Volume 10, Issue 3, page 1

1 For those who look for
significances in our cover this
month, let us save them time
and trouble by assuring than
right here that THERE ARE NONE.
The picture was taken from a
painting by Bruce Meyers of
White Salmon, Wash., sent us
by Lorraine Harr of Portland,
Ore. Since we don't have the
type of equipment necessary to
reproduce color pictures, our
first reaction was that it was
not a picture for The ABERREE --
but we decided to try anyway,
even if we had to reproduce
it in monotone. And this is
the result! The picture, which
Bruce entitled "Blue Boy", has
lost much of its quality as we
were forced to reduce brown
trees, dark shadows, and even
the red mouth of the wolf/protector to one shade of blue,
varying only its intensity. We
hope Bruce doesn't mind. And
anyhow, in a reality where a
character such as "Blue Boy"
is part of the environment,
who is to say that our altering of his color scheme may
not be as accurate as the artist's, who is conditioned to
all those pretty colors on his
1 Even those who know techniques for driving out "evil
spirits" seem impotent before
one little devil, who invades
the most sanctified sanctorums
with most embarrassing regularity. This little devil -- who
is better known as "the typographical error -- found his way
into the correspondence of
Riley Crabb, recently, messing
up comp a et ly his planned stop
in Oklahoma City. Riley, who
publishes the Borderland Science Research publication, The
ROUND ROBIN, had written before
starting a speaking tour that
he would be in Oklahoma City
on 18 April. Charles and Velva
anodes, not being sufficiently
all-seeing to detect the presence of the playful little imp,
sent out announcements to all
members of t h e Oklahoma City
New Age group -- and then waited
-- for time and the Crabbs. I t
was a pleasant surprise when
Riley and Judy showed up two
days early, but not so pleasant when they discovered this
was IT -- that other commitments
(barring typographical errors)
placed them in farther commun
ities for the 18th, and what
they'd really meant to say was
that they'd be in Oklahoma City
on the 16th. However, they'll
be back , come 10 May -- if we
read the "sorry" card correctly -- but that'll be too late for
an interview for this edition.
It was (the one on the 16th/
18th) a meeting we had been
looking forward to, too, but
maybe we can squeeze in time
from the mailing of the June
issue to make the new (and we
hope) corrected date...
1 And this brings us to a
subject about which we've been
doing much thinking -- but little
deciding -- whether we shall attend the 4-day Borderland convention to be held at Harmony
Grove near. Escondido, Calif.,
on May 30-31 and June 1-2. We
have been invited -- and shall
if we can possibly arrange
things in Enid so that we can
get away -- but there are too
many question marks in any advanced calculations. Harold
Kinney of Englewood, Calif.,
and Florance Verrico of Hollywood, Calif., especially have
written encouraging letters
that make the prospects of going doubly enticing. Mrs. Verrico even has suggested that
there are those who would see
to it that we'd not have to
try and negotiate the Los Angeles "murder lanes" to attend a
meeting in Los Angeles following the Harmony Grove meeting,
if we'd only consent to make
the trip.
1 Looking over the schedule
for the four days convinces us
that the program would be more
than worthwhile -- even were we
not given an opportunity to
meet so many of our valued subscribers and friends. For example, on the opening day --
Thursday, May 30 -- giles Crabb
will make the keynote talk and
address of welcome, followed
by Bob Churchill, Joe fl Sloan
Millesan Drews, and Douglas
Low. Friday books Katherine
Kimbrough, Eric Murray, Neva
pell, Bunter, Louis Belzer,
Riley Crabb , and Vincent H.
Gaddis. Saturday will have -j .

L, O. Anderson , Trevor ,Tames ,
pave Ohreeve , Q. Grace jler, and jarry Chatterton, and
Sunday will have Crabb, Jessica
Madigan, and Di. rai Hunter.

Other guest speakers as yet
unknown will be sandwiched in
each day to keep the program
interesting and inspiring. We
wouldn't be surprised even if
a"flying saucer" or so dipped
their rims over the area, just
in acknowledgment to those who
are willing to believe what
they see, and not rationalize
it away with some mundane explanation. But such is not on
the program -- that we know of ...

So, if we can get away,
we hope to see some of you --
and if we can't, we hope you
enjoy yourselves. Maybe there
are telepathists strong enough
to wing their pleasures back
to us -- for us to enjoy secondhand...
1 If you miss your usual
quota of "I See for You" this
month, blame it on the poor
mail service between Phoenix
and Enid, too much work for
the "seer" , or just blame it!
However, not having heard from
"Louis" for a month , we just
'Scraped the barrel" of what
was left over from last month,
and crossed our fingers with
hopes he'll be back to normal
next month... 1 We asked Trah
riika to pinch-hit again as he
did last simmer, but all w e
got was a growl and a grunt --
and you can't print MAuT.. s. . gaga p of
Green ~~e Springs, s,Fla. (not
Mag MIME aviS of Garrett
Park, rd.), put an ad in The
ABA about his etcacolor
tube, he realty stirred up a
hornet's nest among readers.
Not since Eatzea have we seen
such a barrage of letters from
those who know all about diffraction gratings, and what the
tube would/would not do. So --
altho we have no qualities of
seership we predict that Mr.
Davis's 'Psychic News Letter',
by its very controversial nature, will arouse the wrath of
those who would rather read
news headlines about war with
Cuba, bad weather in specified
areas, illness, and bank failures, than forecasts they are
on the horizon. Since we don't
know how accurate Mr. Davis is
as a seer, we can only wait to
find out -- and hope that in the
meantime, Mr. Davis learns to
1 Breaking a long silence
of almost nine years, A J S
itQan, erstwhile editor of
lee old B.D. R. (Bristol Dianetic Review), writes to say
he is working on as article
for The ABERREE on the re-evaluation of Dianetics-Seieatology
after 13 years, plus a explanation of his lang silence.
Not .any persons knew anetics as did this British audi(PLEASE TURN TO P*CE le)
JUDE, 1963