Volume 10, Issue 2, page 9

work too hard at these. I was taught that approximately 30 percent of the people who come
to you with trouble could be cured no matter
what you do, so long as they are sure you can
do it. You could tell them to walk around the
block, stand up and sit down, take aspirin,
turn around three times, or anything else, so
long as they believe in you and have a reasonably good conviction that they will get well .

The next 30 percent or so will have something objectively detectable wrong with them;
they will have a virus or bacteria, some pain,
some physical maladjustment or flaw; but they
will also have some psychic troubles and can
be cured with some skill or talent. I have
nothing against bacteria; I have nothing against
doctors. Viruses are not illegal, and people
get the flu, even people with a lot of awareness and a lot of healing ability. However,
they are usually much less uncomfortable with
it than the ones who don't have these powers.

Then there will be 30 or 40 percent that
you can do nothing with at all.

Some of you will find that nearly all the
people you touch will be of the first 30 percent. You can give them any kind of token ritual, and their troubles will go away. If you
are good at effort, if you can handle pain as
an effort, there will be people you can lift a
pain from. Then if you want to do a thoro job
you can reach back for the reason they had it
and why they are using it, and see if you can
hand them a better pattern with which to meet
the world than a headache.

Another trick: When someone tells you he
has a headache, ask him, "Fine, what shape is
it? How thick is it? How dense is it? Is it
moving in any way? Does it spin? I 'm looking for
a five-pointed headache; I know a fellow I'd
like to give one to because he played me a
dirty trick. But I can't use a four-and-a-half
pointed one; it's got to have five. Has yours
got five? Oh, it's round and fuzzy -- well, I
don't need a round and fuzzy one at all." If
you ask him several times, and get him to give
an accurate description of how it feels and
what shape it is, it will disappear while he
is talking to you. He may come back five minutes later and say, "You know it's funny -- that
headache I was telling you about -- it's gone. I
can't understand what happened." You answer :
"0. K. You don't mind feeling good, do you? Do
you object to that?" and let it go at that.

One very rough technique which, if you can
take it, will eliminate a lot of garbage is to
sit down with another person and throw the energy which is called prana back and forth between
the two of you -- flow it back and forth. It will
activate-a lot of stuff between you. You will
find that your memories and so forth are stuck
out there, and this prana activates the tangle.
If you aren't in top-flight physical condition, if you have little stored-up pains within the body some place, this one can be rough,
because these pains are turned up, and they
keep turning up until you override whatever
keyed them in and set them there in the first
place. Then they will go away. But while they
are going up, the process is quite painful. If
you can tolerate it, the best thing is not to
back down, but to keep riding it out. However,
a word of warning again: Things turned up like
this should disappear a few minutes after the
processing has been stopped. If anything persists for a couple of days, see your doctor
and find out what's wrong physically.

There will be some who will never find anything but the 40 percent that nothing will
touch. No matter what you do psychically, these
people won't get well. Some of them may be
cured by medicine, but some of them may not be
cured by anything on God's green earth.

Work with the ones you can work with, and
don't be afraid to take on the hard ones; but
don't take it to heart if you can't find the
right method to help them. Also, don't fold up
if somebody else comes along right behind you
and cures the one you couldn't touch. This
happens frequently too, especially when you
are dealing with psychic matters. You didn't
touch the right key, or it wasn't ready to fall
into place; and he goes over to the next healer, who looks at him and says, "Why don't you
take off that shoe? It's too tight." So he puts
on another pair, and he's comfortable.

If somebody comes with a chronic somatic,
he will honestly tell within the first 10 minutes -- and usually within the first two sentences -- exactly and precisely what is wrong with
him. I f you are to help him, you must catch
it. It may seem very ordinary -- something you
wouldn't pay any attention to normally.

You may still have to go thru the motions,
even tho you realize nothing will happen. That
is one reason I don't like faith-healing groups
before a church full of people. The faith
healer must take on everyone who comes; I
watched one who knew when people came to him
which ones he would be able to help and which
ones he could not. He knew it before he prayed,
but he had to go thru his ritual regardless,
otherwise he broke up his working pattern.

There are a number of healing techniques
which have been used and tested. Some are available from Max Freedom Long and his Huna Research publications. He has worked several
years experimenting with and testing techniques with a group of 365 people, more or
less, and has published three books: "The
Secret Science Behind Miracles", "The Secret
Science at Work", and "Growing Into Light".
There is also a book called "In the One
Spirit", by Marguerite Harman Bro, which is
the story of Harrie Rhodes's healing techniques. Fbr some, the techniques of the Spiritualists, the Theosophists, or Unity will
work; these all have extensive literature of
their own. Christian Scientists recommend that
you start on removing people's emotional troubles first, learning to handle grief, fear, and
anger in other people and working out from
there. If you have done these lessons well,
you should be able to do this easily by now.

Play with the various techniques; work around
with them. Don't take them too seriously. And
don't shoot your doctor; don't throw out all
your medicine or decide not to take vitamins
while you are going on with this. If you are
going to do healing work, especially if you
are going to use energy flows or prana, you will
need to be in top-notch physical condition.

Also, if you are going to use energy flows,
don't play around with something which you had
as a chronic disease yourself, even tho you
have healed it. If you had sinus trouble and
it got well, lay off people with sinus trouble.

There will be many times when it will be
difficult to tell what healed the person. He
comes to you with a headache, you take a swing
at it, and his headache goes away. Later you
learned he slipped down five grains of aspirin
about the same time. Which one took the headache out? It's a good question; I don't know
the answer. You will run into a lot of that,
but don't fight the doubters. Don't try to
prove who did it; don't worry about who gets
the credit. Just try things, keep your eyes
open, keep alert, and let it go at that.
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10 The ABERREE MAY, 1963