Volume 10, Issue 2, page 8

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HE HEALING techniques which will be
given here have all been tested and
have worked for some persons. No
one of them worked for everybody
who tried it, nor did any one person have success with all of them.
So try them yourself; see which you
can use, and if one doesn't work,
try something else.

For the first technique: If you
are well aware of Arana, you can flow your
subject full of it. Load him up with it,
and this alone will cause changes in some

Here is another: Try forming a picture, a
concept, and impressing it on the part concerned. Picture the affected part as it would
be if it were perfect.

Try forming a model of the part, increasing
the size of it until you can study the fine details for what is wrong. Imagine it to be corrected, and then check for correction. When
you do get your picture of the correction, the
perfect model, duplicate it several times. Make
a lot of pictures of it. If the model seems to
keep shifting in your pictures, keep on making
them until it stays put and corrected. That
will be the one you get.

Now try finding a time in the past within
the person's memory when this part was perfect,
and then try to amplify the memory, to turn it
up and impress it on the individual again.

Try balancing out the individual 's energy
flows. Of course, to do this you have to be
able to balance your own. If you are good at
it, you can probably balance out his without
too much trouble.

Another frequently used healing technique
is the laying on of hands. Try laying your
hands on the person, permitting power, love and
health to flow thru them from you to him. This
usually takes some practice. Incidentally, on
this technique and on others using energy, you
frequently need a warm-up period of from three
to five minutes in which to build up the energy (reference Max Freedom Long's "The Secret
Science Behind Miracles" ).

Try knowing that a person can be healed and
letting the knowledge flow thru you. Turn up
your knowingness -- if you are good at the dichotomies -- turn it up as high as it will go ,
and then take that knowingness and just flow it
into the individual, along with the knowledge
that he is healed, he is well, you can see him

Try contacting the power and glory of God
and letting this flow thru you.

If you haven't too many prejudices, you can
try these two: Try "being" a person whom someone else is healing, but don't impress your
personality on the "being" -- take it easy. Also
try "being" the healer while he is accomplishWARNING -- These lessons In "Advanced Perception" are not to be treated lightly -- or delved
In by the curious for idle or questionable
goals. As the Author cautions, they're dangerous -- and it Is suggested two persons with similar intent work as a team. One of the risks involved, Mr. Schroeppel warns, Is that some who
successfully develop their advanced perception
"are going to see some things they'd rather not
see". And don't mix with any other technique,
or you may find yourself working at cross-purposes. Which Is no place to find yourself, or
for anyone else to find you -- especially an incompetent psychologist or psychiatrist. They
may get the idea you're as crazy as they are.
ing the healing, and pick up the flows and
forces involved. But again, don't try this if
you are skeptical about it, or resentful, or
anything like that. A good healer will pick up
any lack of faith, pain, dislike, or any other
strong feeling, and he will (rightfully!) resent the opposition. Not only that, he will
usually know who did it, and he may run you out .
In any case you will interfere with the healing.

Every person has, when he is conceived, a
genetic blueprint which can be picked up by a
good clairvoyant. You may be able to key this
in. This blueprint is the structure of the individual and how he would feel from the inside
out as he was designed to be, full grown and
in good health. It should be complete in every
detail too, complete and perfect, without any
broken bones or anything else wrong with it.
It should be in completely good function, as
it should have been present at conception.
This keying-in has been done by those with
strong clairvoyant power. Sometimes it causes
rather drastic changes in the subject's facial
structure and things like bhat.

If you can see shadows on your subject --
shadow people, shadow limbs, shadow injuries,
shadow death -- try to eliminate these stray
shadows, to knock them out. The spiritualists
say they see things in black and white. If you
can see the light and shadow, try turning it
wholly light, and then if you are still working with it, make it beautiful.

And here is still another way: If you have
reached cosmic consciousness yourself, try tying the person into cosmic consciousness. Or
you may be able to do the same thing with one
of the high level telepathic groups; try tying
your subject into that. Again, there is the
same requirement: In order to tie something
into a high level telepathic group, you have
to be aware of the group yourself and, what is
more, your purpose has to be in line with
theirs. Now you will find -- and you should have
found by the time you get this far -- that there
are a number, at least 20, high-level, highorder, and hard-hitting telepathic groups operating within the world and elsewhere which
can be picked up an d which broadcast power
which you can borrow and use, provided you are
in line with their purposes.

One thing you should keep in mind: Don't
MAY, 1963 The ABERREE 9