Volume 10, Issue 3, page 2

JUNE, 1963
Vol. X -- No. 3
(Recusant Voice of 'The Infinite
s' 1
B Ä It It Ä Ä for Earth,
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POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously.
The infiniteness of Man is not reduced
to a"split infinity" by wars, taxes,
or "experts" who seek to sell him what
he already has in an infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change
our minds f rom issue to issue, or
even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each Man has the inherent
right to be his own and only "Authority" -- with his wife's permission.

Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have no objection to
"educated guesses" about Man's destiny -- if there's no price tag to it,
and if the guesser has no objection to
our guessing that he's only guessing.

AN AUDITORIAL BY 103-644, 440-01-2932, 670-59-14
Why cannot man understand
or know God? Is it because he
is living on an identity plane
in which there is no meaning
to him of the word ONE? And how
can we be "one with all" if
we are educated from birth to
be separate and individual?
At birth, man is separated
from oneness with his mother,
and this separateness increases
with almost every breath. H e
is given a label, so he will
be distinguishable from others ;
footprints are taken to insure that Johnny Jones won't
go home with Mrs. Smith.

At home, he quickly learns
little tricks to gain recognition and pampering. Within
days, Johnny proves his adaptability to "being human" by
discovering he can get extra
attention by being different.
If he has older brothers and
sisters, he enjoys special
status because he is "the baby". If he grows up to be that
"Jones brat" or that "nice
little kid next door", he has
attained a mark of separateness which his ego will feed
and cause him to magnify.

All thru life -- in school ,
at play, at work, in romance --
the inclination is to be "different". Sometimes it's a tendency even to be worse than
others -- if he gets his share
of recognition from it. He can
be the kid who can't learn
geography, or arithmetic; or
the kid who spurns athletics
because he's "clumsy", or he
handles a ball on the playing
field as if it were greased.
If he can't be a bright star,
he'll be a dull one.

Even in marriage, the minister pronounces the pair as
"one", but one of the "one" is
the husband and the other "one"
the wife, and neither will let
the remainder of the "one"
forget the distinction. There
are traditions that must be
obeyed, roles for the man and
roles for the woman -- and comparisons with other men and women each has known and how this "Fools' names, like fools'

individual compares to other faces, are always found in pubindividuals. Of course, there's lic places." Not very Godlike
always an "Ann Landers" or an -- but it's human.
"Abby" to complain to if one So you want to be like God --
feels the difference between to be part of the "Oneness" of
what they go t and what they the universe? Did you ever see
wanted doesn't give them a suf- God's picture on the cover of
ficient advantage. His magazine? or His by-line
The husband, normally, be- on a book, or "Copyright by
comes a mechanic, salesman, God -- all rights reserved"? In
architect, policeman, doctor, itself, this might be a good
or lawyer, perhaps sp ecializ- scale on which to weigh claiming within his particular cat- ants to Deity status. How much
egory; this may be a difference are they willing to be "at One"
hard to detect, but he'll de- with their fellowman?
fend it jealously. Even tho he Being human, we're a bit
appears to conform -- to "go prejudiced in favor of this
along with the gang" -- it is code of difference and indinot from a sense of "Oneness". viduality, and we like to feel
He discovered long ago, in his that our individual efforts are
tight for recognition, just how efforts to improve, but NOT to
far society will let him go in be different just for the sake
his desire to be "different". of ballooning our status symHe'll put his name on the of- tool. Individuality is earth's
fice door, store, or business challenge, and we like it. If
-- and later his tombstone -- not we prove our mettle as indibecause he doesn't remember viduals -- without conceit and
what particular desk or piece without demeaning those around
of real estate is his or to us -- we'll have succeeded in
prevent "claim jumping", but negotiating what is apparently
it is his mark in the world of the level of this plane. But
which he wants recognition, as we do it, we err if we prate
If his name is published in of reaching the God-level. Or
the newspaper, the editor had equally we err by chastising
better be certain it's spelled ourselves for worldly successes.
correctly. And published pic- Maybe automation -- and the
tures of crowds -- in which one punch card system -- will push
may be no more than a few dots mankind toward the universal
in the landscape -- will find Oneness by removing the idenpeople trying to proudly iden- tities we cherish. The glamour
tify themselves from all other of being a Johnny Jones, Bobbie
dots in the landscape. Smith, or Franklin Ossfedder
No, man's ego will not let will fade, as we become merely
him approach the "Oneness" 99, 234, 102, 738, 562, 348, or
that is supposed to be an at- 156-162-987.
tribute of Godhood. Even some We wonder if these numbers
of the most avowed "avatars" will be applied to one and all
and so-called spiritual lead- alike -- Baptist, Buddhist, Moers can't seem to forego the hammedan, or Methodist -- priest
temptation to put their names and layman -- or will the fight
and faces in all prints likely to be "different" give Ro man
to go before the public. In numerals to the Catholics, for
this connection, there's prob- instance, and cardinal numbers
ably more to an old "backhouse for "princes of the church"?
rhyme" than mere words and For other possible absurdities
rhythm -- most of you probably we leave it to those who go in
have seen it, but for those of for absurdities -- we've been
you who haven't, we repeat: absurd enough for one month.