Volume 10, Issue 2, page 17

In the last election we had
approximately 108 million people eligible to vote. Around
68 million voted. That other
40% better keep their lips
buttoned if they don't like
local, state, or Federal government, because they could do
a lot to change it. They could
have created a third party
president, for instance.
"I think our problem is that
we are getting too big, that
we have too many damn people,
but outside of shooting myself,
I'm not sure what to do about
"You're doing good with a
difficult task. Keep The ABERREE going, even if I cancel my
subscription next year." -- Bill
Conover, 5606 Bouffant Blvd.,
Alexandria, Va.
"Do you read PSYCHIC OBSERVER, Drawer 90, Southern Pines,
N. C. ? If not, ask them for a
copy of their March issue, in
which two large pages are devoted to a review of 'Cosmic
Radiation' by Prof. Hilton Hotema, the review being written
by Col. A. E. Powell , in h i s
80's, a man of letters, also
an author and writer of books.
That is the greatest review I
ever read of any book.
"When I wrote 'Cosmic Radiation', I thought the readers
of it would regard the author
as a crazy nut, but the general
reaction went the other way,
and they consider him a wise
man (which he is not). Col.
Powell said in his review:
'May I repeat that I prize this
book as one of the most valuable and illuminating of the
thousands I have read.'
"The reaction to 'Cosmic
Radiation' inspired me to begin
work on a revised, improved
edition, and it will even have
a new title, 'The Empyreal
Sea', this Sea being created
by contact of raw cosmic radiation with the electro-magnetic
emanations emitted by the
earth , called its aura, which
shields everything on its surface from the killing rays of
outer space, otherwise the radiation of our own sun would
destroy us a hundred million
miles away.
"The ancient masters knew
all this, and they called Cosmic radiation Astral Light. As
we make new discoveries we
move up on those old wise men,
and maybe in years to come we
will know as much as they did
about Creation and the Creator.
"I'm... now in my 86th year,
and to keep from growing old,
I've put aside my car and gone
to walking. .1 live 1% miles
from our post office and make
the trip on foot morning and
evening for the mail ; six miles
of that a day besides all the
other walking I do around home
in my work." -- George R. C leaents, Sebring, Fla. (Box 366)
"I am required to 'identify'
in the presence of the Postmaster mail that is not connected with the 'enterprise '
and return all mail connected
with the enterprise to the
Postmaster to be marked 'Fraudulent' and returned to the
Postmaster at the point of origin, and, as I understand it,
the letters are returned in a
government brown manila envelope. Therefore, at this end,
we have complied with Post
Office department orders. The
local Postmaster does not open
and censor letters. ( ED. NOTE
-- But she DOES read cards!) I
have the right to open and examine letters to determine
whether or not the letters are
connected with the enterprise.
(ED. NOTE -- The above explanation was offered to the editor
when he protested the return,
marked "Fraudulent", of letters sent Mr. Katzen in reply
to an ad carried recently in
"Volney G. Mathison ought
to read the newspaper reports
about the chain of activity
that started with the Broome
County (N.Y.) Medical Society
complaining to the State Education Department who in turn
complained to the F. D. A. who in
turn got co-operation from the
Post Office Department in their
effort to crush me. It all
started when I offered go give
spiritual heal ing free of
charge in an effort to see if
it could help to cure a case of
hemophilia in a boy whose parents did not accept the offer.
I boubt whether any literature
was mailed to the parents. It
was an F. D. A. medical doctor
who was the only witness in my
case with the Post Office Department, and his opinion was
'evidence' aginst me t h o he
admitted making no tests of my
teachings." -- Morris Katzen,
Cooks Falls. N. Y.
"This reader believes April
issue best ever. As artistteacher, appreciated the technique of rooster on cover...
"Hart to Heart always enjoyed. The auditorial I found
fun -- also revealing. It opened
my eyes further to certain
things phoeny-cian. I wonder if
the official liars I encountered
had been audited?
"Well, friend editor, looks
like Lowana Julaine and Roy
Davis took you up on your auditorial, 'How About Some Spiritual Research Development'.
"Re: Schroeppel No. 12 --
Concentration. For 17 years,
now, I have been consciously
entering the object and/or objects I am going to paint, and
then painting them in their
state of cause, its own effect.
I paint them also in the energy
patterns of the cause-state.
These intelligent energies are
the feeling, form, in-form-ation of the object. Since the
day of my 21st birthday, and a
painting I did that day, I have
obeyed the injunction of the
second commandment and Jesus' :
'Judge not by appearance but
judge righteous judgment.' A
conceptive artist lives in the
contemplative state and usually
is found traveling very much
thru a variety of experiences,
rapidly scanning a variety of
images. For example : Sunday
morning, Lowell, Joel, and I
left Palm Springs' dese rt
warmth and images and 1% hours
later were in a snow blizzard
about 5,000 feet in the mountains between Idylwild a n d
Banning. This after brunch amid
six nuns, an Indian boy with
whom Joel was playing in the
snow, toboggan sleds, etc.
Then after we just barely escaped from icy roads, blizzards -- immediately in agricultural Banning in valley on edge
of the desert where it was
raining. Forty- five minutes
later back in sunny desert
shopping for groceries. This
is the way life is when we
learn to consciously select the
images with rapidity, not seeking to arrest the images or
our scanning flow past them."
-- Randolph Ray, Box 21, Thousand Palms, Calif.
Looks as if our space gave
out again too soon. Sorry !
The Flying Saucer
By Dr. John H. Manas,
Ph.D., N.D., Ms.D.

The nature of the Flying
saucers. Where they come from?
Who flies them ? Mars and our
Martian Visitors. Val -Thor,
the Venusian Ambassador in
Washington. The subterranean
Races of the Deros. The ancient Atlanteans, their subterranean cities and the Flying
Saucers. Can man ever go to
the Moon and the planets? Space
conditions and Cosmic rays and
forces. Creation of the Solar
System. Original illustrations.
Engraved colored binding.
$2.00 p o s t p a i d . Send f o r
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MAY, 1963