Volume 10, Issue 3, page 3

(From the Published Lectures of Richard Ingalese.

Copyright 1902 by Richard Ingalese.)
I N CURING disease by the power of mind, there
is the conscious and unconscious use of the
Cosmic Forces. All modern metaphysical
schools differ somewhat among themselves in
regard to the process by which cures are
performed, yet all perform some remarkable
ones. Some schools use strenuous denials, and
consciously or unconsciously hypnotize their
patients, and while the patients are in this
condition change their thought, and in this
manner change the manifestation of the disease
from which they are suffering. Other schools,
thru repeated suggestions, cause the patient
to accept a new line of thought, and with the
change of thought the body changes. In both
these classes of cases it is the direct action
of mind upon mind which brings about the change
in the condition of the patient.

Other schools, thru denials and affirmations, or thru affirmations and denials, petition, or prayer, and thru picturing the desired results, unconsciously put into operation
the Cosmic forces.

There are three things the occultist attempts to do in making a cure thru mental
means. First, he destroys the mental picture
of disease which his patient holds as a matrix;
second, he raises the vibrations of that portion of the body which has become lowered, and
makes it vibrate normally, thus forcing out
all foreign elements; and third, he supplements the elements driven out with new elements
which are introduced into the system by the
Cosmic Force flowing thru it.

Here are a few rules that may be helpful in
demonstrating over disease: FIRST, it is well
to avoid seeing the manifestation of the disease, if possible. By doing this, you will
not have the picture of disease constantly in
mind and will be able to see more clearly the
picture of perfect health you must create for
the patient. If you do not see the objective
symptoms of an ugly wound, or an artificial
growth, it is easier to make a perfect image
and to present that picture to the patient.

In cases where there are only subjective
symptoms, never let your sympathies go out to
the patient, but hold yourself positive against
any emotion of fear which he may have. The moment your own emotions become joined with his,
your power to`destroy his mental picture of
disease is weakened; you have then accepted
his creations and are but accentuating the
pictures in his mind.

SECOND: When you have learned from the patient what his creations are, you are able to
destroy them by denying their permanency, if
they exist temporarily, or by denying them absolutely if they are imaginary. After making
your denials, follow with affilmations of that
which is true; create a perfect physical condition for your patient, and hold that thought
picture until he himself accepts it.

To mentally affirm a healthy condition without denying or destroying the pictures of disease held by the patient is like attempting to
build a new house on a site already occupied
THIRD: In ordinary treatment, take the left
hand of your patient with your right hand, that
the Cosmic Force may enter your left side and
pass out at your right, or positive side, into
the left, or receptive side, of the patient.
You should remain in a positive condition of
mind while treating in this manner, or your
own personal magnetism or life force will be
drawn from you with the Cosmic Force into the

FOURTH: In a case of depleted mental condition of a patient, in epilepsy, insanity, and
in spinal trouble, place your right hand upon
the top of the patient's head while giving the
treatment. This position throws the current
where it is most needed.

FIFTH: In cases of cancers, tumors, boils,
swellings or any kind of separate growth, cover
the affected area with a white silk handkerchief, then place your hand over it while giving the treatment. By covering it, you do not
see it, and are better able to picture perfection in its place, and by placing your hand
upon the affected part, you bring the current
of force directly into it. This conserves force.

SIXTH: Keep your left hand off the patient
when treating. Otherwise you form a complete
circuit with him, and as the new life goes into him thru his left hand or side, you draw
his old, wornout or demagnetized atoms into
your self, thereby lowering your own rate of
vibration, and bringing a physical condition
upon yourself similar to that which you are
trying to relieve.

SEVENTH: In separate growths, use the highest shade of the particular Cosmic Force or
color you have selected to use for your patient.
Suppose you desire to use green; then treat
with the ultra-ray of green, because that is
the highest rate of vibration of that color
and will bring the quickest results. Herein
lies the great success of the occultist over
the majority of healers, and over those who use
mechanical processes. When the x-ray is thrown
upon an individualized growth, it immediately
commences its disruptive process, and much
better results are obtained than with the
knife. Its limitation is like that of surgery,
in that it does not reach the blood; consequently, if the germs are thru the blood, there
will be a return of the disease. But if the
healer places his hand over the affected part
and uses the ultra shade of Cosmic color selected, and directs the current thru the entire
system, the germs will be destroyed.

EIGHT: Concentrate on the aura of the patient to get his predominant color, and then
ask of Universal Consciousness that the color
may be made known to you. This should be done
in case you are not clairvoyant, and do not
see Cosmic colors at will.

NINTH: Demand of Deity that you may be used
as an instrument for It to manifest thru. This
demand, like any other, must, and will be, met,
because whatever is held in mind constantly
must sooner or later materialize.

TENTH: Always treat yourself for positiveness before treating a patient. According to
your own positiveness can you be a channel or
center thru which Cosmic Forces can flow. One
reason for becoming positive before commenoing to treat a patient is that you may not
take upon yourself the pains or disease from
your patients, as many metaphysicians do.

ELEVENTH: Always use the color, or shade of
the color, next higher in the scale of vibrations than the predominating color of your pa(PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 6)
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