Volume 10, Issue 3, page 9

a time there were mostly monkeys and snakes,
and the monkeys didn't like snakes.

Then there is of course the complete primitive history of man, and in this you will
find, by the way, that it was rather rough.
People got killed off quite frequently and
rather drastically. It is only in comparative
recent years that civilization has gotten to
the point where people can die of old age or
enjoy the luxury of some long, lingering disease. In the genetic memory they usually got
killed, suddenly and violently. SD if somebody
starts running genuine past lives, he is not
likely to be the King of Norway or living very
many lives in ancient Egypt, or anything like
that. If he is running into past lives thru
effort processing, he should be away back on
the primitive trail somewhere getting his head
bashed in or being run thru with a spear or
stabbed with a sword, or something like that.
I don't mean this should happen to everybody ,
but there will be a lot of it, so don't let it
shock you. There should also be two sides to
it; if your subject is stabbed to death in one
life, in the next one he probably stabs somebody else to death. Also, most subjects will
cover both sexes.

Normally once any of these areas has been
opened to you by the techniques in this course,
it will remain open, and you can go on picking
at it. However, I suggest you don't try to run
down all the dates, names, and places of the
various things you turn up. In most cases you
won't find anything. This stuff was originally
protected from the mind for a very good reason, and it is still protected to some extent.
Very seldom does an individual get accurate
name, place, and date recall on past lives.
When he does, he may find others have recalled
the same past life, with the same name and the
same details. That doesn't mean you can't go
back and check the data and see that it exists.
Sometimes you can. But in this course that is
not our purpose for running these things. If
you want to try to prove reincarnation by this
means, that is up to you. I don't recommend it.

Our purpose is to check your own growth as a
human, as a personality, as a soul, and see
what is out of balance. For one thing, in the
genetic memory there is always an overt motivator series. The individual was killed by
this means; he killed others by this means.
Sometimes there are two or three of these and
they will be related to his chronic disease if
he has one and to the method by which he will
die in this life. All these things are presented for a reason in terms of the individual.

How many of them apply to his effort in his
present life, and what do you do about them?
Well, if he is too aggressive, you have him run
killing other people by the same method. You
ask him for incidents where he killed other
people until his aggressiveness balances out.
If he is too placid, too easily beat up by the
world -- a "Caspar Milquetoast" -- you ask him for
the other side of it, all the times when he
was killed or disposed of by other people. The
same process is used if a man is too feminine,
you can ask him for the times when he was a
woman. If a woman is too masculine, you can
ask her about the times when she was a man.
Sooner or later you take the incidents which
the individual turns up or presents, and ask
him always, "How do these relate to what you
are doing in present life? Are you carrying
on what you are doing now?"
The fundamental reason for running a past
life in terms of therapy is this: If the individual has some chronic disease or chronic so10 The AB
matic, it will be found tied up with the way
he was killed or the way he killed people in
past lives, and running this out, picking it
up, inspecting it, etc., should bring the disease or somatic under control, if it can be
done. Also, if the person's major purpose in
life is out of line with his environment, running past lives will allow a complete alteration of that major purpose, will pull it up
and set it down again completely.

Still another reason for running past lives
which occasionally comes up in therapy is the
elimination of suicidal tendencies. There is
absolutely no point in bailing out of a life
simply because it is loused up, if you know
that by so doing you are only going to get
handed a new one, and that the same problems
you didn't solve this time are going to be
handed back to you in a slightly tougher form
at some later date.

Now there is a little puzzle here: If I believe that past life running demonstrates such
things, why don't I believe in reincarnation?
Yes, it is stubborn of me, but it has to do
with time, and I will explain to those who are
interested, provided they can demonstrate they
have access to past lives themselves.

The fourth and biggest class is the spiritual phenomena. Remember that the phenomenon
itself was a force structure, or an electrical
discharge, or something like that in nature,
and to bring it down into words or pictures it
has to be altered. When someone describes his
experiences in terms of a flower or a vision,
remember that if what he sensed was truly spiritual, if it came from the direction of God or
in that form of perception, it was originally
a structure in energy or something of that
order. When the individual brought it down and
crystallized it into a picture or a description, when he gave a referent to it, he altered
the original. Different people alter these
things in radically different ways.

The person who sees hallucinations has no
particular reason to be in an asylum unless he
is determined to shoot at his hallucinations,
or chase them with an ax, or blames his troubles on them. Don't think, simply because spirits do exist, or karma does exist, or any of
these phenomena come within your experience,
that this is completely and totally responsible for your present fate in present time. It
isn't. You are.

There is much information available from
other sources on the spiritual phenomena. The
best list of these that I know is in the Mystical Qabalah of the Jews. They are described
there very carefully; a number of visions are
given, and the states of mind, colors that have
to do with them, and much more. The Tree of
Life and 10 sephiroth are detailed, and the
Qabalah also contains a good catalog of some
of the mystical effects, at what level they
should happen, and how to use them.

There are also some ancient works on magic
and alchemy which describe spiritual phenomena.
See the Tarot cards, the 78 cards of the Chaldean Tarot, particularly the court cards.

Look up and compare the esoteric literature
of the various religions. This is a very interesting study -- comparison of the legends and
stories of the various religions. The story of
Buddha in the Bhagavad Gita is one example.
The Sutras of Patanjali contain some descriptions of phenomena and a very nice and neatly
detailed account of how to get there too .

As I have said, different people experience
these things differently.
(To be continued next issue)
E R R E E JUNE, 1963