Volume 10, Issue 3, page 7

PC -- Ten minutes.

Aud -- Continue to scan Mother's thoughts and
feelings at this time. Also, what is happening
to the zygote?
PC -- There is a pressure in the head, similar to the one felt during a cold. It is caused
by the flow of water from the douche. I also
get the phrase, "I hope everything drains out".

Aud -- Oh? Is this Mother? Does she mean as
she takes the douche that she hopes everything
drains out, including you?
PC -- Yes.

Aud -- How does this material relate to smells?
PC -- Smells become shut off during a cold.
Aud -- What are Mother's feelings about smells
as she takes the douche?
PC -- Well, she not only dislikes the semen,
she dislikes the smell of it; she would rather
have the smell of the Lysol than the semen.

Aud -- I would like to point out to you that
you have quite a preoccupation with deodorants,
all kinds of things to neutralize odors, especially body odors.

PC -- Yes, because if you can't smell 'it',
'it' isn't there.

Aud -- Do you have similar feelings?
PC -- Yes, if I turn off the sense of smell,
I can't be reminded of how offensive sex is.

Aud -- Is that at you do with a cold, and
if you can't smell 'it', you won't get pregnant, because 'it' isn't there?
PC -- Yes, especially if I take a douche.
Aud -- Continue to scan for any other equivalents.

PC -- Coughing seems to be an act of rejection, because when you com h, you are expelling
or getting rid of 'it'; if I cough much, I get
a headache. This goes back to the pressure in
the uterus caused by the douche.

Aud -- How might this coughing get connected
as far as Mother is concerned? What might she
say if she had a cold when she was pregnant?
PC -- Well, the phrase "I've got to get rid of
it" also applies to her cold.

Aud -- So the cold and coughing gets hooked
up with the AA (attempted abortion) chain because of the phrase, "I've got to get rid of
PC -- Yes, there is also irritation and itching in the throat with both a cold and hay

And -- How about your preoccupation with
PC -- OhS good heavens, the mouthwash becomes
a douche.

Aud -- So, every time you use mouthwash, you
are being Mother taking that first douche to
get rid of 'it'? What does the mouthwash really
do to the throat?
PC -- It burns and irritates it the way a
douche does.

Aud -- Are there any other relationships here?
PC -- Yes, if a small bit of mucous is dislodged along with the mouthwash, this becomes
a successful abortion, and I find myself thinking, I'm glad to get rid of that.

Aud -- What about the habit of putting Mentholatum in the nose?
PC -- Well, it dislodges the dried-wp residue, and when I blow that out, this is also an
attempt to abort, or get rid of 'it'.

Aud -- So would you say that using Mentholatum and mouthwash continually reactivates this
AA chain.

PC -- Yes, it certainly does.

Aud -- How are the eyes related to this material?
PC -- They also reflect one's attitude toward
sex; when we wear dark glasses, we. don't have
to look so much at sex.

Aud -- And you wear dark glasses?
PC -- Yes.

Aud -- If Mother said "I don't want sex",
could she mean e-y-e don't want sex?
PC -- (Laughs) Yes, she certainly could.
Aud -- Would putting drops in the eyes equate
with something else?
PC -- Of course, a douche. I use drops and
boric acid quite often.

Aud -- How do the eyes really feel about
these drops?
PC -- It is quite a shock to the eyes.

Aud -- Is it on a par with pouring Lysol into
a vagina?
PC -- Yes, it is.

Aud -- What might the eyes do over a long
period of time? What might happen to them?
PC -- They become somewhat out of focus. They
are going to distort my vision to keep reminding me of Mother's outlook on sex, and how,
when I am in her valence, I replay her same

So, as has already been mentioned, it is
this double valence of acceptance and rejection that constitutes the basic predisposition
to which many subsequent behavior patterns become attached. In all one's relationships --
especially a marital one -- the tendency to shift
from one valence to another, according to
whether one felt wanted or not wanted, becomes
apparent. The reaction is on a compulsive, unaware level, and replays as an exaggerated
need for the love of the accepting parent, to
counteract the anxiety and threat to survival
caused by the rejecting parent's patterns that
were installed at the time of conception. The
above is only one example of this basic acceptance- rejection configuration, which is
present at the time of so many conceptions.

Much of the material quoted from the recorded session deals with somatic reactions
that are transferred from the original organ
and/or function to an analog by way of association or identification, and linked together
semantically -- all summed up in the word "psychosomatic". The genesis of some of these
seems to be clearly in view in this instance.

The resolution of these conflicts has to
come about by bringing first into conscious
awareness, then re-evaluating and integrating
this occluded material. The recovery of self
and one's own identity can come about only thru
the conscious re-experiencing of the times
when one assumed another valence or viewpoint;
the compulsive dramatizing of another personality precludes any clear perception of that
complex system of relationships called life.
"I realize I am sticking my neck out for
the ax, but about three years ago my husband
had a skin cancer removed from his left temple
by surgery. It healed up nicely and showed no
return growth.
"Several months ago another growth started
behind his right ear; it felt like a nerve and,
was painful, and occasionally if it was touched suddenly, it bled. I tried unsuccessfully
to get him to go to a doctor but he refused, so
I started putting a half grape on it and covering it with a bandaid every night. It shrunk
and disappeared. There is no sign of even a
tiny lump. The skin is healthy and has remained
that way for months.
"Please do not tell the AMA, as I prefer to
remain free." -- Myrtle Myers, Meadow Vista, Cal.
8 The ABERREE JUNE, 1963