Volume 10, Issue 2, page 14

ly as a consequence of this,
refuses to credit Dianetics
even with what merit it has.
As a result, Coulter is frequently annoyed with people
pointing out parallelism between Dianetics and Synergetics, which similarities Syn.
shares with any effective psychotherapy at all. Too, Dr.
Coulter has elected to promote
the deception that Synergetics
is not a psychotherapy, a deception also promoted for his
system, by Hubbard...
"LETTERS -- Rosalind John just
about puts the stopper in one
thing. Whatever /whoever 'my'
entities are, they seem to be
a prevalent species and a plentiful one. One wonders why so
few if any people have noticed
that this sort is of rather a
slender build .and medium brown
complexion before. Mrs. John's
descriptions also correlate
with the Apsel-Hand observations, limited ability to communicate, the existence of settled groups and nomadic groups,
the leptokurtic distribution
of physical effects, and the
carefree attitude toward facts
and consistency in communication. (I applaud the new feature of putting addresses on
the letters to incite large
correspondence.) I still say
that, as far as I'm concerned,
the existence of this species
of entity is no longer doubtful; but whether they are
ghosts or not, I insist is
still moot. If you tell them
they are ghosts, they a r e
ghosts. If you tell them they
are Space people, they are that.
If you don't tell them, but
ask them, and refuse to volunteer a foregone conclusion,
then they don't know. What wonderful Company Men they would
make, what ideal politicians,
what a punch of ham actors. By
the way. I've followed Apsel 's
and John's advice in a few
cases already. Telling entities, 'Never mind all of that
schlock. Either volunteer some
factual information or shut up
and don't bother me.' So they
shut up and don't bother me.
"About entities getting
stuck some place and so on, I
think I found out a little
about that. It seems that some
worlds or planets or whatever
the places are have travel and
immigration regulations, together with police forces and
possibly intrusion-alarm systems and entity - snaggers to
enforce them. In fact, one of
the small number of definite
statements I've wrung out of
'my' entities was, 'Will you
please stop blundering around
at random into places you don't know anything about!' I
MAY, 1963
get the impression that Earth- and pulled his horns ~risi a
humanoid bodies are compara- wee bit, they would be the
tively strong and tough and spittin' image of each other.
our people can get away with "In March Auditorial, 'How
more stunts than the average. About Some Spiritual Research
'My' beings were, of course, Development?' We are very much
referring to the actual physi- for that, and we too would
cal matrix of their virtual suggest that no theologian be
projections. The lattices are permitted to serve on that
arrays of several dozen points committee.
of low-intensity actinic light "We also strongly endorse
that wink on and off. They look (top middle column of that
as much like Alpha particles auditorial) 'If we took more
as anything I can think of. pains to improve Democracy,
They are probably a thin dis- there'd be no threat of Compersion of radioactive mole- munism.' Dr, Albert Burke,
cules. Being of the Zen faith , whose weekly T- V lectures are
if anything, I am, of course, listened to from coast to
only cursorily interested in coast, voiced the very same
what, if anything, happens to opinion. The Editor (Par. 2,
people who are physically dead. Column 3) recommends a research
But a humanoid, intelligent report to 'All schools' . 'so
life-form available to us even that these students can decide
before we achieve space travel for themselves.' We would add,
-- that is significant. but starting with high schools
"Mathison -- Hubbard probably and higher, where they begin to
guffaws with glee when shown have the intelligence to choose.
writings indicating that Cold- "Touching on 'Hart to Heart'
ter and Mathison hate him to 2nd par., 'How can a governpieces! Don't they know that ment clerk evaluate an E-mehate glues people together al- ter?' 'Or understand anything
most as tight as love does? about freeing human souls?'
The Thalidomide scandal was a "L. Ron Hubbard's Washingscandal not only for the drug ton Scientology factory takes
companies. Giving pregnant big money for intangibles. We
women tranquilizers may be all insist these intangibles are
right, but forbidding every- not freeing human or any other
body the use of a drug bad for souls. His assembly line of
pregnant women? Do men have to shedding shackles sheds shekbe protected during pregnancy? els!
And how could the phannacolo- "Churchill's potent article
gists know Thalidomide would 'Get Rid of It' points up
cause teratological births un- strong reasons for Scientolotil it caused some teratologi- gists to stop and re-evaluate
cal births?" -- Fred Hand, 2718 their ground. Quote: 'The vaEagle, Houston, Texas. lidity and workability of cone o cepts and techniques (of DiaThe ABERREE is a joy to netics) was finished with its
read, refreshing is the word, founder in flight'.
after a life of 50 yrs. with "Another stronger reason for
crud. to read (pronounced as Dianetics' failures and also
cud), (that is the u sound). I Scientology weaknesses is that
w as aware of the religious much of their concepts and
hoax when a boy of 10 or 12. techniques are based on inMy views have been substanti- correct evaluations based on
ated over the years. Love that limitations to explore the valtruth! " -- George E. Foster, idity of information given by
Richfield Springs, N. Y. preclears in the state of rev^ 0 o erie (a form of hypnosis). I
"I enjoy reading The ABER- would respectfully suggest that
REE, but I don't agree that Mr. Churchill (and others inwe're all a bit aberrated in terested) check my 'cry into
mind like one of your readers the wilderness', that the A.A.
wrote in his letter. I think recordings were not true.
we're all thinkers, otherwise "Our DE's (discarnate entiwe wouldn't be so curious as ties a la F. N. Hand) told us
to the unknown." -- Eva Woodford, they had a barrel of fun watchR.1, Box 45, Lost creek, W.Va. ing the dramatic effect on L.
^ 0 0 Ron Hubbard' s i ntelligencia,
"It's a bird ; it's a plane ; when they (the DE's) spun their
it's superman! Well, based on fabrications (partly described
our Editor's Auditorials, he's in Churchill's article par. 5.)
an irreligious theologian, an "This is not new to us. We
atheistic deist; a materialis- have found that not all the
tic soul searcher; and a dial- answers come from the hypnoectic faithist. For those who tised subject. Frequently, when
have met Satan but never met it serves their purpose, the
our Editor, I would say, if DE's step in, furnish the anSatan put on Alphia' s eyeshade somers. Few hypnotists are aware