Volume 10, Issue 3, page 8

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HIS LESSON consists largely of information and data. The main prerequisites for it are an open mind
and the ability to reserve your
right to disagree with the data
until you have examined the techniques that produced it in the first

Jung refers to the abnormal or
unusual phenomena of the mind as the
"collective unconscious". I was taught to
cut up people differently, and I am going
to break them down into four classes. I
will say the most about the one I have
had the most experience with.

The four classes I use are: cellular awareness, ancestral memory, genetic memory, and
spiritual phenomena; and the majority of this
lesson will be on the genetic memory because
there is less information available from other
sources on this than on any of the others.

Of cellular awareness I will say almost
nothing except that it exists. Under special
techniques it can be turned up. Normally, it is
only temporary; it lasts for just a few seconds or a few minutes, and continuous cellular
awareness serves no particular purpose. The
temporary state is sometimes used during healing procedures, but the average individual does
not need it, and it is not normal for him no
matter how good his internal awareness may be.

Ancestral memory presumably is that memory
carried back thru the living cells, thru father
and mother and ancestors. It differs from genetic memory in that it is the life pattern
and in it nobody should get killed. They should
be born, grow up, get married, and then the
next generation should be born and the thread
should continue thru them. The one individual
I have encountered who had ancestral memory
had his pictures reversed from right to left,
but he described with otherwise apparent accuracy scenes from his father's life long before
he was born, when his father was at the age of
about 15 or 16.

Genetic memory is better known . It has
sometimes been turned up as "past lives", and
considered as evidence of reincarnation. It
does exist within the individual and within
every individual. It can be keyed in by effort
processing, by use of the dichotomies at high
speeds, by use of the emotional curve techniques, and by the use of meditation. It can
also be brought out by hypnotic or other forms
of memory regression.

The individual does not have to know that
there is such a thing as genetic memory. If
you get him relaxed on a couch and ask him,
What is the earliest memory you have? Tell me
about it, in great detail. Now tell me some
memory which is fairly recent. All right, now
WARNING -- These lessons in "Advanced Perception" are not to be treated lightly -- or delved
In by the curious for idle or questionable
goals. As the Author cautions, they're dangerous -- and It is suggested two persons with similar Intent work as a team. One of the risks involved. Mr. Schroeppei warns, Is that some who
successfully develop their advanced perception
"are going to see some things they'd rather not
see". And don't mix with any other technique.
or you may find yourself working at cross-purposes. Which Is no place to find yourself, or
for anyone else to find you -- especially an incompetent psychologist or psychiatrist. They
may get the idea you're as crazy as they are.
tell me about another early memory, and in
great detail. Now tell me about a memory which
is close to present time," and if you keep doing this under reverie techniques, the,individual will sooner or later fall back into incidents which are known as past lives. O f
course, he may say, "Now this is completely
imaginary, but it's what is happening."
Anyway, the phenomenon exists. Whether it
proves. reincarnation is another argument. Personally I don't believe in reincarnation; I
have another idea about things. However, there
is within the individual a complete record of
his evolutionary development.

It starts with something which has been
called a photon converter, in which the individual will find he is a very small thing which
is about to be hit by a huge particle of light
which explodes as it hits him. The genetic memory comes up from there; it includes the mitosis, or paramecium split; the algae that
floated on the sea and lived only about a single day; something like an amoeba; the space
spore, falling thru space; and a lot of fishes
of various kinds. The individual may turn up
being a clam; this one is quite common. He may
also go so far back as to be either a ring of
bluish light with something dancing thru the
middle of it, or he may be the something that
dances thru the ring of bluish light, or he
may be both of these at once, and give you a
perfectly good description of an ordinary hydrogen atom when he is doing it.

Another thing: As man developed, in his early
stages, he was black. You needn't be surprised
about that. If your subject gets back among
the primitives and is white, you've got a
phoney -- not that you should be surprised at
that, either. You will get those too. But if
you do, you need do nothing about it; just
say, "All right, fine; now can you go a little
earlier?" or, "Give me more details about this
You will find some quite unusual little animals when life first came out of the sea. On
this track there is something called a "grim
weeper" which is rather like a clam but lives
on land and breathes in the tides of the sea.
You may also find volcanic history and so m e
fish. The story of Adam and Five and the snake
is also found there in the fact that once upon