Volume 10, Issue 2, page 15

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is not quite enough to form an "I might have Riley Crabb
over-all opinion of the people and the Mrs. visit between New
and the place they reside in. York and Boston in the near
In a letter to him I shall future." -- Hilary M.Dorey, 12
cover all he presents in his Arnold Av., Newport, R.I.
finely detailed account, but I 0 0
wish to briefly touch on a few "Find enclosed a $1 bill for
important details. a year sub, for a new subscrib"I agree with him that er to your wonderful mag that
'These entities are curious, wakes up those looking for
imaginative,' (but not that truth and more knowledge and
they are) 'comparatively ir- the Forum where different peoresponsible'. We know many who ple can express their opinions
are quite responsible. on religion as to their view" I agree with him that they point.
'will improvise metaphysics, "If more people really had
projections, prehistory, and contact with the spirit world,
theology. This holds true of and were guided by truthful
many we know here on earth. I Spirits of God. Of course, many
do not agree that 'They can of us do not know how sneaky,
display any shape ... It's not untruthful wanderers from the
easy to tell if you' re con- realities of things to come we
versing with one or a group.' are taught to believe in a
We have found not all can certain GOD from our childhood,
change their form, and those it all depends on where, what
that can have to relinquish condition, what country we are
their present form. This makes brought up in. Naturally you
it impossible to take on more would be a Hindu in India and
than one form at a time, a Confucian, Buddhist. In the
"Their language is no dif- U, S. A. , we have our parents to
ferent than ours. I have come thank for whatever they foist
across religious fanatics who onto our young minds. You know
talk ' in tongues' (?) What a the adage, 'Like attracts
babble, but this is not indic- like'? Anyway, the search is
ative of the language of earth on for something different." --
people. We insist on straight Wilfred J. Jodoin, 1229 Astor
talk and get it. Dr., New Port Richey, Fla.
"In par. 8, Hand mentions 0 0 0
'The entities are male and fe- "Had the pleasure of hearmale.' Yes, but not in sex. ing General Watts speak last
There can be no sex. Where week. As you probably know, he
physical properties are absent , is the one who forced the gang
there can be no reproduction to free General Walker. Since
as we have it. The sex they he is a native of Oklahoma
function in is the continua- (lives in Oklahoma City) I feel
tion of the form and features more proud of my home state
they had in their last incar- now than ever. You remember
nation." -- Jacob and Rose A psel, the lines of the poem -- 'Give
1310-A S. 37, Milwaukee, Wtis. me men to match my mountains;
0 0 0 give me men to match my plains'
"Hundreds of recent tests -- well, in Generals Walker and
upon plants made recently in- Watts, I feel we indeed have
dicated startling beneficial two to match our plains." --
results. Of particular interest Ethel Foresman, 140 E. 46th,
were tests by an organic gar- New York, N. Y.
dener in Detroit, who uses D- 0 0 0
cell water to grow radishes, "Some blind men discussing
cabbage, and cucumbers without elephants in the ABERREE forum
the belching aftereffect. Be- throw stones at each other besides growing higher than ave- cause they have Bible indigesrage crops, he also grew five tion. They project what is inand six stalks from a single side themselves to an outside
kernel of corn, each with at object. MRA does that and so
least one ear of corn. He also does Mary Wales. The B'ible
grew better cotton plants than Morals were indigestible to
are grown in Texas and Calif- Amos and Christ but they said
ornia... to hold the rocks.
"Now have a large chinchilla "Christ has the same birth16 The ABERREE
day as the Sun, then Easter,
4th of July, and Halloween are
Sun-Worshipers' festival dates
-- but the ancients said that
the Sun was not God for it was
set in a fixed course by a
higher power, for a purpose.
"Many astrologers know that
Satan resides in the planet
Saturn (B') but very few know
that he has infiltrated this
Earth (planet) with his moons.
His moons are spinning fragments like his ring, cold and
icy, no warm center, no morals
but extremely intelligent. The
planets are our mental and
moral faculties, not men or
gods as represented in t h e
B'ible. When we tune in to B'
forces (malefics, capitals)
Mars, not the Sun , rules sign
1, the Self, and self-love increases, then B' takes Venus's
place as ruler of 7, Others,
Severe on Others. Then comes
Love of wealth 2, then a set
mind 3. Indigestible convictions. After this occurs, Saturn' s women saboteurs a r e
given the go-ahead orders.
Tragic, sensational events
come when they progress to
critical places, crosses, and
sign 8, Death or its rulers.
"'This is happening to our
'best' people by churchfuls.
Put D' and E' in their horoscopes, quit being a B' eliever
with closed eyes... B'ible
morals are Zionism in Jerusalem but Nazism over the fence
in Germany. Communism in Russia. And the rocks they throw
come from Saturn's ring or his
heretofore invisible moons
circling this planet. So, Mary
Wales is right about the 'evil
spirits that abound in hordes
in the Earth plane', but she
had better check her chart to
see where she is hooked up.
"All born in flesh are
nailed to the cross or tree of
life. Trees were called ancestors by ancestor-worshipers and we still refer to
family trees and have stars in
the Christmas trees. They are
family line horoscopes that we
are nailed to. Both character
and planetary aspects are inherited, and the object of life
is to develop character, to
make our charts better. Billy
Graham has made a name for himself as a 'Successful Debunker
of Success'. Satan promised it
to Christ under the usual conditions that all have to comply with, but was turned down.
The test for Billy will be
whether he loves success more
than the truth." -- Morris Swenson, R1, Box 625, Camas, Wash.
"I agree with Louis that
SATEVEPOST ran a good piece on
quack marriage counselors. The

MAY, 1963