Volume 10, Issue 2, page 12

"This was in Jack Guinn's
column in The DENVER POST, Feb.
27, 1963:
"'Somebody at the Cowles'
Magazines' Insider's Newsletter has been studying "The
Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus" (Crown Publishers) and
on Page 274 found that the 16th
Century seer predicted as follows :
"' "At the close of the war,
to change the glory,/ Near the
shore shall three fair children be born/ Ruin to the people by competent age/ To change
that country's Kingdom and see
it grow no more./ The entire
course of a kingdom shall be
changed by the appearance of
three brothers, who shall enter and take over the branches
of the government.""' -- Edwin
and Terrie Talley, 333 E.16th,
Denver, Colo.
0 0 0
"In your 'Hart to Heart', I
wish to thank you for this very
fine write up, and as we are
friends, I know you did this
to assist calling our Etcacolor Tube to your readers' attention, for which I am grateful. Except for an error. The
mistake was your sentence, 'One
of the uses for the tube will
be in the discovery and treatment of cancer'.
"Since I sent you two articles, one on the Etcacolor
Tube and one on the discovery
by doctors using the little
known art of Biomagnetics to
arrest tumors, your data sheets
must have got mixed up, as the
Etcacolor Tube has no value as
such, and could not locate a
pimple. Nor could it treat
anything. I ask you therefore
to call to the readers' attention this mistake, as.I am not
in the medical business as offering anything that would locate cancer or treat cancer ;
this is too grave a responsibility for anyone to undertake
MAY, 1963
except a specialist in cancer.
I am not nor would I know a
cancer if I saw one...
"About the letter you received from the reader that he
can get diffraction grating
for 250, tell him to go ahead.
The kind I am using cost me
$25 a sheet, so there." -- Roy
Davis, Green Cove Springs, Fla.
"The story and ad. on the
Etcacolor Viewer are both fine.
Nothing can go wrong there.
But the inner-magnetic-auradetector is something entirely
aside from the horseshoe-magnetic-control system that the
group of Biomagnetic scientists
and doctors are working with.
"The inner- magnetic- auradetector is a rediscovery, by
Roy Davis, of an ancient principle of seeing the magnetic
colors of the human body. This
still is not what the mystics
and psychics call the human
aura. But it does show the colors of the aura in basic form.
"The story on possible healing and magnetic control of
tumorous growths that is being
investigated by Biomagnetics
has nothing to do with the
auras of either the body or the
spirit. It (magnetic forces of
a horseshoe magnets does have
to do with trying to control
"All Roy did in this matter
was develop a system for the
scientists and doctors to see
the magnetic force that 'they'
are working with. Until now,
'they' have been unable to see
the forces emanating from a
magnet of any type except by
using plastic sheeting and magnetized particles. Even with
this method 'they' could only
see the direction of one emanation.
"Now, 'they' can see all
sides of the fluxating forces
that come from the magnet. This
ability came from the discovery, by Roy Davis, to actually
see and photograph the magnetic forces of a magnet." --
Lowana Julaine, 23 W. Walnut,
Green Cove Springs, Fla.
"I have here the April issue
of The ABERREE. I see that almost two pages are devoted to
the device that allegedly makes
you see the human aura.
"It may come as a shock to
maty that chromatic aberration
and color dispersion are phenomena that have been observed
for centuries. Diffraction
gratings have been sold before.
They have been used in the devices that 'convert' your black
and white T-V to 'color T-V' .

The gratings do not show the
human aura... They do not make
you see color T-V,..The colors
seen are merely results of
color dispersion. The resulting image is not based on reality. Thus the supposed color
on your T-V receiver is composed of all colors of the
rainbow, regardless of the original colors at the T-V transmitter, providing you fall for
the grating trick instead of
buying a color T-V with true
color rendition. Any encyclopedia will explain it under
Dispersion, Diffraction, Interference, Chromatic Aberration , Spectroscope, etc." --
George W. bogus, 111 W. Myrtle
St., San Antonio, Texas.
"I wish your contributors
wouldn't waste so much time
and space trying to justify
biblical lore with mundane affairs. They should remember
that the bible is an Eastern
and Oriental book and full of
Oriental imagery and let it go
at that. The folklore of ancient
world history has passed thru
so many scribes who have ad
libbed to a farewell that it
does not pay to wage wars over
the context.
"Yes, this is the space age,
much of the space being between the ears.
"If the Mr. D. mentioned in
God Dealers in AB, Jan-Feb.,
will write me I will carry his
studies toward God and furnish
him my books all without any
charge. I will consider it a
privilege to so do.
"Rosalind John, same issue.
I note where-some writer says
the original Garden of Eden
was in Florida and backs it up
with interesting data. The
Garden of Eden was man's environment before he came into
the physical octave and was
still a spiritual being. When
man came into physical bodies,
there was no more spiritual
environment and hence no Garden of Eden, so-called.
"To Rosalind John again. The
last water ring which had been
suspended in the sky owing to
the faster speed of the earth,
fell when the earth's speed
slowed down and so Noah's flood
came. No more water rings up
there, Rosalind.
"Prehistoric animals which
thrived under the hot watery
vapor canopy disappeared when
the canopy fell and the sun's
rays struck the earth directly.
Monkeys have no souls and so
remain monkeys from generation
to generation. Man is the only
animal that is a soul and so
can progress until he reaches
the Edenic state again as a
spiritual being.
"God is one being and the
statement that God said `Let
us make man in our image' was