upon wiping her hands on the wet towel
her hands and arms return to normal.

The first time one calls in the evening at
the healing room, one should ask what time of
night it is best to come. The ill come and go
all thru the night and a time may be assigned
which will result in as short a wait as possible.

The new arrival, unless an emergency case,
takes a chair in the rear row and works to the
front as people leave for home and release the
chair they have occupied. Emergency cases receive treatment as soon as Mrs. Jessel can
give it.

The writer was at Jessel's three times for
a month each time. Without a doubt he would not
be walking today had he not received great
benefit thru Mrs. Jessel.

Each time while there information was
sought from others about their cases: what was
his or her ailment? how long had it existed?
how long had he been at Jessel's? what benefit
if any, etc.? Answers were astonishing for
without exception everyone reported improvement in health.

The writer will never cease to bless Susie
Jessel for the healing received thru her. She
is truly the worker of modern miracles. A miracle is an accomplishment by powers we know
little about, but is always within nature's
laws and not the setting aside of any law. One
power of greater potency overcomes a lesser
law just as ascending sap in a tree overcomes
the resistance of gravity.

DEFINITION OF A CHURCH -- A wooden or stone
structure built half-way between heaven and
hell -- with locks on the doors to keep out the
wicked and protect the belongings of the saved,
while they try to coax the wicked to be saved
so that they, too, will contribute to the locks
that keep out the wicked.
12 The ABERREE JUNE, 1963