Volume 10, Issue 2, page 13

inserted by some overzealous
scribe. There is no Satan; that
is the human mind, the mortal
mind of Mary Baker Eddy who
got the right idea of it. This
mind fell from pure spiritual
condition to the material condition , being cast headlong
out of heavenly consciousness.
The seat of the mind was in
the head and so this immature
mortal mind was literally cast
out of its former heavenly
state, headlong, or head first.
"There is only one race of
mankind and there is a fixed
number of 'souls', tho not all
are in incarnation at any one
time. The explosion of population we read about is a heavy
reincarnating influx at this
time. There must be a meaning
to this heavy influx but what
it is we are not aware at this
"There is no soul to be
lost and saved as taught in
orthodoxy. This is a misunderstanding of the Scriptures.
God is the real self of you
and so cannot be lost and have
to be saved. Doesn't make
sense, does it?
"Spirit informants do not
know any more than they did in
life and so the individual may
change sex or not according to
the need in incarnating each
"Jacob Apsel. One does not
gain unity with the Universal
by statements or tape recordings. This union is not under
the control of the human mind
else all the smart people would
have made the grade before this
and the opposite is true. Satan ,
the human mind, is misleading
to keep people away from achieving Oneness with the Father
God as long as it can .
"Mary Wales. There is no
evidence to support the claim
that Jesus is coming again . I
have been unable to find out
where Jesus is now, possibly
on one of the other inhabitable
planets. But Jesus and his
mission have been entirely
misunderstood and I do not
look for him to ever return in
the grandiose manner pictured
in the Gospels. Remember, the
bible is an Oriental book and
full of Oriental imagery." --
Addison O'Neill, 1128 Hampton
Rd., Daytona Beach, Fla.
"I get much benefit from
ABERREE -- possibly because I
become so irritated at some
parts. But that is what you
desire, so...
"Why do you assign to write
on 'The Book They Blamed on
God' to a man who knows so
little about God and so little
about the Bible?
"Perhaps 50 years ago readers of the Bible -- the majority

of them -- thought of the Bible
as he represents the general
run of readers today. Fifty
years behind time. No writer
up-to-date to be had?" -- George
C. Lee, Noxon, Mont.
"Perhaps your readers may
be interested to know that the
cactus mentioned in recent
issues (lophophora) may be
purchased for 15 cents each
from E. Frizzell, Route 4, San
Benito, Texas. It is rumored
that curious psychological
changes may be produced by
taking one top an hour after
breakfast and an hour after
"your readers may also be
interested to know that the
oldest living thing is the
creeping devil cactus (machaerocerous eruca) which grows
on and near Magdalena Island,
Baja California. It is immortal
and travels. It travels by
growing forward. A plant may
cover an acre. It resembles a
giant snake.
"MY address is simply Milford, Utah; I hope some reader
will please write to me and explain how to attach oneself to
this immortal cactus immediately after death and before
losing one's etheric body.
"It is rumored that one can
develop very curious Yoga-type
phenomena over a period of time
by gently massaging the nerve,
central at the back of the
hard palate (along the physiological white line called the
White Nile of Egypt. )" -- George
C. Denman, Milford, Utah.
"The ABERREE sure gets
around. When I wrote of popotillo I heard from 5 states
and 2 foreign countries...
"Before writing of popotillo I had talked to a number of
people who were greatly helped
by that herb but it seems to
be less universally helpful
than Harold Kinney' s desert
herb la gubernadora which
really gives remarkable results in reducing pain and
swelling in arthritis. I'm
gathering la gubernadora now
and drying it and am thrilled
at the results friends and relatives report. I haven 't been
able to get more popotillo." --
E. Graham, Box 14, Ruidoso, N.

"Having lately completed a
tremendous amount of factual
records concerning many things
which have happened behind the
scenes of American political
life in this 20th Century, I
now feel a deep admiration for
the people of America and I
know that America is not what
we are made to believe it to
be via the mediums of the public means of international communications." -- Lionel Bruno
van Haunt Dartsch-Bansbach, E.
Melbourne, Vic., Australia.
(ED.NOTE -- Most international misunderstandings stem from
misleading propaganda fed the
peoples of ALL nations -- and
especially the smears used by
those who think they have something to gain from friction or
war. Maybe, some day if thought
transmission becomes standard,
they'll also find a way to keep
such thinkers impotent with a
"hate curtain"
"You finally got me going
there awhile too, which is
probably fair enough. So my
favorite (and only) magazine
featuring satire in the occultism and witchmedical field
is now doing practical jokes
too? For your information, if
you haven't already found out,
Roy Davis's Aurascope employs
th e diffraction-grating replica film -- transmission type
-- advertised and sold for at
least two years... The device,
a sort of toy spectroscope,
will, of course, display prismatic colors -- around anything,
or nothing. At $5, this optical
novelty seems greatly overpriced... The only thing I regret is that one of my erstwhile favorite parapsychology
writers, Lowana Julaine, allowed herself to be associated
with it...
"The issue has, as usual, a
number of think-making items.
The 'Hardboiled Look at Seership'- - the problem of how to
have the usual hankypank going
on when ESQ was widespread and
rampant has been widely considered fictionally in the better S- F magazines. For instance 'The Demolished Man'.
Non-fictionally, there is mathematical games theory, which
assumes as a postulate that
there is no information not
known to all players. I 've seen
one article speculating that
the Soviets. may have developed
a form of games theory assuming
secrecy and surprise, however.
I should think by this time
that free will/determinism had
become a pseudoproblem. Precognition can be regarded as
intuitive statistics, extrapolating probabilities. From
this point of view the big
thing to worry about is when
several soothsaying seers look
beyond a certain date in the
future and see -- nothing.
"COULTER DENIIES -- I think Dr .
Coulter's problem arises mostly from his personal hatred of
Hubbard because of the latter's
unkind obituary of Coulter's
friend Purcell. Coulter, part14 The ABERREE MAY, 1963