Volume 10, Issue 2, page 16

POST correctly stated my work,
even accurately quoted my fees.
But the POST made a prize booboo by including my name in
the wrong story. This occurred
because - I presented electropsychometry successfully before the same California legislative committee that was investigating fake marriage counselors. I' m n o t a marriage
counselor, quack or nonquack.
The ... investigator, I'm informed, has been fired. He was
never at my office at any time.
The POST would like to run a
retraction. But this would be
a mere paragraph or two, and I
don't want this at all. Since
The POST is distributed in
California, I can sue here in
a Los Angeles court. The suit
will be conducted in a way that
should afford some front-page
publicity to the great embarrassment of the POST... This,
my attorneys say, will not be
in less than TWO YEARS !
"Your idea of a book delineating what IS legal amuses
me. This would be, even now, a
small book.
"It's legal to be born -- provided that your mother is married. It's legal to contract
some, but not all, of the 1875
diseases listed in the medical
lexicon. It's legal to become
a 400-lb. monstrosity of fat
and blubber. It's legal to pay
taxes. I pay 19 separate taxes
to operate my businesses. It's
legal to bet $2 on a horse at
a legal racetrack, but not with
a skulking tax-dodging bookie.
It' s legal to go to bed with a
gal and have sex with her --
provided you have a scrap of
paper obtained at a cost of
$25 or so from some phony
preacher. And finally, it's
legal to have .15 or 20 kids,
whether you can feed them or
"Beyond these items, I'm
not really sure whether anything is legal . I'll have to
ask my attorney!" -- Volney G.
Mathison, 1208 W.30th, Los Angeles, Calif.
"The ABERREE excites a lot
of interesting thinking and
all sorts of viewpoints leap
into view while reading it.
"I find as a chiropractor
that the recent material of
the Rt. 2- 12 processes as now
being advocated by the Hubbard
Guidance Centers is quite valid.
"If you regard the body
structure of the musculo-skeletal frame as a tension frame
such as a rug weaver uses you'll quickly realize that in
order to have a good product,
the frame must be in good balance. Otherwise fibers will be
too taut or too slack. Increased or decreased tone and
MAY, 1963
tension stretches nerves too
much or not enough, similar to
violin strings. This causes increased function or decreased
function. Simple effort processing will demonstrate what
causes them to return even after excellent adjustment for
no apparent reason.
"The three dimensional package of the goals problems mass
with all the reactive effortcounter-effort it contains is
what immediately underlies the
physical structure. The chiropractic practice can be regarded as an effort process
along solid communication
lines. Hands are solid communication lines with wide acceptance. However by finding terminals used for all the effortcounter-effort of interpersonal relations and the postulates or considerations that go
along with them, the uncompleted action cycles of failed
and abandoned goals can run
out of the reactive bank . Unlimited possibilities are now
in sight. Try it. For anyone
who used to respond to some
type of therapy and now no
longer does. This will release
them so that they can once more
respond to say the least and a
balance can occur between theta and mest, spirit and matter,
mind and body.
"Volney Mathison' s letter
did not point out that the individual medical doctors were
not publicly made out to be
quacks in the Thalidomide case
thru the newspapers by the F.
D. A. but the chiropractors
were in the Micro-dynameter
case. They did not just call
the instruments off the market.
They raided offices. But they
did not raid offices of M D s
and-use smear news articles.
There is the difference in the
action of the F. D. A. as regards the medics And the chiros. The chiroswere well-intentioned but were treated unfairly. I might add that I was
not involved because I've not
had a Micro-dynameter. Therefore I can be somewhat objective. The F. D. A. might be
rough on drug interests but
they appear to be apologetic
for the medics, or AMA interests...
"I'd like to see more proSci/Dia material in The ABERREE and less anti-Hubbard material. An understanding of
the three-dimensional nature
of the goals problem mass will
"My interest in ABERREE
stemmed from my interest in
Dianetics. Early in 1950 I took
a course with Ron and Dr. Winter. Dianetics has more or less
faded from the pages of ABERREE (with occasional spots on
"Perhaps I'm taking myself
too damn seriously, but since
I had to spend the nickel anyway, I feel like registering
an objection to the various
derogatory comments about the
Federal Government and government employes. I've worked in
the Federal Government almost
25 years. I started with probably the lowest paid job they
have -- $50 per month in the Library of Congress. In the
course of time I've moved up
to a fairly responsible position where I feel I am doing
something, however small, to
improve my country. I have met
and worked with a considerable
number of government workers.
I recall that the ones I knew,
and know, are just people, not
clucks, jerks, or knuckleheads
(altho I know every organization, government or private
industry, has its deadwood and
makes bloopers), but just human beings with the same foibles and fears, loves and
lusts, ambitions and appetites, deficiencies and disappointments, as other people.
In fact, put a bunch of them
in a room with bank clerks,
grocers, filling station owners, and department store managers, and even the editor of
ABERREE would be hard put to
finger the government employee.
"It seems to me that until
everyone gets to 'clear', or
whatever term you use with a
similar connotation, 'government' will be required. (I suspect that clears will need a
'clear' government). From
families to tribes, and from
states to nations, there are
areas of personal, national,
and international relationships that must be governed
(controlled, if you wish) --
crime, safety, health, economics, transportation, etc. But
when you put a capital 'G' in
government, don't invest it
with a personality. I've heard
that some people conjure up a
white-smocked man with darkrimmed glasses, when they put
a capital 'S' in Science,
"I won't belabor the point,
or even argue it, but the Dechelp those who align them- laration of Independence (Ausand the forces of truth thority) indicates that 'Govsand light, not to classify all ernments are instituted among
others as opposition and be- men, deriving their just powers
longing to those of darkness from the consent of the govand evil. Ha!" -- J, Harold Thib- erned.' In our case I think you
odeau, Box 85, Myrtle Beach, also have to read into that
S. Car. 'the inertia of the governed'.